Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Readmit Learner No Longer in School

The school is always getting the difficulty to get track of their learners due to irregular attendance or even to the extend of non attendance at all. Learn Information System (LIS) site has a No Longer in School (NLS) facility to take care of those learners.

NLS Button
NLS Button
NLS is a facility in LIS to handle the following situation of the pupils/learners:

1. Transfer of school to other public school or private, going abroad with their parents (transfer in residence)
2. Dropping out due health reasons, truancy, and the like
3. Death
4. Unintentionally moving as NLS by teacher-adviser

However, there are instances that those who were no longer in school have returned to school. And the school has to reenroll or readmit them. Now using the LIS facility, what should the teacher should do?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

How To Be Successful System Developer

More than a hundred students on programming undertaken by Sir Gilbor D. Camporazo of Technological Foundation Institute (TFI) had hurdled the defense on the system they developed as a partial requirement of their course completion on programming.

TFI Logo
TFI Logo
They're grouped according to their program system like student's enrollment profile, online store, grading system, among others. Every group was given an hour to deliberate on their feasibility proposal which includes the purpose and objectives, work flow chart, the Ghant Chart, the feasibility matrix, and the feedback from the end-users who tested the system.

The panel of interrogators  was composed of a private businessman, Zandiv Abonado; TFI instructor, Engr. Rea Mae Abriola Aguirre; representative from education, school principal Gil Camporazo (this blogger).  It was moderated by their instructor Sir Camporazo who interpolated on the technical aspect of the presentation and on the process of making the system functions.

Sir Camporazo, the younger described the educative defense as "a showcase of knowledge, skills, and attitude of TFI'ans in the field of System Development. An event to remember and learnings to live forever.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Oplan Exodus: SAF Woes & Throes

It is reality that it is easy to find faults of others. Isn't it? What had happened to the fateful day of January 25 was unbearable. 

SAF Police Director  Napeñas
SAF Police Director  Napeñas
Most of the Filipino condemned that incident of gruesome massacre of 44 members of Special Action Forces (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP), They'd a gun battle with MILF and BIFF just to save the country from terrorism if they'd arrested the international terrorists who had taken a refuge at Mamasapano, Maguindanao. But they fought all alone for themselves and lost their lives.

As what Senator Mirriam Santiago described it during the Senate hearing called for the investigation of the said Mamasapano clash among the MILF and Bansangmoro fighters with the PNP-SAF as a massacre and not as an encounter.

You know what the Filipino did after that incident which shocked the entire country? Lifting an accusing finger to Police Director General Alan Purisima, to Special Action Force (SAF) Police Director Getulio Napeñas, and worse to the President Noynoy Aquino?

Whatever it is? That's the normal everyone could do. Let's examine first ourselves and the rest, it's up to you.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

How to Search DepEd ICT Coordinators Page Effectively

It is our purpose to make things in order for we are the DepEd ICT Coordinators, teachers, school heads and we are a part and parcel of LIS work as a responsible, resourceful and reliable referenced persons in authority on the task we are committed to do.

DepEd ICT Coordinator Banner Page
DepEd ICT Coordinators Page Banner
In discharging this kind of job we have had we are no perfect person. We need basic pieces of information to keep ourselves going especially in straightening learner basic data. We want to make it reliable, authentic and accurate. Since we are not perfect we want to complete it. Thus we do some search/query/asking question to give us of what you want and again to satisfy our insufficiency of knowledge or pieces of information we need.

By merely posting a question to the group couldn't guarantee that it could be answered. It may take time to be replied by the admin or any member who is online. Or it may never be answered at all.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

LIS Change Request Facility Made Easy

Recently the Learner Information System (LIS) has introduced a Change Request Facility to work on various corrections to the basic learner's profile like his name, age, learner reference number (LRN), among others. With this application everything would be straighten and made accurate especially the learner's school profile records.

LIS corrections facility
To make this corrections request facility, valid, authentic and reliable, it requires two key persons to handle this thing. One is the class adviser who makes a request for correction of learner's profile and the other one is the school head who approves or disapproves the change of requests.

Teacher especially class adviser may find this tutorial very useful and helpful. This correction request facility may rectify erroneous entries on the learner's enrollment profile made by lack of orientation, lack of time, or shall we say miscommunication.

Likewise, the school head may find this tutorial easy for him to approve the request made. In short, this facility is involving two responsible persons in the school for the genuineness, authenticity of the learner's vital records in school.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

DepEd Sec. Luistro: Education Opens Opportunity

Education develops skills for everyone to move forward, to attain his purpose and to realize his ambitions or dreams in life. Education cements a foundation for him to be a better Filipino who is "mindful of diversity that is grounded on acceptance, tolerance, and peace."

This is how Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro would be addressing the graduates of 2015 in a statement issued recently.

"Saktong Buhay: Sa De-kalidad na Edukasyon Pinanday", this year's graduation theme, according to Luistro, should be inculcated. Thus, it couldn't be forgotten where the foundations of everyone's dreams is built upon and this is where education is needed for it is important. He stressed that education unlocks the doors of opportunities, makes possible in achieving a dignified and productive life for everybody.

There is always a challenge even trials ahead for life is filled with victories and defeats, triumphs for inspiration, losses for motivation to excellence, and gratefulness for those who give their help to those in need.

The experiences of those fallen and living heroes like the soldiers and teachers are success stories of perseverance brought  by education as provided for their families to have a dignity.

Therefore in this momentous day like Graduation Day is like a testament of their collective efforts as a product of their hard work and perseverance, a manifestation of competence, compassion and a zeal for excellence.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Balabag ES 44 Graduating Pupils Holistically Prepared

This year's graduates both in elementary and in the secondary are regarded by Schools Division Superintendent Portia M. Mallorca as "mentally healthy, physically prepared, emotionally balanced, and spiritually strong" in attaining their ambitions in life.

Balabag Elementary School Logo
Balabag Elementary School Logo
These graduates are responsible for their future as they move on to the next phase of their life, SDS Mallorca said in a statement issued to all schools in the Division of La Carlota as her graduation message for this school year 2014 - 2015.

As a school principal being newly assigned to the Balabag Elementary School for this school year 2014-2015, I was impressed of the behavior which these 44 graduating pupils showed me. Out of 44, 22 belongs to Camia Class under Mrs. Mailyn M. Miguel, while another 22 belongs to Jasmine Class handled by Miss Nonalie Vargas.

The attitude of these 44 pupils was commendable. They're cooperative, well-behaved and easy to handle. By their exemplary behavior, the school is optimistic that someday they could make their school proud of them for their great achievement on their field of expertise.

Monday, March 9, 2015

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

How To Solve LIS Data Issues Easily

The learners Information System (LIS) since its inception or official implementation in 2011, had various concern or issues which need to be addressed appropriately and effectively to have an accurate pupil's profile like his name, Learner Reference Number (LRN), birthdate, date of school entrance, among others.

The technical team of LIS has come up the following easy or do-it-yourself solution to the common problems which the teacher encountered in the opening, during and even the closing of classes.

Aside from the LIS Help Desk in the Facebook which handles queries, problems arising from fundamental issue on the learner's basic profile. Thought the said problems mentioned are given solutions but yet they keep on recurring for the teachers concerned, ICT coordinators and even the school heads aren't well-versed on how to do them effectively.