Monday, February 20, 2012

Verses Expressed: Poetry for Inspirations

RandomThoughts started to develop his passion in writing when he was in his Grade 5 sometime in 1965. And he started with poem writing. He used to scribble lines of thoughts for inspiration just to amuse or entertain himself. He didn't know yet the mechanics, the style or whatever facts about poem writing.

How did he able to get used to it? His late father, Hilarion was instrumental of making him got interested with books. His father brought him to their municipal library when he was still in his grade 1. It was his first time to visit the municipal library in their place. He was surprised to see a many volumes of books inside the library. He was asked by the librarian what books he wanted to read. He couldn't open his mouth. He was overcome by his shyness. What he did was to proceed to the cabinet of books. The lady librarian, Inday Regina Dasas, followed him and gave him the freedom to choose what books he wanted to get and opened the cabinet for him.

He got three volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica out of the cabinet and placed them on the table. He skimmed, scanned everything inside the books without reading a page or a chapter. He did the same with the other two books. Then he took them to the counter and wanted to borrow them. The librarian was surprised on how he could read them. He just nodded his head that he's going to read them all. He was given five days to return the books. His father wanted to help him carry those big books for in his age they're too heavy. He insisted that he could manage to carry them by himself.

It took him three days to finish reading those volumes.

Most of those written in the said set of books are about world literature and poetry is one of those. As he read them aloud he was amused as if he was listening to a music.

He loved how the poem is written, especially the pattern, the way the lines are arranged, the manner the sentences (stanzas) are grouped, and so on and so forth.

His first written poem was about his neighbor, a young lady whom he developed his puppy love. And he was a grade 5 pupil then at that time. He never gave it to her. Instead he let her mother read it and then kept for himself. His mother just grinned and tapped his shoulder.

Now "Verses Expressed" wants to showcase his prowess in poem writing to express his thoughts and wisdom for inspirations and for others to benefit too.

He never claims that he is an expert in poetry, in poem writing for that matter; but yet he has the desire to express what is in his mind, to share what he has experienced, and to show  his reaction on what is going on around his environment, in his workplace, in the place of worship, and among others in the form of a poem.

"Verses Express" of RandomThoughts! (Gil Camporazo) could be one of your sources in poetry reading for inspiration and interpretation. Happy reading!

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