Saturday, December 13, 2014

White Christmas in La Carlota City

City Hall Facade
City Hall Facade
Believe it or not. Everyone who happens to visit La Carlota City this year, particularly in December, may be in awe to see for himself that though Philippines belongs to a tropical zone, but there white Christmas in the small city of La Carlota.

White Christmas is the motif for this annual month-long celebration of La Carlota City, which has become now a tradition among the Mangkasanon, ancient native of La Carlota.

Yuletide seasons could bring so many worthwhile happenings in everyone's life especially the family, the kids, the parents and even those in-laws.

In our country Philippines, Filipino are used to observe Christmas with a lot of traditional practices like Simbang Gabi, caroling, party.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Education Focus Around the World for Children of All Ages

It has never been more important than it is today to focus on the education of children throughout the world. Children are the future and if we neglect to focus time and energy on their education, we will be in a world of hurt long before we hope to be. The unfortunate part of this subject is that there are many areas all around our globe that do not have the money or resources to educate children. Luckily, there are things you can do to change this.

Cecilia Ibru
Cecilia Ibru
Why Is It So Important to Educate?

Like previously stated, children are the future. If we fail to educate them and provide the resources for knowledge, we will remain in the same cycle we have been stuck in. Without the advancement of knowledge, there would be no technology. Healthcare would be drastically different and there are many diseases that we may not have cures for. We would not be able to enjoy modern movies and you can forget about watching one in theaters or on IMAX. These are just some examples of what knowledge and education have lead to. If we continue focusing on educating children and feeding their minds with knowledge, there is no telling how advanced our world may become. There is so much potential in children as long as the focus is given to them. Without the right tools, they may never get to develop into the world changing individual that remains inside. This is a disservice to children everywhere. It is a disservice to yourself and the world as a whole. Things can be better and even if you are not a teacher, you can make a difference.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

How to Encode Online School Building Data to EBEIS

Department of Education (DepEd) Order 44, series 2014 requires all public elementary and secondary schools to inventory their building so as "to establish accurate and comprehensive data" and encode them online to EBEIS not later than December 12, 2014.

National Inventory of Public School Buildings
National Inventory of Public School Buildings
This inventory activity has already started on December 1, 2014. The data gathering was conducted by the School Head, the School Property Custodian or the Physical Facilities Coordinator, and the PTA President or the Kagawad in charge of education.

The cut-off date was November 30, 2014 wherein the actual usage and condition of the school building are accurately noted and recorded.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bryan's Fearful but Happy Experience as Deacon

Deacon Bryan
Deacon Bryan
Bryan's first duty as a Deacon seems inexplicable. He's afraid, according to him, but yet he's complete and he's so glad to do his job as a Deacon. He knows his family members especially his grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunties, cousins are just around to truly supporting him.

Bryan Perez Camporazo, our grandson who was adopted by us since he was 4-month old. He was the fourth children of our eldest son, Greg. He turned 12 in November 23 and received his Preparatory or Lesser Priesthood on that day. I conferred upon him the Aaronic Priesthood and ordained him to the office of the Deacon.

On the following Sunday, he was one of the passers in the Sacrament meeting. In formal dress of white shirt and a necktie, he passed the Sacrament to let us partake the bread and the water. It was indeed the happiest moment in my life to see him doing this sacred task in behalf of the Savior, Jesus Christ for he has the authority to do so as a Deacon.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Livelihood Loan - 'Excellent Opportunity' for Teachers

DepEd-Land Bank MOA
DepEd-Land Bank MOA
More than 60,000 Public school teachers, both in elementary and secondary of the Department of Education may have now the opportunity to avail the Livelihood Loan Facility (LLF) of the Land of the Philippines in a recent agreement signed by the Education Secretary and Land Bank President.

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro of Department of Education (DepEd) and Land Bank President Gilda E. Pico of the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) providing the DepEd employees to avail of loans in the Land Bank with a lower interest rate than that of the private banks and other lending institutions.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Politics In Yolanda

It is a year since the deadly super typhoon Yolanda wiped out some places in Eastern Samar and Leyte, claiming more than 6,000 persons lives and destroying crops and properties in 2013.

Super Typhoon Yolanda
Super Typhoon Yolanda
God's wrath was seemed to befall to the region of Leyte in the fateful day of November 8. Is it a curse or whatever? The gruesome scenario of streets filled with dead bodies couldn't be borne seeing them even in the national television and also in the national papers.

That's a year ago.

Survivors All Is Well?

Of course, there are survivors. How do they cope with their trying times of surviving?

Left or right, aids in any form have arrived. Houses have been built. School houses or buildings have been rebuilt. Education has been restored. Business has started to become normal.

Politics haven't failed to intrude. Ordinary Filipino, all walks of life, has seemed to be confused. Anyway, the victims have been able to survive because of their resiliency. In spite of those horrible trials in their life, yet they could still be able to smile.