Monday, August 29, 2011

Tawa Tawa, Dengue Alternative Cure

Tawa Tawa or Gatas Gatas (Euphorbia hirta Linn) manifests to have good effects on rehydration and even in treating dengue patients as claimed by users.

Tawa Tawa Plant
Tawa-Tawa Plant
Health Secretary Enrique Ona disclosed at a forum on Friday that the initial research work on the local plant "appears" to have "some effects" on replenishing loss of water in the body.

The Department of Health (DoH) has asked the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to look into plants, including "tawa-tawa," that may help in the treatment of the mosquito-borne disease, which has claimed hundreds of children lives nationwide.

Ona was optimistic of the preliminary results in terms of isolation for they indicate that there is an active component. He said we should be very happy with that.

Last year, the health department raised concerns about the growing interest in the local plant as an alternative remedy for dengue. The DOH warned the public against experimenting with the plant in the absence of an official study on its reputed anti-dengue properties.

Since the finding was "very preliminary", the DOH held in abeyance any official recommendation about the plant for its possible dengue-fighting properties.

Tawa Tawa Users' Testimonies:

Talawatawa or tawa tawa s very effective and is proven in a dengue patient like my daughter before and in our province... Just try this you'll not spend a single cent just walk outside your house and you will find this.... Try it before its too late! - Sarah

tawa tawa cured my son twice when he was infected with dengue. this is a wonder plant which is very effective fight against dengue in just 24 hours. uproot the plant and boiled it including the leaves, stems and roots. - Kenneth

In Region VIII, this weed is called "gatas-gatas" because of its milky sap... a proven cure for dengue as I have several of my children and grandchildren who were cured when they had dengue... So, the doctors have nothing to worry about this because people will still go to them for diagnosis but maybe, as an alternative to high cost medicines, maybe this can be an alternative... - Miles

It is effective. - Delle

The health officer, however, warned that patients not to depend on tawa-tawa. As much as possible, they consult their doctor. Instead of drinking "tawa-tawa" tea, drink oral rehydration solution (Oresol) to prevent dehydration.

Though there's no harm in trying, but inaction is very fatal to the patients! Better visit your doctor before it's too late.

Anyway what is this weed called Tawa Tawa? Who discovered this and recommended that it has a therapeutic effect on dengue patients?

Tawa Tawa or Gatas-gatas is usually very abundant throughout the Philippines in waste places, open grasslands, etc. It is pantropic in distribution.

The plant is an annual, hairy herb, usually much - branched from the base - these branches being simple or forked and ascending or spreading - up to 40 centimeters long, and often reddish or purplish. The leaves are opposite, distichous, elliptic-oblong to oblong-lanceolate, 1 to 2.5 centimeters long, toothed at the margin, and usually botched with purple in the middle. The involucres are very much numerous, greenish or purplish, about 1 millimeter long, and borne on dense, axillary, stalkless or short-stalked clusters or crowded cymes. The capsules are broadly ovoid, about 1.5 millimeters long or less, hairy, and three-angled.

Its Local names: Bambanilag (If.); botobotonis (Tag.); bolobotonis (Pamp.); bobi (Bis.); botonis (Ilk.); bugayau (S.L. Bis.); butobutonisan (Tag.); gatas-gatas (Bis., Tag.); magatas (Pamp.); malis-malis (Pamp.); maragatas (Ilk.); pansi-pansi (Bik.); patik-patik (Sul.); piliak (Sub.); saikan (Tag.); sisiohan (Pamp.); soro-soro (Bik.); tababa (Bis.); tairas (Iv.); tauataua (P. Bis.); teta (Bon.); Australian asthma weed, snake weed, cat's hair (Engl.).


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  1. Correct! proven and tested I have a book at home called pants and health. I read more about plants it was useful. I believe on what is written on the book. And I believe its very good and useful herbal too. "Wag maliitin ang damo sa kapaligaran, dapat din silang pahalagahan."

  2. yes don't try this one , doesn't show any studies pa regarding this herb

  3. Ohe. I remember highschool days. due to personal experiences of using tawa tawa or mangagaw (cebu term), i gladly volunteer myself to take the lead and used it as topic for our investigatory project.

  4. I heard there's not yet studies that tawa tawa is effective. Not sure but nothing bad to trying alternative cure like herbal plats.

  5. We've been using it for a few years now and it seems to work...

  6. I could not forget this herbal plant when i was a kid, and there's loads of this in our backyard. My mom would put its sap on my wart in my finger and it did make a magic. it slowly burned the wart away.

    So there is no doubt that it could also make magic against dengue. Nevertheless, it has to really go into proper laboratory testing and experiments to make sure that it does help save life.

    Thank for this post Gil.

  7. i hope they make further studies of tawa-tawa to help dengue patients...

    fyi, i learned that dengue is more fatal to female patients bec male has a natural anti-bodies...

  8. I have known this when my nephew got the dengue but unfortunately we where never tried to use it

  9. this is good news, glad that the DOH is doing something to help patients with dengue. hopefully they find, not just a cure, but more ways on how to lessen the number of dengue cases in our country

    from: fbu - fabgirl

  10. I have nothing against the use of medicinal plants especially if it's proven effective to cure illness. However, proper preparation should be given utmost attention especially when it is taken orally. We'd rather want our patient healed than suffer all the more.


  11. My Dad told me this before. We actually have these in our garden.

  12. DOH used to give information about tawa tawa not having enough proven results when used with dengue patients so doctors did not really recommend this.
    But time and again, herbs and nature could give us more help in cases such as this. I've seen my neighbors swore that they felt better after taking some doze of the tawa tawa , and I have strong beliefs that nature can still give us the best options instead of risking ourselves and loved one to chemically produced meds with sideeffects.

  13. happy to read post like this! sana po magi pang maganda findings ng DOST para pede na mag mass produce at advertise.

  14. I think this is a great news at the heath sector because at least we have an alternative and cheaper way of fighting Dengue.

    However, this must be subject to further research, trial and error so as not to endanger the lives f patients in case, however the testimonies are great signs.
    Regards, Edmaration

  15. dito sa davao they are using durian also as a remedy for dengue

  16. dapat magtanim tayo nito para may panggamot na sa dengue, every household dapat meron :)

  17. Even with the absence of a formal study, this is very effective indeed. I personally know someone who used tawa tawa to cure her dengue and it really did help her. The government must prioritize this study because so many people suffer from dengue every year.

  18. as long as it really tried and tested and don't give harm to anyone. why not use it so people won't mind buying expensive treatments. xx

  19. I heard so much about tawa tawa curing dengue when I was on Phils. vacation in 2010 .I check it out and it is all over the place .Since many tried this as tea already ,then there is no harm in trying but we should not depend on it alone .Doctors check up and prescription is still important.

  20. I've heard about tawa tawa several times already. And I think this is a good alternative to modern medicines which tend to be expensive because of too much commercialism and excessive doctor's fee.

    Dengue patients would have higher rate of survival with tawa tawa because they're inexpensive and readily available.

  21. where does the TAWA-TAWA grow? (observation, I openly see tawa-tawa plant grow beside/near the canal or grenade. Sanitation... (I openly see waste of dog, cat, goats, cows, rat... and animals urinate at the tawa-tawa plant. No objection of the medicinal's component of the tawa-tawa plant. It is ok just wash and boil the tawa-tawa and let it drink by the person whose sick with dengue and tuberculosis? What are the comments of the DOH and people expert in the field of medicine.


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