Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Resources to Creating School Website

A handy resources are made available for those elementary schools that are planning to have a website for their own school. They all contain an easy steps to create a website in which the prospective school could use. They may select from them as to their comfort and convenient in creating a site.

A website is comparable to a book with different pages (web pages) which may contain a written article (post), an array of pictures (images), and references (links). And it is written by writer/author (blogger) or a guest writer.

A website just like a book has an identified edition [(uniform resource locator (URL)] and is printed by a publisher (web domain).

The book is being distributed by a bookstore, give-aways, or by gift-giving. the website or web site is hosted by a web server via Internet or a private local area network (PLAN).

Books are availabe in libraries and bookstores (URL). They may be borrowed or bought personally. Web site or site is built free and hosted free but with limited space (bandwidth). There are paid webhosting which requires a cheapest fee as low as $1 a month or $19 a year.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Who Are They Who Make DICT-C in Order?

Our FB group gains momentum everyday as every member is so busy and even preoccupied to accomplishing their task as teacher-advisers, ICT coordinators and school heads. Thus, they keep in touch with DepEd ICT Coordinators FB Group to get an update of what's happening or new in Learning Information System (LIS).

This blogger through his initiative has created a group in FB to cater to the needs of these DepEd frontliners as far as learner record-keeping is concerned.

The blogger by profession is the school principal of Balabag Elementary School in the small division of La Carlota is managing this group in which he named it as "DepEd ICT Coordinators" which carries its motto: "Making Things in Order". By the spirit of volunteerism and with a strong advocacy for the various thrusts and programs of the DepEd, he makes himself available on line to be always on guard on whatever issue, problem or any related concern on learner's school profile or data.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to Update EOSY Learner's Data

After doing some housekeeping on learner's data like some correction on your name, birthdate; correction of LRN and even deactivation of your LRN due to its multiplicity, teachers may not proceed to updating their learner's data for the end of the school year (EOSY).

Learners Information System
Those activities are usual job for a public school teachers, even it is even facilitated by their school ICT coordinator and duly approved by the school head. On the case of multiple LRN deactivation, the central office has to approve and effect the needed deactivation. And these things fall in the beginning of school year (BOSY).

And in return, these will be finally reflected to their respective school data in Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS).

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ways in Finding Lesson Plan Ideas

Planning Ahead

If you're a teacher, then you know that lesson plans are important so that there is something to teach to the class. One of the ways to find lesson plan ideas is by looking online. There are several sites that have plans already made. All you have to do is incorporate your own ideas in the plan, making sure the students are able to understand what is being taught.

Your plan will give you a guide as to what to teach for the day, week or month. Plans can be created at the beginning of the school year that will cover everything that is taught. However, you need to allow room for days where students might not understand everything that is taught. If there is something that needs to be added to the plan, then it can be added well in advance of when the material is covered. A lesson plan is also a benefit if you aren't in the classroom and need to get a substitute teacher. You won't get as distracted as easily, and you can incorporate days for fun activities and holiday celebrations. When you make a lesson plan, it shows that you are committed to the job and that you have a level of professionalism while in the classroom.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How To Apply Online for Teacher 1 to DepEd

The Department of Education Order (DO) No. 7, series of 2015 on "HIRING GUIDELINES FOR TEACHER I POSITIONS EFFECTIVE SCHOOL YEAR (SY) 2015-2016" so requires that all applicants shall register to the Department's online system at application.deped., where they must encode their Personal Data Sheet (PDS) and select the division where they want to be ranked.

DepEd Banner Logo
Once submitted, an Applicant Number will be issued. In the submission of application requirements, this Number must be indicated.

Since this is the first time that those applicants are required to register online, this simple tutorial is prepared for them so as they could find it easy especially on processing their application.

However, to this effect all those teacher-applicants have already received their respective orientation by their local division office coursed through to their respective clusters or districts.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DepEd ICT : 'Keeping Learners' Interest in Mind, at Heart'

April 2015 marks the first year anniversary of DepEd ICT Coordinators Group in the Facebook in which this blogger and a school head of Balabag Elem. School created that said group to serve as a "venue for ICT coordinators, classroom teachers of the DepEd for coordination, instructions, and sharing of best practices related to Learner Information System (LIS) and Enhanced Basic Education Information System (EBEIS), among others."

Asec Rey Laguda
Asec Rey Laguda
As this group celebrates its anniversary, DepEd assistant secretary Rey Laguda has issued a statement to this effect that says -

"Gil, congratulations on your first year anniversary of your blog (group). I find it really inspiring and encouraging when our people find ways to innovate and come up with solutions to the myriad of problems that we face. Instead of waiting for the answers to come to you, you seek it and even share it with others.

"May your blog (group) continue to serve as an effective to not only for disseminating information but in engaging our people to seek information, analyze with discernment, and decide with prudence and reason.

"we always be inspired to find opportunities to build our nation by keeping our learners' interest in mind and at heart."

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Readmit Learner No Longer in School

The school is always getting the difficulty to get track of their learners due to irregular attendance or even to the extend of non attendance at all. Learn Information System (LIS) site has a No Longer in School (NLS) facility to take care of those learners.

NLS Button
NLS Button
NLS is a facility in LIS to handle the following situation of the pupils/learners:

1. Transfer of school to other public school or private, going abroad with their parents (transfer in residence)
2. Dropping out due health reasons, truancy, and the like
3. Death
4. Unintentionally moving as NLS by teacher-adviser

However, there are instances that those who were no longer in school have returned to school. And the school has to reenroll or readmit them. Now using the LIS facility, what should the teacher should do?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Be Successful System Developer

More than a hundred students on programming undertaken by Sir Gilbor D. Camporazo of Technological Foundation Institute (TFI) had hurdled the defense on the system they developed as a partial requirement of their course completion on programming.

TFI Logo
TFI Logo
They're grouped according to their program system like student's enrollment profile, online store, grading system, among others. Every group was given an hour to deliberate on their feasibility proposal which includes the purpose and objectives, work flow chart, the Ghant Chart, the feasibility matrix, and the feedback from the end-users who tested the system.

The panel of interrogators  was composed of a private businessman, Zandiv Abonado; TFI instructor, Engr. Rea Mae Abriola Aguirre; representative from education, school principal Gil Camporazo (this blogger).  It was moderated by their instructor Sir Camporazo who interpolated on the technical aspect of the presentation and on the process of making the system functions.

Sir Camporazo, the younger described the educative defense as "a showcase of knowledge, skills, and attitude of TFI'ans in the field of System Development. An event to remember and learnings to live forever.