Monday, August 1, 2011

PNoy - a Distant Star, Too Far To Reach

Negros Daily Bulletin's Wise or Otherwise columnist Desiderio T. Deferia sent a message to all Filipinos in his column, “Why Expect PNoy To Solve All Our Problems?”

Mr. Deferia enumerated a litany of domestic problems which PNoy couldn’t solve by himself. Thus, Filipinos should face the reality not keep on blaming PNoy’s infirmities.

The whole PHL nation was all ears when President Noynoy Aquino made his State of the Nation Address recently, he started. Most Filipinos commented to expect PNoy to do more. They regarded PNoy as a Superman to solve it all.

They forgot PNoy is human with limitations, observed Deferia. He suggested Filipinos should act towards the fulfillment or solutions to the problems which PNoy cannot do them alone.

For PNoy is a distant star, Deferia noted.

Local problems are for local public officials to resolve such as illegal putting up of basket court in a barangay or purok, numerous road potholes, unsolved criminality in the province, among others.

Among Deferia’s emphases are the unsolved local crimes, to wit:

“Would we expect PNoy to solve the criminality in the province where, despite of the heavy reward given by Gov. Alfredo Marañon on the capture of Noel Ayalin. It seems Provincial Police Allan Guisihan is not affect at all? That is, despite the fact that DILG Secretary Jesse Robrido made an official statement that he wanted Ayalin to face justice?

“It’s a slap on the face of our government that a murderer like Ayalin cannot be found by the police. In fact, if the police understand, it is a slap on the government which is paying them. So, murder after murder happen in Negros and police seems not able to know the solutions. Can we expect PNoy to personally run after the criminals? Criminals in Negros are laughing out on the police like what local hugs are laughing about in coffee shops when criminals outwit the police. We are living in a society where no one is safe because some policemen are not doing their duties. And no strong police personally is in charge. Perhaps they want Secretary Robrido and Governor Marañon to run personally after the criminals, or PNoy?”

Another unsolved crimes in Cadiz City:

“Can we expect PNoy when the police in Cadiz are not even perturbed by many unsolved criminality and where despite the warrant of arrest from the court, they ignore the court at all and let criminals do other criminality?

“In Barangay Mabini, the crimes committed by Albino Requiro, Jr., alias Boboy in Little Cebu remains now a history despite that the suspect Junjun Mayordomo is said to be just around; the death of Esboy Camarin in Sitio Macasayang is now long forgotten, and lately no policeman is doing any move concerning the murder of Junior Fernandez in Hacienda Elena. Shall the people expect PNoy to do the job of flushing the criminals?”

Mayor, Congressman, the Governor are the right persons expected to do the work for they are “government servants.”

"To us, ordinary people, PNoy is too far to reach when some of us even find a hard time to reach the lowest official of the government unit, the barangay captain,” Deferia declared unequivocally.

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