Saturday, July 2, 2011

SK Abolition: 'To Be or Not To Be?'

After the synchronized SK and Barangay elections last year 2010, Senator Edgardo Angara proposed a move to abolish the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK). He suggested "the government should create an elected position within the barangay, municipal, or provincial council for youth representatives instead of the SK."

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Recently, Deputy Speaker Pablo Garcia Valenzuela City Representative Magtanggol Gunigundo filed bills to abolish SK for the following reasons:

1. SK members are minors (15 years old to 18 years old).
2. They cannot perform legal matters considering their age.
3. They cannot be entrusted with power and public funds for they are just beginning to learn what responsibility and accountability are all about.

Others concerned citizens also favor for the SK abolition like Miguel who points out that "SK are no capability to serve the young youth but instead it is modelling a political dynasty in society."

Tech also declares, "walang silbi yan.. sayang lang ang pera ng bayan wala naman npapala.. sa probinsya namin sayawan sa plaza lang project nila o kaya palaro sa plaza..pwede nmn barangay n lng gumawa nun.. ngiging gatasan lang yan.. bata pa natuto na mangupit"

Mahilig stresses, "It is in the SK that our youth learn first hand how to be corrupt." 

Bisdak Pinoy relates, "Alam nyo when i join KB then way back early '70s ang ganda ng MISSION AT VISSION noon giving equal rigths to all pinoy youth and moulding them-us to become the future leaders ,,noon yun pero when SK as what the propagator nito ang sabi SAMAHANG KABATAAN daw PARANG NAWALA ang VISION ,MISSION noon at least noon ang LOGO namin ay may meaning it uses the old filipino alphabet na may puso pang nakadesign, sa na----on ewan ko,,basta ang nakita ko mas marami ngayon na ginagawang tuntungan na ito ng mga TRAPO para manatili sila sa pwesto,,sa barangay affairs o level sinong kapitan ang talagan isinasapuso ang pag gabay o pagtulong sa mga lider nito,,wala liban lang kung ang tatay mismo ay syang KAPITAN ng barangay,,,eh alam naman natin nasa barangay palang na level andoon na ang ugat ng LOKAL NA KORAPSYON."

Kumander Iti adds, "Dapat abolish kasi halos mga SK Chairman anak ng mga Punong Br---- ang SK Federation Pres.anak din ng Mayor at matatas na pulitiko, mas lalo lang natuto sa corruption ang mga kabataang to.Kami dati nong bata pa kami tumutulong din naman kami sa barangay as Kabataang Barangay kahit wlang sweldo." 

"Abolish both the Kabataan party list and the SK. Neither has produced a good leader for the Philippines," noted Jess.

Let's be fair. Kabataan partylist Representative Raymond Palatino is also right that "SK has weaknesses, it does not mean that it should abolished right away." Imagine the SK existed for 30 years and abolishing it is not the only option. Let's be prudent.

Palatino disregarded criticisms that the SK is only being used to establish political dynasties and encourage corruption  We cannot hold the young to be responsible for wrong doings for "they see someone older doing something wrong," Palatino rationalized.

Moreover he pointed out if corruption and promotion of political dynasties would be the reason for the SK’s abolition, there are government agencies should be abolished too.

What do you think for 30 years that the SK has been in politics? Is Rizal frustrated of his expectation that "the youth is the hope of our fatherland"?

Thus, SK be abolished or not?


History of Youth Council

The Philippine government is the only nation in the world, that has a mechanism of involving the youth sector in governance. This is in response to the United Nations’ Convention on the rights of children to create an avenue wherein they can engage and represent their sector towards active participation in the affairs of the government and in the country as a whole.

In 1975 the first youth council, Kabataang Barangay (KB) was created by virtue of Presidential Decree (PD) 684 issued by former President Ferdinand Marcos to give the youth a chance to be involved in community affairs and provide the government means to inform the youth of its (government's) development efforts. The KB had accomplished numerous projects and programs for livelihood, sports, and culture, including the Youth Development Training program which aims to develop values of service, nationalism, and leadership among the youth to make them more productive leaders.

Controversies and criticisms like "the enforcement of authoritarian rule among the youth, opposition of militant youth activity, and the KB's failure to develop the youth as a responsive collective" grilled KB those times. The KB grew less popular among the youth and instead student activism became the trend in youth participation in the country.

In June 1986, through youth consultations, the KB was abolished by the government. They were given a new opportunity to involve themselves in government affairs through Katipunan ng Kabataan (KK) (Youth Council)and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK). The KK includes all Filipino citizens, age 15 to 18 years, residing in each barangay for at least six months and are registered in the official barangay list. The SK is the governing body of the KK, a set of youth leaders elected by the KK members to represent them and deliver youth-focused services in the barangay.

A series of SK elections were held. First in December 2, 1992, then in May 6, 1996, in July 15, 2002, in October 29, 2007, and the recent election was in October 25, 2010.

The 1991 Local Government Code (known as Local Autonomy Law or Republic Act 7160) governs KK and SK.

Source: Yahoo News :  Kabataan partylist opposes moves to abolish SK by Marjorie Gorospe

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  1. I would say "ABOLISH"

    SK is becoming to be a training ground for corruption, some are just wanting to this position because of its benefits. But sad to say that there are also competent and a real public servant SK out there yet I believe they are only a few.

  2. It's true that there are SK members who are trustworthy and can be trusted upon. But they are only few. They are outnumbered. They couldn't do otherwise, but to abide with the wrong practices of those who are in power. In which it shouldn't happen. Here in country, politics is a very lucrative social venture... It's deplorable! Anyway, thanks dadedidhodong for your concern.

  3. The SK is a double edge sword. It teaches the youth about the government but it also exposes them to the harsh reality of it.

    For example, I know someone who was a strong youth leader. He was also an SK chairman and had great ideals. Now, he is a City Councilor and does nothing except make himself look good in public.

  4. SK Abolishment: TO BE!

    Puro na lang kasi palaro.
    I know this point is so narrow but there's a lot of money to be wasted for every SK election and projects. Why not use the money for their education?

  5. Abolish, because they are a breeding grounds of corruption. I encounter a lot of SK who are so corrupt talo pa nila mga old timer na politicians. Sa tutuo lang nasuka ako.

    Sa mga nakikita ko, wala namang naitulong ang SK. Ay meron pala, malaki naitulong nila sa mga magulang nila, kasi most of the SK officials I know of are already practicing bureaucracy capitalism. Pampayaman lang sa kanila yan. There's this one "board member" or Provincial SK Fed Pres, nagdo-drawing lang during sessions, hohoi.

  7. Honestly, up until now, the real purpose of having this SK did not sink in to my humble understanding. Some point up there seems right that it is just a way of building or molding a political dynasty or something like that. But of course that's just me.


    This has become a BIG BIG TRAINING GROUND FOR CORRUPTION. When I was still in the university, I remember writing an article about what I saw during the SK elections in our barangay. Nakakasuka. Parents are turning their children into TRAPO and these kids get the thinking that it's okay to corrupt the money in the government.

    I was once an SK Councilor myself and believe me, what have we done? Nothing. What did my SK President did? Nothing...except for those basketball games during fiesta celebrations. Though I have benefited from it having enjoyed an SK scholarship in the university, I still say - that SK gives nothing to the youth but to learn the trade of corruption.

  9. My thought on this is that it should be abolished, yeah there are some minors who are really qualified on their position but I think there are also people who are controlling the elected behind the scenes.

  10. For me.. it has to be abolished. We've had enough of it. To be trained as future TRAPO and corrupt they have to stop. asap. The change (for the better) should begin from the youth and within ourselves. :)
    - Sionee

  11. This is something a good training ground ng ating future politician sana kung maganda yung mga nakikita nila at maituturo sa kanila ng mga public offcials. But if this will be use on personal gains, better na alisin na lang.

  12. far as i experienced in our town, SK officers are not doing their jobs properly..parang papogi lng kumbaga.. ;(

  13. The three reasons that they gave are crap. We have student leaders who are even more onvolved about the welfare of our country's citizens than many politicians in offices right now.


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