Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How To Activate Nuffnang Ads Unit in Blogger

This prompted me to come up with this tutorial for I found difficulty in placing Nuffnang Ads to my blog. I finally, through trial and error method, and reading from their self-help page,  had made it. So I want to share this to you if you would like to put Nuffnang ads to your blog site too. Feel free to follow the instructions. I cut some screen shots to make it more attractive, realistic and easy for you to understand the said instructions.

step 1

1. Go to Nuffnang site.  Select your country. Click sign up button. Then Sign Up As Blogger.

step 2

2. Blogger Registration window pops up. Fill it up by using a valid email address. Do the same with the adjacent form. Don't leave any blank. Then click submit. You'll be directed to Blog Manager.

step 3

3. In Blog Manager, add a blog: BLOG NAME, BLOG URL and LANGUAGE.

step 4

4. After adding your blog, you're directed to "add ads".

5. Click the link. You'll be prompted to select the code for your ads. Copy the code and paste it to your place of preference to your blog.

6. click save. Then you're done.

step 5
In your blog: (This is only permissible to blogger which accepts JavaScript code.)

1. Open layout.

2. Click add a gadget from a position where you want your Nuffnang ads to be placed like header, side bar or between contents.

3. From add a gadget, scroll the window till you find HTML/JavaScript icon. Click it and paste the code.

4. Click save. Done.

Hope this could be of help to you in ads need for your blog.


  1. Thanks for the instruction on how to activate nuffnang ads in Blogger.. Nuffnang is one of our great advertisers in my blog

  2. This one is easier I guess..I panic eveytime I open my blog and no nuffnang there(did I tick a wrong button or what?)..haha but i'm okay now..I'm getting used to it! :D
    Thanks for sharing this, Sir!

  3. nicely detailed instructions, very handy for beginners :)

  4. Thank you sir Gil for this tutorial, I may use this for my other blog.

    My recent post Facebook Status Link | Paano makukuha?

  5. wow, nice tutorial, very informative.

  6. i am using wp po, can i use nuffnag too? this is very helpful po.

    Salamat ng marami

  7. Blogger is definitely have the best blogging UI. It's always easy to add widgets like this.

  8. Thank you, great help, By the way I found out that your site has an external link of 122 and 190 internal link. Maybe you need to consider removing other widgets that doesn't necessarily place on this site, just a caring fellow blogger, let your site load easily for those who had a slow connection like me.

  9. thanks for the info.. i got mine too!

  10. Thanks ChrisAir. I already removed some those links and I've observed that my blog's page is loading easily. Again thanks for your concern. I do appreciate it... :)

  11. This is helpful especially for the newbies. Nuffnang is among my fave ad networks - primarily because of their contests and activities for bloggers.

  12. how's nuffnang in terms of rewarding bloggers? i've been longing to try it but it isn't available in the middle east. hopefully they'll consider to expand their reach soon

  13. I've been using Nuffnang since I started blogging. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. nuffnang ad is my only ad gadget in my blog!

  15. Very nice tutorial sir Gil! Ok na po ba yun nuffnang ads mo?

    Blog Walking here...please swing by too @

  16. Thanks Sir Gil. Easy sundan yung tutorials mo. Just added Nuffnang Ads in my blogsite using your instruction. Very informative and useful.

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