Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cubay Elem. School Kali-Arnis-Escrima Develops Well-Disciplined Kids

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The Kali Instructor's survival tactical training course class No. 22-2012, Special Weapon and Tactics in the indigenous art of Filipino Weaponry known as Kali-Arnis-Escrima, a Filipino Martial Arts of Combat Fighting based in the science of strategy and tactics in the JMJ Diamond System in Cubay Elementary School culminated today.

Ismael Salvacion, La Carlota City executive assistant representing Mayor Juliet Marie Ferrer stressed the value of respect, discipline, punctuality, determination, love and dedication in charting one's destiny. He lauded the trainees for their respectful attitude and utmost discipline.

In his turn, SPO1 Gabriel Geneblaza representing La Carlota chief of police, police chief inspector Eduardo Corpuz counseled with the pupil-trainees to use their knowledge and ability from their training positively. They should be active in using their skills for they could perform a part of police function, that is, in the maintenance of peace and order in their respective community.

CES Kali Arnis Culmination
CES Kali-Arnis-Escrima Culmination
While Gil Camporazo, the school principal related his training experience 14 years ago when he introduced this training to his pupils while he was a classroom teacher in La Carlota South Elementary School in 1998. He expressed his loyalty and his unwavering support for this ancient Filipino weaponry, Kali-Arnis-Escrima that has never changed. He was happy for the presence of his fellow trainee before like Leonor and Andrew who are still active and fully supporting the association.

Out of 89, only fifty-Three pupils of Cubay Elementary School completed their 125 credit hours from the 1st day of September to 23rd of February 2012. In a simple closing rite, they received their certificate of completion.

Outstanding trainees were given awards of gold and silver medal.

Abigail Dionisio received the leadership medal for having demonstrated superior qualities of leadership in discharging a major responsibility as vice president, Cubay Elem. School, Kali Association.

Award of gold medal was given to those who have placed first in class standing with a grade of 90.05% in accordance with the Order of Merit was bestowed to Abigail Dionisio, Rommel Malayas, Adrian Dominic Dionisio, and Julius Jagolinda.

The efficiency service medal which is bestowed to those who have demonstrated the superior qualities of mastery of the skills in demonstration and practicum and for rendering benevolent support in the service of his/her fellow members, setting as example and serving as an inspiration for all the students of Cubay Elementary School to strive for academic excellence, was given to Avelino Flores, Jr., Bryan Prestoza, Jason Reginio, Mark Jan Cahilig, Claire Janson, Julin Alpas, Trezia Mae Triña.

While the special award was given to Joemil Samson, Almor Caalim, Jay-ar Tamaca.

Kali-Master-Trainor (IM) Jose Jun de los Reyes Marañon at the same time President and Chairman of the Board, Negros Kali International Association, Inc., BTTC-PNP-RTC 6 was the course director.

The Negros Kali International Association Incorporated, BTTC-Philippine National Police-Regional Training Center Region 6 conducted the training with the full support and supervision of the Department of Interior and Local Government, Association of Barangay Councils, SK Federation, Sangguniang Panlungsod/Bayan.


  1. I never learned arnis. They taught it after I graduated high school so my whole class missed it. too bad too because I want to learn one form of self defense or two

  2. cool that kids as young as they are could get this combat training! now what do i know about that Filipino weaponry? i have seen arnis, haven't heard of Kali and Escrima until your post Gil! thank you for sharing.

  3. i have had arnis lessons before only during high school as part of our P.E. was learning arnis..

    1. Same here! I was first year at the time. Oh I love it!

      Kids should learn this activity for self-defense. :)

  4. good to know special training sessions like these are available to elem school children, it will help them develop not just physically but also discipline...keep up the good work Sir Gil and the rest of the group!

  5. I miss doing the art Arnis :) Learned using a pair in highschool!

  6. I recall using arnis as a requirement for our PE class way back in highschool and that was the best PE I had back then. I think I still have the moves but I may not be that quick as I was before.

  7. Arnis reminds me of my godfather. He always practise every morning and he used to teach other kids which is good. Tnx for sharing sir Gil!

  8. Used to do arnis in school and I enjoyed it...

  9. i had arnis for PE and wow, it was really tiring but very worth it.
    hopefully causes such as this one would continue :>

  10. Used to love Arnis when I was in HS :)

  11. wow martial arts! I used to like watching karate movies, i'm the only girl in the family and my brothers and my dad are a fan of Jackie Chan so I always want to learn karate but unfortunately never had the chance... i heard about Arnis too.. kaso I'm super lampa.. I don't thinks I can do it.. ;(

  12. Arnis was our PE in high School but I never applied it

  13. I used to play Arnis when I was still in grade school . It was even part of our Physical Education.

  14. bring back memories of my college PE..Arnis is one module to pass and there was like a final exam where we have to show our Arnis skills. It was mad and scary but since I really wanted to get good grades I poured out all valiant blood in me and fought my opponent with superior skills. Oh I could not forget that and it taught lessons too. Learning arnis is learning how to have greater control of your reflexes. The art is discipline itself.

  15. I just learned doing the tricks when I was in 5th grade. We were taught of arnis as a self defense and as a part of our PE. I am glad this kind of art is still being practiced by the young students. :)

  16. I never had anything like this when I was a kid. We only had "calisthenics". :)

  17. I also never learned Arnis.

    May PE bang ganito sa UP Diliman?

  18. everybody has own way of developing self-discipline and it's good that this sport teaches youth and adults alike to work on it at the same time


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