Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Advocacy to No Child Is Left Behind

The Division of La Carlota City recently conducted a workshop of all school heads both elementary and secondary together with their respective Punong Barangay to support the Department of Education's thrust on "No Child Is Left Behind"

In the conclusion of the said workshop , everyone has made their pledge as an advocacy to the DepEd's "No Child Is Left Behind" program. As they raised their right hand, they recited in chorus the following pledge:

A Pledge to the Children of La Carlota City

As parents, educators, public servants, education advocates and caring adults, We pledge to help our children achieve a bright future.

We take personal responsibility in fostering the social, intellectual, emotional and physical well-being of our children.

We hereby affirm our commitment to the wholesome development of our children and pledge to make the pursuit of knowledge and life skills a priority in every household.

To demonstrate our commitment, we pledge to adhere to the following principles:

That every child will have access to good quality education in day care centers, elementary and secondary schools;

That every child will be comfortably seated in a desk or armchair in a decent classroom and will be inspired to dream big and always give 100 percent effort to learners;

That every child will have a good quality textbook and learning materials in every subject and be motivated to read each day and enthusiastically accomplish their assigned work;

That every child will graduate from high school and will utilize his/her education to work for the success of his/her future;

Together we commit to make this pledge a reality for the children of La Carlota City.

However, earlier, La Carlota Schools Division Superintendent Juliet A. Jeruta before the workshop started reported to the stakeholders the present status of the Division as to its performance for School Year 2011 - 2012 as follows:

Division of La Carlota Performance
School year 2011-2012
Performance Indicators Elementary High School
Participation Rate 76.32 62.54
Completion Rate 75.15 84.63
Cohort Survival Rate 76.17 88.73
Retention Rate 97.08 99.19
Failure Rate 2.02 11.67
Drop-Out Rate 0.35 3.41

Also she reported on the accomplishment of the Division for calendar year 2011 on provision of access and quality and relevance.

The participants were grouped according to their strategic locations by cluster for their workshop on Barangay strategic plan for the school age children. The workshop format covers three areas: situation or the problem, needed action, and the plan of the barangay to address the problem on making every child be not left behind when it comes to education.

Every group was given time to share its plan with their respective comments and explanations through its leader, school principal or Barangay Captain.


  1. I love this project, hope that i will continue and prosper, by the way passing you an award here

  2. Wow this is a good project. But better if we can effectively implement it too to other public schools in our country. Our kids are our future they can enjoy life better if they are given proper education. Kudos to this project! ;-)

  3. no kids should fail, there are just those who are slow learners... kelangan lang talaga ng tiyaga and extra focus sa kanila. Yahweh bless.

  4. Good luck to all organizers and supporters of this advocacy. May you reach your goals for the welfare of the children of La Carlota and I hope these children will bring bright future in your place!

  5. This is a nice advocacy of an era where competition is a must even in schools, I think teachers should always see to it that everybody is coping up with the activities so that no kid is left behind.

  6. this is a very good advocacy! hope all school have this

  7. this is great news.. I just hope this is being done to the whole philippines.. thanks for sharing this.. if not for this article I would not have a chance to know this.. news here in the philippines is focus on bad issues.. thanks

  8. I hope that this really achieves its goal. I saw on the news this child who has to swim and cross a lake everyday to get to his school ... the school should do something about it.

    I really like this project of yours.

  9. Juliet Jeruta? hmnnn... i wonder if we're related.. hehehe..

    Anyways, I really admire advocacy for children especially if it's about education or learning. No child will be left behind. I hope the government will allocate a much bigger budget for education instead of giving the money to the congressmen and senators for their pork barrel.

  10. I hope this advocacy will reach the remote places in the Philippines. As I watched documentaries, there are still unprivileged children across the country. In time, with their sincere and focused effort, Filipino children can benefit on this.

  11. I admire this advocacy. If all teachers around the country have equal level of dedication and value true service then there's no doubt, all children shall move forward and no one will be left behind.



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