Wednesday, February 16, 2011

3 Filipinos To Die in China for Drug Trafficking

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Two females and one male Filipinos are sentenced to death penalty by the Supreme People's Court (SPC) of China in the provinces of Fujian and Guangdong for drug trafficking based on the communication of February 11 received by Department of Foreign Affairs' (DFA) posted at DFA site.

These three unnamed Pinoy who will be executed by death are: a male, 42 years old, who was convicted for smuggling 4,113 grams of heroin on 28 December 2008, in Xiamen; a female, 32 years old, who was convicted for smuggling 4,110 grams of heroin on 24 December 2008, in Xiamen;and a female, 38 years old, who was convicted for smuggling 6,800 grams of heroin on 24 May 2008, in Shenzhen.

Under Chinese law, smuggling of 50 grams or more of heroin or equivalent drugs is punishable with the death penalty.

The Philippine government has already informed the respective families of these convicted Filipinos of the SPC decision, the DFA said.

The DFA claimed that the three Filipinos have been provided with all necessary and possible assistance and their legal rights were observed and their welfare protected from the time of their arrest and throughout the judicial process.

The DFA is gravely disappointed and sad about the incidence happened to convicted Filipino waiting for their fateful time in a death row.

Why it did happen? when in fact the Philippine Government has a strong anti-illegal drug policy, and is closely cooperating with law enforcement agencies in other countries on efforts against anti-drugs trafficking.Whatever your answer is you're entitled for that.

Anyway the DFA has a word of advice for every Filipino especially those who travel and work in foreign countries to be extra-careful not to fall prey to modus operandi of international drug syndicates. Therefore, the DFA appeals to all Filipinos not to be victimized by international drug syndicates by observing the following measures: At the airport, do not agree to carry any luggage for strangers.  Avoid falling for other modus operandi employed by drug-trafficking syndicates, like agreeing to carry packages in exchange for money or falling for individuals they meet online and then agreeing to carry items for them.

The Filipino, according to DFA, must take full responsibility for their actions by always being on guard against inducements.

By the way, Is it a retaliation of Chinese government to the Philippines for the sad fate meet by those Chinese tourists who visited the country and were held hostage by disgruntled Filipino police officer Rolando Mendoza, and were killed by "bungled", "incompetent" police rescuers sometime in Agust 23? And as of this post time the Chinese are dissatisfied of the investigations and findings of the task force formed by the Philippine government to handle this infamous killings of August 23 at Quirino grandstand for the former are still investigating the case.

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