Friday, February 4, 2011

Are They Made for Each Other?

Gil & Rebing in 2010s
Sometime in 1968 when Gil was then a third year high school student of La Carlota City High School, one afternoon, he had just finished attending his music class in the study hall when the rain began to fall. While all of his classmates rushed to the Science Hall building to take shelter for the study hall is open, no walls and only improvised board and benches were there, he was left all alone. In this solicitude, he noticed a girl of his age took shelter in the same place where he was stranded. He took a glimpse of the girl who was carrying some notebooks, books, and a magazine. To break the silence and being curious, he attempted to borrow the magazine from her. But before doing that, he took momentarily a deep, long breath while turning back from her to get rid of his nervousness. Just on time to get back to her, he found her gone unnoticed.

Many days and months passed. When he was about to attend their Mathematics class in the extension building just across the back of the main building of the school, he saw the girl, whom he guessed the same girl he had seen lately in the study hall. She was heading toward him where he was standing. He spotted a magazine from her hand and what a coincidence the same magazine she had last time he first met her. Meeting her again brightened him up for she was with his neighbor, Mila Tapales. He greeted Mila hello with a little shame. He bargained with Mila if she could request her companion to let him borrow her magazine. Assured by Mila that they were neighbors and nothing will happen to her magazine, the girl lent it to him. Alas! They were not introduced to each other for both of them were in a hurry to catch with their classes.

At home while reading the borrowed magazine, he was bothered by the question why that girl was reluctant to lend him her magazine, the Philippine Journal of Education to him. Anything mysterious? Unique? To find the answer, he read everything from the magazine cover to cover. Nothing unsual inside the magazine except a hand written name vertically in one of the inner edges of the magazine. The name was Rebecca Demabildo. Without so much ado and again for curiosity’s sake, he wrote a letter to her, frankly telling her to be her friend, a nice friend. Next school day, he gave back the magazine with a letter in it through the girl's classmate Mila.

The most intriguing, momentous time came. While he was walking along the porch of the Science Hall, his attention was called by Rebecca, waving her hand telling him to come over. She was sitting on a circular concrete bench beneath the mango tree. Tongue-tied as he was, he came and sat beside her. She told him that she had read his letter. She reasoned out why should he send her a letter when they were both in the same school and meeting each other was not a problem. Secretly he glanced at her and it was almost 15 minutes to regain his composure. While he was about to open his mouth the bell for the next class period rang. What a relief from the unexpected ordeal! he sighed.

A month had passed. Their friendship did not last long. They were no longer friends, but lovers. It was February, when he gave her a simple but meaningful Valentine card. The quickness of going steady as lovers was as quick as to break up for them. This happened when he jokingly told her that his birthday is October 13. Unexpectedly she got angry with him. With no explanation, she had left him with a hurting word. She left him as helpless as a kitten on a tree. "Is there something wrong I have said? On my birthday? He wondered. From then on, she could not be seen by him. She kept on hiding from him. Feeling lonely, broken-hearted, he kept on searching her from all the corners of the school. He even asked her classmates and friends of her whereabouts, but to no avail.

Well, a month later, just in case he would be seeing her again, he would have to show his birth certificate to her that he is not fooling her. What a favorable occasion, they met at the Mabolo tree just across the La Carlota City College, situated within the high school campus. As planned, he presented the document to her and likewise she also presented her birth certificate to him. What a surprise! They had both the same birthdays – October 13, 1951. Well, they were happy and were reconciled. What happened? Well, from birth certificate to marriage certificate 4 years later.

Now they have six wonderful children out of 35 years of marriage. They know the Lord has made them as husband and wife for they were made for each other! (As of posting time, October 13, 2010, Gil and Rebing are celebrating their 59th birthday)

(This is a true love story of Gil (Gilbor I. Camporazo), the author and Rebing (Rebecca C. Demabildo), which was originally published under the title, "They Are Made for Each Other," in the October-March issue of The College Voice, the official publication of La Carlota City College. And later it was republished in the 2001 February special issue of the Negros Daily Bulletin under the title, "A Unique Love Story", which eventually won a special prize, a hotel accommodation for two to the Filipino Casino Hotel, Goldenfield Complex, Bacolod City.)

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  1. Love-
    It is not a word, nor a single action.
    In truth, it can never be wrong
    Like the sunrise, perfect in every possible way.
    It is many things and yet it must exist
    In the small space of the heart.
    Once found it can bloom endlessly, with no cease.
    It can choke one's throat, bring one to tears...
    But it never hides in shadows or in darkness
    It never feeds itself on deception.
    It grows with trust, honesty and compassion.
    Nothing less, always more.


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