Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine, Sir Camporazo!

Preschool Hand-made valentine card
I'm very appreciative for the thoughtfulness of the 11 preschool pupils of our school, Cubay Elementary School, and have given me a hand-printed valentine cards in this Valentine's Day.

While I was supervising some of my teachers in their respective subject taught in their classroom, I was surprised when some of these kids kept on coming in one by one and handed me a handdrawn valentine card. I just quipped, "Thank you."

After awhile I proceeded to my office. Another group of preschool pupils rushed in with a hand-made valentine card in their hand. I was amused of such excitement displayed by those kids. Again, I said, "Thank you, kid. Happy Valentine's Day, too!"

I read those cards with a sketchy shape of a heart in the cover and it's colored by a red crayon. The common message written in a black pencil was: "Happy Valentine, Sir Camporazo!"

These kids were so enthusiastic as they hurriedly came in to my office. They greeted me in a chorus, "Good Morning, Sir!" For them, their simple, unpolished work of art is perfectly done and it is sufficient enough to make me happy as their school principal.

I love these little preschoolers too. I know they are not only loved by their respective parents, but they are loved by the Lord too. In the Bible, they are likened to the kingdom of heaven.

I commend their teacher, Mrs. Josie Alensondra for teaching them correct values and manners. And one of these is love. I also recognized their respective parents and guardians who brought them up "in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."

Valentine's Day is not only for the lovers, for the adults, but also for the kids to express themselves in a simple and unique way the love and gratefulness they receive from their loved ones and even their teachers and school principal who look after for their welfare in the future.

For them what they share is the greatest love of all.

Again the thoughtfulness of these kids are the very beginning of their well-mannered attitude and loving and caring traits which couldn't be bought from any market or mall. This is of course, the primordial responsibility of their respective parents and supplemented by their teachers.

Thank you Adrian, Lyneth, Romnela, Jellian, Erol, Eugene, Katherine, Irish, Mark Justine, Winchelle and Khenneth for you card. I will treasure your thoughtfulness and love for me as your school principal.


  1. You really deserve the love sir! Happy Vday!

    1. Everyone deserves to be loved for we're the spirit children of our Heavenly Father. You too @Kiko deserve the pure love of Christ. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  2. Awww.. Kids. They're adorable. :) Tama.. Valentine's Day is not just for adults.. but for them, kids, as well. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, sir Gil. :)

  3. Hi Sir Gil, I had lots of little well wishers too this Valentine's Day, my students. I love their innocence and how they were happy giving away chocolates and treats. They were literally spreading love everywhere today.:)

  4. My son made one for me as well ... loved it too! Great work of arts no?

  5. Happy Heart's Day sir. . . love na love ka ng mga kids Sir :) great!

  6. Wow air, how sweet. It pays to be a good teacher to them :))

  7. You are lucky you have them and them because they have you in their lives.

    I remember the good old days. We also made those hand made cards for our teachers which obviously added pretty smiles onto our teachers' faces.

    Have a lovely day, Sir!

  8. Can't help but smile from the thoughtfulness and sweetness of these little kids. Have a great day.

  9. Your story puts a smile on my face. Children are really wonderful, they can lighten moods. Don't know how those little tykes do that, but they have power in their hands.

  10. They're so sweet! With kids like that, everyday is Valentine's Day.


  11. Hayan na sir Gil. Diyan na nakikita na love ka talaga ng mga studs diyan. No wonder, mabait naman po talaga kayo and it is not a joke to become a father to a hundred individuals.

  12. "As above so below", I've always believed this to be true. Magaling po kayo na principal, kaya magaling din mga teachers and students nyo!:)

  13. aww..the kids are so sweet! :) Simple acts like these truly would make your day! :)

  14. you really deserve the laud from your student, 'coz you're a good teacher and mentor to them.


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