Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Rectify Enrollment Related Issues

PowerPoint presentations for K-12 Teachers and Students
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Public Schools with Beginning of School Year (BoSY) enrolment issues could breathe now a sigh of relief. Learner Information System (LIS) proposed corrections like No Longer in School (NLS) and multiple LRN and enrollment facility is now activated.

Because of pending enrollment issues every public elementary and secondary schools, the Learner Information System (LIS) Helpdesk page in a big social media is bombarded with unethical, inhumane accusations from public school teachers all over the country. In like manner, scheduled deadline was always reset to give ample time to those who couldn't make it for internet inaccessibility, computer glitches, among others.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Quo Vadis PNoy?

President Aquino III
PH President Benigno Aquino III who controls the steering wheel of Philippines National Government is vulnerable as far as governance is concerned. Unavoidably, this seems to be the general notion of every Filipino for his shortcomings he has made just like mismanagement of MRT, unsolved traffic problems, among others.

In this particular scenario, the Filipino is expecting results from the said problems. PNoy has seemingly a lot of enemies than friends  when you just read from the newspaper, listen to the radio and see from the TV especially those who are poor, marginalized sector of society. In short, he has a lot of sectoral members of society, who are dissatisfied of his governance. You may prove me wrong.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Teachers to Receive Their Monetary Bonus

Christmas for the public school teachers is just around the corner especially they're waiting for the release of their performance-based bonus which will be released sooner or not later than the month of October 2014.

DepEd New Logo
DepEd statement on allegations that teachers' bonuses were removed and realigned for DPA:

"Since 2012, the fund for teachers’ bonuses are included in the GAA charged against the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund (MPBF) and NOT from savings.

"Public school teachers, like all government employees, are now under a Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS) consisting of an across-the-board Performance Enhancement Incentive (PEI) of P5,000 plus a Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) ranging from P5,000 to P35,000, depending on performance. This means that a teacher or employee now receives a minimum of P10,000 to a maximum of P40,000 versus the P10,000 across the board bonus in previous years."

Saturday, September 6, 2014

DepEd LIS/EBEIS Concerns, Issues: Where to Go?

Since the computerization of Learner Information System (LIS) as well as the Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS), school Information and Communications Technology (ICT) coordinators, school heads, and especially school guidance coordinators and classroom teachers are on the verge of baptism of fire exploring the cybespace and online school-related job.

With the intention of resolving the technical issues those DepEd non-teaching and teaching personnel may encounter while doing their encoding job for the the first time in the history of Department of Education, group like Learner Information System (LIS) Help Desk, School Forms Reengineering  Team (SFRT), and EBEIS Help Desk was created in the Facebook with only a handful of admins who did sacrifice their time and effort to properly discharge their responsibilities.

The mentioned FB group was only limited to DepEd non-teaching, teaching, and administrative/supervisory personnel.

Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Solve LIS/EBEIS Issues Orderly

Sir Jonathan Diche, a moderator and a mainstay of Learner Information System/Enhanced Basic Education Information System (LIS/EBEIS) Help Desk in Facebook has made it clear on how  to remedy issues in LIS and EBEIS as a negative reactions of teachers and ICT school coordinators who are too critical, pessimistic on the system due to some glitches and imperfection so to speak.

Sir Jonathan Diche
The technical team of LIS/EBEIS is never giving a chance for the system to be failed. Perfection isn't attained overnight especially this online data gathering, collection, processing and validating is in its infant stage. Everyone in the DepEd should give the system a chance to achieve her purpose.

Anyway, Sir Diche said there are two sets of data in LIS and it is important to determine which data set the teachers are referring to.

The First Set of Data

The 1st set is the beginning of school year (BoSY) enrollment reflecting enrollment from June 2 to June 6. Current data issues being addressed by LIS is a part of data housekeeping. For schools that have instances of duplicate LRNs and invalid date of birth, the names of learners whose data need to be corrected are listed in the school LIS dashboard.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Social Work in Case Western University

A career in social work is most suitable for individuals who truly enjoy helping others. There is a growing demand for social workers who can work in various government agencies and non-profit organizations. Completing a degree in social work can be done online thanks to fully accredited universities who offer distant learning programs. In only a few years, students can successfully complete a degree and enter a particular specialty of social work that focuses on resolving specific problems. For example, social workers who are interested in making local, regional or global changes can find employment at charitable organizations.

Such entities focus on social issues like poverty, universal healthcare, disease management and affordable housing. Social workers can find exciting job opportunities all over the world with the aim of improving the lives of diverse people. Non-profit organizations often fully cover all travel expenses associated with specific missions to implement social change. Despite common misconceptions, charitable organizations carry out comprehensive missions in Western nations and not just developing countries.