Sunday, January 22, 2012

NDB Arman Toga Elected As The New Negros Press Club Prexy

NPC Logo
Negros Daily Bulletin Editor Arman Toga got the president position in Saturday annual election of Negros Press Club set of officers for 2012 after getting a landslide votes against Aladdin Alas held at the NPC building, Bacolod City.

Arman Toga will run the NPC, the oldest, prestigious press club in the country, with 154 current members coming from the print, broadcast and television networks based here in Bacolod City for this year's term.

The other elected NPC officers are Edgar Lucasan, DyRL program manager as vice president; Clarence Locsin of DyWB-Bombo Radyo, secretary; Aquilino "Boy" Ciocon of DyRL, Treasurer; Chrysee Samillano of Daily Star, Auditor.

Arman Toga Raised as new NPC President
While in the Board of Directors, which is composed of 5 members, the elected members were of Henceboy Cestina, Ranie Azue, Adrian Nemes, Merlinda Pedrosa, and Butch Bacaoco.

Meanwhile, the outgoing NPC President John Elmer Ubaldo in his inaugural address on June 4, 2011 mentioned his 11-point of priorities:
  1. Strengthening the media profession and camaraderie
  2. Improving and polishing the talents and skills of the members
  3. Educating members
  4. Holding health missions
  5. Providing medical assistance to members
  6. Holding sports activities
  7. Creating NPC website
  8. Reviewing club's history
  9. Reviving the "Meet the Press" program
  10. Coming up with NPC newsletter
  11. Practicing a sound financial management
In like manner, let's look forward for NDB Arman Toga for his planned projects for the NPC members' welfare.

Congratulations Arman and more power.


  1. Nice Blog u got here... i like the format and the nature background...and its very informative as well...

  2. Congratulations to Arman Toga and the other officers! Hope this year will be a productive one for them.

  3. Congratulations to the newly elected offers of the Negros Press Club. I hope the projects set by the former president have seen fruition and I'm looking forward to hearing about new president's plans. :) Here's to the upholding of responsible journalism in the country!

  4. congatulations to him. i also like the 11 points of the former president, i hope the new pres. can continue it.


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