Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Secret on How I Write And Social Media Tips

The Author
The Author
Before I went home this afternoon after attending to the needs of my teachers and supervising the different classes of our pupils, I wrote the following things down for other newbies to learn why my 10-month old blog, randomthoughts! and 3-month old blog, tumandok received an award from the Philippine Blog Awards, Inc. recently.

Thus, I came up with the following 5 tips on how to write a quality and readable blog:

1. Write while your ideas are pouring out. Don't wait for an appropriate moment or by inspiration to write them down.

2. Rewrite what you've written by observing the mechanics in writing like grammar, coherence and spelling.

3. Interrelate the thoughts within the context of your topic or subject to avoid confusion and misleading your readers.

4. Tell the world what you've written by publishing it in print or in the net like blogging.

5. Exert more efforts to improve your skills in writing by practice, by reading best articles written by experts, and by writing, writing, and writing more articles.

To supplement these things,  consider the  "9 Essential Social Media Tips for Beginners" of Glen. They are as follows:

1. Start small.
2. Get a widget.
3. Frequently test your buttons and widgets.
4. Don't annoy your followers.
5. Don't fret about follower counts.
6. See what the pros are doing.
7. Don't overlook niche social media sites.
8. Find people within your niche to follow on Twitter.
9. Stay humble.

I followed some of them. Then as a matter of ten months since I created this blog sometime in February 2011, I was surprised that it recorded twenty one thousand three hundred thirteen visitors (21,313 hits). I never expect that big number of readers I have. My purpose of joining the world of blogging, since writing is my hobby, is to express my thoughts, my experiences as they come along and for the news I read by giving my comments or reactions based on what I perceived.

If I'm going to divide those hits/visits by months, my blog is receiving an average of 2,131 readers a month.

It's, therefore the substance or the quality of what I write that really counts. And my secret is W.R.I.T.E.


  1. True. Sometimes I do fret when I don't see my articles or even my site reach that high number. But then I remember that it takes time for things to mature. You've got to start small and slowly build up. Champions are not made overnight. Good tip sir Gil.

  2. I blog of my daily experiences. I want to share my random thoughts and knowledge about something. I guess I simply enjoy blogging so even though i dont make money out of it, i still continue to blog.

  3. thanks for the tips, i particularly like #1 write when the ideas are pouring out...sometimes i have this great idea but let time slip and so with my idea, gone with the wind...

  4. hmm.. guilty as charged. I have become conscious of my stats since these are important for DAs. O well, blogging is my source of income. hehe.. But thank you for the tips and I have noted them.

  5. @Rachelle everyone of us as bloggers has a primary purpose. Mine is to share what I've in mind for others to be informed, to be educated or even to be entertained. My second intention to try putting some gadgets here to earn money, but until now, this blog has never earned a penny. Advertising agency is extra careful whether to put their clients' products here for they're protecting them from possible tricks or whatever to the detrimental of their clients.

  6. Thanks for the tips. I would really like to stress you point about properly writing in English by observing the rules. It's essential, because if your article was badly written, people won't come back.

  7. very helpful tips here, Sir! I'm hopeful now that even the very small number of followers I have I shouldn't be discouraged. Anyway, it's like my online diary. ^__^

  8. You are truly right on this one Gil, Thanks for the tips

  9. I'm not so particular with the counts. I am writing to document my life. I write for myself. If there are people in this world who'll get interested to know and read my musings, then they are very much welcome. Thanks for sharing this Sir Gil, will apply this soon.

  10. Talent is like a faucet; while it is open, you have to write.

  11. I am a new follower. I so agree with everything you have mentioned in this post. Kudos!

  12. your post enlightened me. THanks for this :D


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