Sunday, June 12, 2011

113th Philippine Independence Day: Revisiting Filipino Ancient History

Mr. Ferdinand S. Sy
Ferdinand S. Sy, In-charge of the office of assistant schools division superintendent is the speaker in the commemoration of the 113th Philippine Independence Day in La Carlota City this morning. He tackled the four aims of Philippine Independence celebration. That is: to reawaken the Filipino people of their responsibility and patriotic commitment especially the youth, to commemorate the heroism, nationalism, and sacrifices of their forefathers in the struggle for independence, to instil in their minds the greatness of their race, the legacy of their heroes and ideals of nationhood, to rally behind the governments, Sixteen (16) Point Agenda with emphasis on the collaboration of the Incorruptible Leadership, and to unite and celebrate the freedom and liberty of this nation. (DepED Memo No. 130, s. 2011)

This year's theme is "Kalayaan: Paninindigan ng Bayan"

Today the DepEd officials from the national, regional, division, and schools, teachers and students are actively participating in this momentous event.

Earlier the display and raising the Philippine flag to support the National Flag Day had been observed both public and private schools from May 23 to June 30, 2011.

Significant events in history that led to the proclamation of Independence have been taken up in classroom discussions in Social Studies, English, Filipino, Values Education, and Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH).

Related activities like classroom-based essay writing, poem-making, oratorical, declamation, and public speaking contests and other activities that enhance the significance of the celebration are conducted by the teachers to their students.

The flag raising and wreath laying ceremonies were done at 7:00 o'clock in the morning at the Rizal and Bonifacio monuments at the plaza.

In his task, Mr. Sy unfolded the significant events in the history of the Philippines starting from the aborigines, the Aetas or the Negritos, the Indonesians, among others who came to the country.

That group of people came to the Philippine archipelago as a result of seeking their independence from their place which is run by cruel chieftains. Here in our country they enjoyed their first historical independence.

Then came another group of people they were on board the sailboat called Balangay. And they settled here peaceably. Came the invasion of the Spaniards but they were not successful. Lapulapu who led the tribe in Mactan killed their leader named Magellan. That's was the first patriotism showed by the Cebuano.

For 300 years the Philippines struggled for her independence from the Spaniards. Fearless Filipino forefathers fought them not only by swords, not only by guns, but by pens.

In June 12, 1898 in Cawit, Cavite the country got her first independence.

The American came to the scene. They introduced politics to the country. In order for a Filipino to run for an elected position, he must satisfy the three qualifications: high profile, high character, and with an honorable conduct. Filipinos failed. The Illustrados, the elite got them.

Sometime in early '40s the World War II erupted, Japan invaded the country. Gen. Douglas MacArthur came to the rescue. He led the biggest naval invasion in history happened in Leyte in 1940.

Three years later the Philippines got her freedom, earned her own democracy.

Nowadays, the Philippines is struggling again from the mock of freedom - freedom from poverty, freedom from government corruption, freedom from socio status

Rizal wrote song "To the Filipino youth" - a dissertation that the Filipino youth is the hope of the fatherland. Spaniard often said Filipinos are lazy people...

Sy believed Filipinos are hard working people! And he concluded by citing Carlos P. Romulo's patriotic statement that says, "I shall never rest in peace until freedom is part of my inheritance, for my country and the youth."

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