Thursday, February 10, 2011

Philippines Zeroes Mongolia in Football Game

The Azkals, the Philippine football team toppled Mongolian football team in 2-0 game held Wednesday night in Panaad Stadium, Bacolod City, Philippines.

PH Azkals
The stadium was jam-packed with football fans mostly Negrense. The provincial government of Negros Occidental gave away free tickets to its cities and municipalities as a support to the football Philippine team.

Mongolian football team manager was impressed of the discipline and good behavior of the excited fans when the game was over. The fans didn't manifest a frantic behavior right after the conclusion of the game. They didn't right away rushed to the oval to meet their winning team. Instead they cheered for more than 10 minutes before they went to the oval to congratulate the Azkals.

Congratulations Negrosanon for such impressive behavior. I hope that such well-behaved actuation of the Negrense audience will become a habit. More foreign athletes for sure will be impressed for that kind of attitude!

The reports said that the weather was favorable with the home football team. That condition was one of the reasons why Mongolian football players were defeated according to their coach Sandagdorj Erdenebat.

On the other hand, German Coach Hans Michael Weiss who was with the team for less than two weeks was well impressed of the behavior of the crowd during the game. More so his impression was solidified when after the game,no one dared to rush to the oval to meet and congratulate the victorious players while they jogged around the oval as a gesture of thanksgiving. The stadium was reverberated with a more than 10-minute cheers from the fans of the winning Azkal football players.

That was the first qualifying game of the Azals in the Asian Football Confederation Challenge Cup. Let's cross our fingers that in their second match on March 15 the Azkals will make it again.

What's in a name? Why Azkals?

A story was told that sometime in 2005, various suggestions of the name of animals like tamaraws, eagles for the Philippine national team will be adopted. "Calle Azul", a Spanish name, which means blue street cropped up. Or better yet, itsreverse, Azul Calle or Az Cal for short for it sounds nice! And finally it got its name as "Azkal" a variant of "askal" for "asong kalye" or a stray dog which usually roams around the street.

Of course for such a name, many football fans or enthusiasts dislike the name for the Philippine national football team. It has a derogatory connotation. However, somebody defended it. To be or not to be that's the name to be called for the Philippine team. "We will be proud Azkals," said the proud RP team coach.

I like the name AZKALS. It is fitted for the Philippine team as I watched them in the television. You know  there is a time that a stray dog or asong kalye ay naging asong ulol. (The stray dog becomes rabid.) And that kind of behavior well describes the Azkals on how they played their game to the end. They raged. Their moves became uncontrollable as they gain momentum as they play. At the end, they outrun their opponents!


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