Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Bacolod MassKara Queen: 'Strong, Adaptable, Friendly'

Alexis Danica Drilon, 2011 MassKara Queen
Nikki, Bacolod MassKara 2011 Queen
MassKara Queen is “strong in all adversities in life, can easily adapt to different situations, ... and can go along very well with people coming from different strata of society,” confidently described Alexis Danica Drilon when Bacolod Mayor Evelio Leonardia asked her in a question and answer portion of the search.

Nikki, the fond name of Ms. Drilon outshone other 9 MassKara Queen candidates, and won six of the 12 “minor” awards.

Mayor Evelio Leonardia proclaimed Nikki the 2011 MassKara Queen. She was very articulate in expressing herself.

Six minor awards received of Drilon were  Miss Negros Navigation and Miss Super Ferry, the Lifestyle Bacolod Magazine’s Choice, Miss Samsung, Miss Photogenic, Best in Festival Costume (courtesy of Supercat) and Best in Fantasy Make Up.

When asked by Mayor Leonardia on what makes MassKara Queen the icon, Nikki as articulate as she is, replied fluently, saying: “strong in all adversities in life, can easily adapt to different situations she is confronted with and can go along very well with people coming from different strata of society”.

The audience satisfied with her reply, appreciated with a deafening applause.

Those who compose her court are Jelliane Rose Dinorog the first runner up, and Allysa Marie Villarico second runner up.

First runner Dinorog received a loud applause in her response to “What makes MassKara Queen the icon; when she replied, the MassKara Queen’s representation of the Bacoleña’s “optimism, the character strength which depicts and form the essence of the MassKara spirit”.

Dinorog is multi talented; she can sing, dance and a teacher all at the same time thus earning the Miss Talent award.

While second runner up Villarico spoke of beauty “in the way a Bacoleña carries herself, she is a woman of substance and therefore has a mind of her own and can express it”.


  1. jelliane rose dinorog deserves the crown...

  2. the pageant was so bias...jelliane rose dinorog really deserves the title

  3. Masskara Festival is one of the festivities that I long to see. Aside from the colorful masquerade, a lot of beautiful and talented women stand out in its pageant :)

  4. Was the question and answer portion in English or in the local dialect? I just feel somehow that beauty pageants held in the country should feature language that's unique to the region.

  5. All set for my next year Bacolod's Masskara Festival trip :) Will try to include watching the annual pageant at mukhang may mga naghahabol pala sa 2011 crown hehe

  6. I like her answer. It shows her character to and it also made her win.

  7. Great answer! I looked for images of her and she is really pretty! bless her!


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