Friday, February 17, 2012

Agustin: 'Happy Life. Happy Home'

Happy life could be tantamount to a happy home when there's love. And this is what I've personally gained from the message of Elder Manuel Agustin of the Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in one of semi-annual conferences of La Carlota District.

Elder Agustin
Elder Agustin
Elder Agustin emphasized his spiritual instructions on family by citing Browning's "How Do I Love Thee?" to the Church members.

"Home can be a heaven on earth/ when we are filled with love/ Bringing happiness and joy,/ Rich blessings from above/" - some lines from Church hymn were also cited by Elder Agustin to substantiate his claim that family is very important in the eyes of the Lord.

"Strengthen families" which is one of the 2012 Philippines Area goals, according to him, needs to be advocated by holding a regular family prayer, family home evening, reading the scriptures, and aised from going to Church together.

Thus when we do it faithfully, we could have a happy life and eventually a happy home, pointed out Elder Agustin.

LDS as Peculiar People

People are interested with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for they know the member thereof that they are different from others. The gospel principles which they receive, are exemplified in their way of life.

Forgiveness is as a basic in obtaining one's salvation, is very important to do. He illustrated through an analogy of a nail. When a person is hurt, he's heart is being nailed. And When he forgives, that nail is pulled out. Then forgiveness per se takes place.

Charity, which is a pure love of Christ, overwhelms LDS way of life. Even though how preoccupied an LDS is, when his service is needed, he forgoes it just to take care of his brethren who are in need.

Faith never fails. LDS are faithful in keeping the Lord's commandments. Because of their unwavering faith with the Lord, what they ask and pray to the Lord is answered.

As one of the early speakers, La Carlota District President Mario A. Malacaman declared how to care of the Lord's sheep. "Lovest thou me?" as he cited the scripture from the Book of John of the Bible, he correlated this in one of the 2012 Philippines goals, "Rescue the One."

Moreover President Zandiv Abonado, first counselor of La Carlota District rejoined by stressing the importance of a family. His message is timely for he just been married recently in the Cebu Philippines Temple.

Masville Branch President Johndill ParreƱo tackled the topic, "Who Is My Neighbor?" He cited the parable of a good Samaritan by helping out our neighbor to get their eternal life.

"Remember, remember, remember," sounded President George Tobias of Bacolod Philippines Mission by addressing everyone, every member to bear in mind the principle of repentance, atonement and to feast upon the words of Christ through study, reading, and pondering them. And he pointed out to follow the Prophet who knows the way to salvation.

More than four hundred LDS members who came from Moises Padilla, La Castellana, Manggapsang, Masville, San Enrique, Ayungon, La Carlota first and second branches which belong to La Carlota District in Negros Occidental, PH attended the conference.

The district choir which is composed of selected members from Masville, San Enrique, La Carlota first and second branches provided the hymn for the conference.


  1. Sometimes it really helps to join activities like this for us to be enlightened and I bet Mr. Agustin is a good mentor.

  2. It is good to know that you Mr. Gil is so active with so many things. Spread the word of enlightenment and joy! :)

  3. Yes. When you are happy, your kids are happy..and the whole family is happy. Just like when you are happy at work too, your coworkers will be contaminated with happiness. :)
    - Sionee

  4. I agree happiness is what the world make it a better world to live in

  5. This is a real good read! Thanks for sharing po. =)

  6. Correct! I'm not sure if this is true "sabi nila pag ang isang bahay na puno ng pagmamahalan ng mag-anak ay maging bahay na rin ng mga ibong nagmamahalan" Naalala ko noon bahay namin maraming ibon may mga nest pa. Ngayon may sarili na akong pamilya maraming nest sa garden naman sobrang daming ibon. Kaya pala ang love birds mag-isa hindi pwedeng mag-isa sa isang kulungan. Dapat may kasama para masaya. Para sa akin kung walang pagmamahalan, walang saya at walang kulay ang bahay ay este ang buhay. xx

  7. A happy life is a happy home and I couldn't agree more. ^_^

  8. giving people some sense of purpose can really make wonders...

  9. this coming from a person like you sir, sigurado akong napakagaling na speaker/lecturer ni Mr. Agustin :)

    and yes indeed, a happy life is a happy home!

  10. ..very inspiring..thanks for sharing sir!!!


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