Sunday, August 28, 2011

Negros Press Club: 'No Things Divide Us'

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Incumbent Negros Press Club (NPC) president John Elmer Ubaldo broke his silence and reacted to ex-NPC prexy Julius Mariveles' unprecedented resignation as "public display of affection."  on the "malicious imputation" as alleged by the latter.

Follows is Ubaldo's open statement posted at The Negros Press Club facebook account in its entirety:

I'm hoping that this 'public display of affection' (hehehe, can't think of another term) for past president Julius Mariveles will reverberate to all members of the club. As incumbent president and director during his term, I am a living witness to his administration. Fact is, I'm also liable for whatever mistakes or failures that the previous administration might had committed, if there was any. As I have said no money was lost and no funds went to anybody’s pocket. All club funds were spent in the building renovation, educational seminars (sessions@theclub), social gatherings, and mutual aid to members who were hospitalized and assistance to the families of our departed colleagues.

We cannot wait for the next general assembly, which falls on the second Saturday of January 2012, to end this controversy. I will consult with the board and if need be, we will make a manifesto calling for the immediate abolition of the fact-finding committee on the basis that there has been no formal (official) complaint lodged against Julius and the previous board. Again, as I have said and I maintain it, the investigation should not have focused on Julius alone because he worked with the other officers of the club and his decisions were supported and approved by the board. Any investigation must follow and observe due process.

At first, I decided to keep cool on this issue. I did hope that the special general assembly (that did not materialize) could have been the last day that this controversy will be discussed. Had the GA pushed through, the board could have moved for its closure. Unfortunately, only a few attended.

Indeed, it’s sad that we need to go to this level of discussion only to agree that there was no fund lost. Had some members only opened their minds to reason, I don’t think this issue will drag on for a long time.

I already told the fact-finding committee that I will stand by the previous board’s decision to utilize the fund for building renovation. I found no anomaly in it.

All of us, I am sure, only want the best for the club.

It is to the best interest of the Negros Press Club that we must set aside differences and move forward.



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