Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love You Not Because You're Beautiful!

Red Heart"I love you," not because you're beautiful, not because you're rich and wealthy, not because you're extra-ordinary, not because of your good attitude, but just because "you are what you are."

"I LOVE YOU" - these three little words make and unmake my love life. These words when I uttered for the first time to express my feeling to my idolized coed during my high school days, didn't mean so much to me. I treated them as a password to my "love" which later I realized that it was an infatuation, an affection of "falling in love." I fell in love with her because that was I felt. I wanted to see here everyday. I couldn't explain my emotion every time I couldn't see her in school. I wanted to hasten the night to become a day so that I could be with her again. It was because I fell in love with here. I was in "love."

Another point I realize that love is blind. Some lovers are realistic. Some are not. Some are attracted to others because of their beauty, of their good physical attributes, of their loving-and-caring, thoughtful attitude. They love each other subjectively. But others love their opposite sex whoever they are. Their affection is focused on the whole being of their sweethearts. What really counts for them is their relationship that takes care for their future.

I remember the time when I told my late mother that I wanted to get married. She asked me a simple question which terribly hit me deeply inside. The question was: "Did you love that girl?" I was flabbergasted and pensively asked myself: What is love by the way? Why I love that girl? That is how unguarded I was during that time in my teenage years!

Well, I had no choice but to marry that girl. After my 8 years of married life, I finally realized the importance of love, of marrying my girl whom I infantuatedly attracted to, of having a family, and of rearing a children of my own. My innocence was filled with spiritual knowledge that "families could be forever" for "time and eternity." This what I realized when I joined with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints first, then followed by my wife and my children. It was in Philippines Manila Temple that we were sealed (spiritually married) with my wife and my lovely 6 children "for time and eternity."

In 1980 my life changed. Until now, I enjoy the true meaning of love, the reasons why should I love my wife, the very responsibility appended to the love I have had for my children. I love them for what they are. That's my stewardship. I know that my family could be forever!

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