Wednesday, April 27, 2011

La Carlota Pasalamat Festival 2011 Offerings' Blessings

The 2011 Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota has oficially opened Monday, 25 April 2011 with a mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Hubert M. Javellana, Rev. Fr. Armand Onion, Rev. Fr. Ember Tiangson and Rev. Fr. Loa Pabalinas at the La Carlota Festival Park.

In the evening particularly Rev. Fr. Javellana administered the blessings of offerings like fire, money, water, soil, fruits, timber, goods, among others offered by the members of Sangguniang Panlungsod to God Almighty.

The significance or meanings of the symbols of the offering are as follows:
the Fire symbolizes dedication and hardwork bestowed upon La Carloteños as a people with noble vision towards common good - searing all forms of neglect, withering and decay.

Money symbolizes the wealth and health of the people and of the community, proper accountability and transparency in the utilization of financial resources.

Water symbolizes respect to God’s creation in its tranquility and life-giving quality, as the vision is clearly seen and survival of the ecology is of prime importance for the protection, preservation and sustainable development of Mother Earth.

Soil is a symbol of Life and daily sustenance.

The trade commerce and industry sector is a sign of productivity to push the economy towards progress for La Carlota.

Fruits symbolize abundance, the very reason for the Pasalamat Thanksgiving Festival. In unity, therefore, the La Carloteños thank the Lord for the fruits to sustain life and feed thousands of faithfuls.

Timber symbolizes where their houses, buildings and shades in the forest come from. This is the symbol of strength and resilience towards challenges, their fortress from storm and flood, theirr refuge from sins and human frailties.

Goods is a symbol of progress, where they are now and how loyal they are to laws and rules of economy. Let man invent laws for righteousness and Goods for the modern times and let there be rules to make men govern themselves in peace, order and security.

Kindness is a symbol of Manna from heaven - loaves of bread. They are kind to the needy, the sick and the hungry and the reason why they survive is they are compassionate and Kind to one another.

Harmony, a symbol that expresses "Where there is darkness, let there be light" to brighten the minds in orderly co-existence, in understanding, in consideration, in patience and in cooperation among barangays.

Peace, a symbol of blessing that God has planted in each and every heart of man. Thus, the dove flies high, free and calm in the face of life’s adversities.

For the elderly, for the women, for the family, Youth symbolizes the spring of their lives, as they possess life’s Vigor and Energy as they dedicate and channel these energies to community development and continued effort for nation-building.

Harvest symbolizes the fruits of the farmer’s toil in the fields, day in and day out. It is productivity. It strengthens the economy through agriculture and it ensures sustainability for all La Carloteños.

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