Monday, September 19, 2011

Tumandok, An Ilonggo Blog to watch!

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Tumandok is a name given to the newest blog of this writer. It came to being late Saturday night to realize a suggestion of some Negros bloggers who wanted to come up with a blog for an Ilonggo version. Though it seems weird for it would have a very limited readership, but it is worth of doing it anyway

In fact, this kind of blog, which principally will be using the Ilonggo dialect, has already been reserved in my subconscious mind several years ago, waiting for an appropriate time to be hatched and it's by coincidence that this group of bloggers had discussed and interpolated about it.

Thus Tumandok was born as a repositories of dialect literary works, thoughts and ideas of Ilonggo writers and even the wise sayings or wisdom of those learned and intellectual native of Western Visayas and the Negrense.

Principally, it is intended for those Ilonggo, not only the native of Iloilo but also those who are born in Western Visayas, Philippines and who are in the other parts of the country, migrating abroad. They are very much welcome here to share their prolific ideas, display their writing prowess as contributors to this blog.

For the Ilonggo, this is ours. We should be proud of. We should not be ashamed to be called as Ilonggo. We should propagate our own culture. We let the world know that we have our own identity, a growing dialect to nurture.

"Tumandok, ang talapuanan sang mga manunulat kag mangin-alamon nga mga Kabisayaan Nakatungdan (kag kun sa diin man sila nga lugar napahamtang)." [Tumandok, an association of writers and intellectuals who are native of Western Visayas and other Ilonggo wherever they are in the various parts of the world.]

Kit-anay kita diri, Tumandok. [Let's see each other here, Tumandok.]

1 comment:

  1. Tumandok sa bukid, natumpag sa payag
    Nayon sa tuburan nga daw handurawan
    Tubig nagatigay sang imong ka-anyag
    Kag nangin salamin hublas mong larawan

    Literal English translation/transliteration would help.


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