Saturday, July 9, 2011

God Forgive Him

Losing my cellphone while riding on a passenger jeepney to a snatcher who sat beside me seems ti be unwanted and a hateful moment, but yet I never condemned him and curse him. Instead I was considerate and forgiving though I didn't recover it.

Nokia 6300
Zandiv, Gilbor junior and I were in a hurry to catch a transportation from La Carlota going to Bacolod early this morning to attend a technology training conducted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Upon arriving in Bacolod near the old Airport in Araneta, we alighted from the nonstop bus and transferred to a round-trip jeep going to our destination. Zandiv requested  to drop by at a Union Bank branch in a corner of Araneta and  Rosario Streets. While we're waiting for Zandiv who's inside an ATM to come out, I noticed my leather receptacle on my right side where I placed my more-than-a-year old mobile phone, was empty. Though I was a bit disturbed, but not panicky. I might misplace my phone at home, I thought.

Unwanted Fate

Zandiv was done. We took another jeep going to Aguinaldo Street. We arrived at the chapel of 5th ward, registered ourselves and received training kits, then proceeded to our first venue of training session - church satellite. There were 3 venues: church satellite, church communication network (CCN), Members and Leaders System (MLS), and Family History.

My two companions were discussing my unwanted fate that day. They're overheard by some trainees. One church employee recalled his related story of how his cellphone was snatched too. He said I wasn't the only one. He met that same fate too. We got our break. I requested one of the trainees to make a miscall to my cell. My cell was ringing, but nobody answered the call. I was quite relieved believing that it was just misplaced at home. And probably nobody noticed it at home for my wife, my daughters, my grandson were busy.

What a Negligence

Our training ended. We headed home. Upon arriving at home my wife accosted me and informed me that she looked over the house for my cell to any possible place where my phone was misplaced, but to no avail. I requested my 3rd daughter, Gingging to make another miscall to my phone. The pre-recorded voiced answered: "The number that you dialed is cannot be reached. Call again later." She tried calling my other smart number for my phone has dual sim. A pre-recorded ringing tone reverberated. An unfamiliar voice of a Tagalog speaking man replied shortly then the phone went off. Another call was made, but it was shut off.

I opted to open up the Globe site from the Internet and chatted with Keziah, the online personnel to help me out of my problem. I referred to her my dilemma. She was very sorry to know it. She requested my basic information in which I supplied her. She informed me that my phone together with my sim number will be blocked temporarily to avoid recurring charges from my phone for it's a planned subscription. I will be using the same sim # again the next time I purchase a new sim card. Alas, most of my friends, teachers directories are all there listed. I wasn't able to back them up! That's my gross negligence.

Being Considerate

Rebing, my wife, sympathized with me and suggested, "Just buy another one." I grinned and thought for myself, "Today, I lost my valuable cell phone, but in return I was able to help those in need. Though it's his modus operandi to support his family. Bless him that he may realize his misdeeds and that he could find a better way of supporting himself and even his family. God forgive him."

"God forgive also other cell snatchers for they know what they're doing for the sake of supporting their families. Lead them to your way of helping themselves."


  1. I remember losing my phone to a group of snatchers before. It was their modus operandi and I ended up the victim. At least, you were able to block off the number.

  2. Losing one's phone to a snatcher really make you curse on that person. But what is important really is not the phone but the contents. If your phone is capable of remote wife(erasing data) you should always activate it.

  3. how can we sure if he did it for his family's sake, maybe to support his vices like drug addiction, etc.

  4. Forgive and let God do the rest. : )


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