Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Five Steps in Creating a Website

A website is composed of several sets of related web pages which contain texts, videos, music, audio, images, etc. It carries a title of which that site is created. It could be a business, education, community, society. It could also be a form of blog of various topics, subjects or school of thoughts.

Aggregation of Websites
My blogs
A website is hosted by a web server such the Internet or a private local net work like Internet address known as Uniform Resource Locator (URL). And it is publicly accessible through World Wide Web (www).

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Now, are you ready to create your own website?

The preliminaries

Before creating your website, have this in mind: what product or services to host, who are your target market or customers, and then how often do you update such site. This is termed as "niche market."

As to its layout, make it clean to avoid messing it with decorated widgets. Images should be reduced to a manageable sizes for easy loading of your site.

Make it simple to let stand out from other sites for its uniqueness and peculiarity. You may browse other sites for reference and comparison. The title plays an important attention-getter. As mentioned, make it "unique or peculiar" Use your creativity and resourcefulness.

The Steps

In creating a website, there are five simple steps to follow. And they are as follows:

Step 1: Create first your own email account by registering or signing up with any provider or host of your choice like Google, Yahoo, among others.


Step 2. Register or sign up to any free website publishing or website creation like Blogger, WordPress, Freewebs, and many more.


Step 3. Provide a name for your blog or website, unique to your field of service, function or purpose. And then provide also your blog address or URL.

Step 4. From the dashboard of your site host, go to its Design editor and choose your starter template or design from available templates.


Step 5. Go to page editor and start putting some contents like text, images to your created website. Preview them for clarity, usability and edit them. If you're through then click publish. Then you're DONE.

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  1. A very simple Steps indeed.. But before making your own website first you must know what content you want to put in it.

  2. This is a very comprehensive tutorial, Sir! i hope more people will be inspired in creating their own website when they see this post.
    - Sionee

  3. great tutorial for those just starting to create a blog

  4. This is a nice insight of those who want to get a website tru google

  5. These simple steps are considered helpful to everyone who wants to get started in creating a website. It took me a couple of hours to understand it years back. =)

  6. simple pero malaki ang tulong. Kahit sinong baguhan di na malilito dito :)

  7. Thanks for sharing, sir! I'm considering getting my own domain na din ngayon.. hehe.

  8. will share this link to a friend who also want to start a blog. Thanks!

  9. this is website development 101. thanks for sharing!

  10. wow!naremember ko tuloy mga early days ko sa blogging..that was,mmmmmmm, ______ years ago..hahaha..i was in blogger format pa..hehehe

  11. The simple the better! Nice tutorial. This is great para sa mga baguhan na gustong magkaroon ng website

  12. Concise steps on how to create a website. THanks for sharing this sir!

  13. Gil, now I understand why you have lots of websites haha! your post reminds me how my website has evolved, and what i will do with my other two that i haven't regularly write.good luck sa atin for having such luxury of time to write our thoughts!!

  14. great tutorial especially for those just starting to create a blog


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