Friday, July 29, 2011


KMU Rllyists
KMU Rallyist
Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-Negros (BAYAN-Negros) compared PNoy to a student who got a failing grade, a local newspaper here said.

Rev. Fr. Romeo Tagud, Secretary General of the Promotion of Church People’s Response (PCPR) made a similarity of Aquino's government to a mere student with a failing grades, the news said.

"The people have spoken and united in saying that President Benigno Aqunio III failed to serve the interests of the Filipino people. If President Aquino continues to do so, he will be kicked out from power," Tagud said

While Senator Miriam Defensor tweets on scale of 1-10 the following grades for PNOY’s first year: general administration – 6.5; anti-corruption – 7; family behavior – 8.

Expecting so much from PNoy in his first year of administration is impractical especially the "legitimate issues of joblessness, land and rights."

Also in the news, Ronald Ian Evidente of Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) slammed the Aquino administration for the electoral promises of President Benigno Aquino III in his campaign "to alleviate the condition of the workers and the people."

They claimed PNoy and GMA are the same for both were "subservient to foreign rule" like America. To dramatize their dissatisfaction they displayed placards inscribing "FAILURE" and burned effigy of PNoy and Uncle Sam.
They kept on pressing their demands to PNoy, but what they'd done to help the present government as a true Filipino? What should rather be done? Did "people's power" before work? What ails the society? Is it the government?

Asking, demanding are different things for they're selfish in nature. But being united and working together as PNoy said in his 2nd SONA are making things easier and heading to progress.

Biblically, in the beginning God provided man for his subsistence like the animals, the birds, the fruits, the vegetables and forbid him to eat the fruit of a tree of life. But man abused his freedom, his agency. He transgressed. Who's to blame? His Creator?

Now a sinless Man came to being to redeem man from sin. He was successful in His mission. He offered His life for them. But yet he was condemned as blasphemous. Using God's name without authority. Man misunderstood Him.

Analogically speaking, though he's not sinless, Noynoy granted the bid of the people as an alternate (hope not a sacrificial lamb) to save them more particularly the poor. He was elected due to his battlecry: "Kung walang kurap. Walang mahirap" In one year's time, he's gradually getting rid of those "wolves in a sheep's clothing." But he was misunderstood. He was despised for not immediately addressing the people's demands.

What a deplorable situation a country is facing! These "sectoral organizations" while PNoy was giving his SONA in the Congress, were also staging their "People's State of the Nation of Address" (PSONA). Their demands are just part of the voluminous problems PNoy is facing handed to him from previous administration.

Practically speaking these "good" people have their own domestic problems which they couldn't solve by themselves. Change must start from within and it must begin at home.

"There's beauty all around when there's love at home" goes a Church hymn.

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