Saturday, April 2, 2011

Showmie, a Bacoleño Teacher Languishes in Thai's Jail

Flory Mae a.k.a Showmie
Showmie whose real name is Flory Mae, a native of Bacolod City,Philippines is serving a life sentence in Thai prison for allegedly trafficking more than two kilos of heroin.

She relayed her dismal ordeal via a telephone to her parents, Florentino and Nede Talaban who visited her recently at the said prison cell in Thailand, dyEZ Aksyon Radyo, Bacolod reported.

In return they believed her and were optimistic that she could be given due process and legal assistance from the proper authority so that justice be satisfied to prove her utter innocence of the crime which the Thai police charged her. Thus her parents relayed her traumatic experience to a dyEZ Aksyon Radyo reporter.

Nede, Showmie's mother told that Showmie tried her luck to look for a job in Thailand since her teaching contract in China as a teacher was already terminated. There she met a Nigerian national. Then they became fast friends. Her ordeal started when she was requested by said friend to deliver a plastic bag of encyclopedias to a Thai woman in a mall.

She followed the request without so much ado to avoid disappointment from new-found friend. Since it was her first time in Thailand, excitement overwhelmed her that she failed to ask the recipient's name.

Before delivering the said bag, she ate at a chicken outlet there. To her surprise, Thai policemen arrested her. Innocent as she was, she didn't resist and she even led them to a room in her apartment. Alas, a 2.8 kiograms of heroin were recovered by the authorities there. What a fateful day!

Well the Thai First Court, similar to a Philippine regional trial court tried her. She maintained her innocence and pleaded not guilty. But the court handed her a verdict of life imprisonment for the grave offense of "possession of a category 1 illegal narcotic with intent to sell."

Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares, a lawyer and a native of Bacolod accompanied the Talaban couple to visit their daughter there at Thailand.

Concerned Bacoleños manifested their help and assistance to Showmie.

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  1. What an awful fate! Hope this will give everyone a lesson. There's no point of being nice to the person you just met...hope due process will be granted to her..

  2. inform our kababayan to be aware of foreigners especially Nigerian national who are number one in drug trafficking. malas talaga huh

  3. lets us please help also a former ocw!!!


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