Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Filipina Teacher To Die In China

Teaching Teaching
Teacher teaching
What a shocking news! A Filipina teacher is sentenced to die in China again for drug trafficking..

What a pity to a Bicolana English teacher who taught in Shanwei City since 2006 and has 4 children to support.

The news said this 41-year-old Filipina teacher (name withheld as requested by her family) was guilty of drug smuggling. She was arrested at the Guangzhou International Airport last October 26, 2010 for carrying nearly two thousand grams of heroin found at the bottom of her suitcase.

As to her defense, she said that the suitcase was given to her in Vietnam by an African national whom she met through the Internet. But the court won't accept that alibi. The court dismissed her defense as weak.

The Filipina was given a 2-year reprieve by the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s Court on June 24, 2011. Her death sentence could be lowered to life imprisonment or a fixed sentence if she shows good behavior, said DFA spokesperson Raul Hernandez.

Even yet what a disgrace!

The news said there are more than 2 scores of Filipinos on death with reprieve in China. Their cases are drug-related.

Not later than the end of this year one Filipino is awaiting for the final decision by the Supreme People's Court in China, the news said. Sad to note, his death sentence is without reprieve!

The Chinese government is strict in implementing and imposing their laws to the criminals and culprits.

I know somebody will come out in the open and incite the people to action against the Philippine government if no action to remedy this situation is made. If action has been made, yet it doesn't appeal to their expectation.

By the way is it always the government to be responsible and accountable to the fate of those OFWs? The question is who is principally benefited? Is it the government that plots the destiny of OFWs? Or Is it the will and volition of every OFW to compromise him/herself to the situation because of too lofty ambition?

I know most of legal OFWs are aware of do's and don't's. They have gone a series of lectures, seminars before they finally proceed to their respective countries to work. It's vain ambition I think that snares them and shackles them to their dreadful destiny.


Source : Yahoo News Philippines

Update: 2 Pinoys no longer on China death row


  1. At the end of the day, we are responsible for our actions. The choices that our fellows make will affect their lives, one way or the other. Drug smuggling will never be acceptable, regardless of her need to make money.

  2. This is really sad that Filipinos abroad get to have legal issues like this. I hope the government can step up for the plights of the OFWs.

  3. The treatment for Chinese citizens are the same for Filipino OFWs. She also underwent a fair trial so I don't think it is illegal or inhumane.

  4. Not sure if our Government will take notice of her case. China's is already holding our neck because of the ridiculous arm loan.

    China's stand against illegal drugs is solid and steel fist. Even our previous Government can't tame China.

  5. Did the sentence push through? I hope not.

  6. So many have met this sad plight. I hope no other will be added to the list.


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