Sunday, December 11, 2011

'To See Is To Believe'

I remember when I was a kid, I used an improvised petroleum lamp in my reading session at night. I kept on using it since I was a grade one until I finished my high school. It was almost 10 years of using petroleum lamp for my study and working my homework at night.

As I was used to reading at such light coming from the lamp, I was not aware that my eyes would be affected. I only discovered later when I found a hard time in deciphering some of my small handwriting from my notes. First I never mind it. I thought that it was just a poor lighting condition of the lamp I used. But my poor vision persisted. So I told my parents about it. Since we were poor, my eye malady was not well attended to. Not until I finished college, got a job and got married that I had my own prescribed eye glasses.

Now I'm 60 years old. I always wear them when reading, and especially in composing my blog's content.

Another occasion I recall. I was assigned to introduce the visitors one by one from the list. Alas! I left my pair of eyeglasses at home for I was in a hurry at that time not to be late in our get-together party for I have to travel 45 kilometers. Well, to overcome my embarrassment, I just said while I was standing at the rostrum: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this momentous gathering we have today. I know you won't regret in coming over. Feel at home and enjoy the party. Thank you."

Eyeglasses Cubik 901 Deni Brown
Cubik 901 Deni Brown
You see how indispensable an eyeglasses are. So much so if your hobby is reading and writing like me.

So for anybody who got a blurry vision lately. Or getting difficulty in reading a magazine or watching TV. It's time for you to wear one. Thus, visit your eye doctor.

Or in like manner, you've got a pair of eyeglasses, but your vision becomes blurred? Just the same. You've to see your ophthalmologist for it's time to change your eyeglasses. Your present pair of eyeglasses you wear probably do not fit with your present eyes' vision requirement, especially when you're getting old.

And for those who have already an eyeglasses, but experiencing impaired vision, upgrade them now.

You may order your prescribed eyeglasses from Cubik, affordable designer eyewear.

All stocks have met the standards of a licensed opticians and ophthalmologists if you want to order prescription eye wear.

From Cubik, you can select from numerous stock of eyewear according to your taste or style.

You can choose from various frame types like Rimless, Acetate, Metal, Semi Rimless, among others.

You can also select from budgeted frame type.

For me I want a prescription glasses. And I want CUBIK 901 DENI BROWN

“I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest!”

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