Friday, March 23, 2012

Finding Joy in Life

Everything is good to promote happiness of the human family. Spiritually speaking, man exists and lives here on earth to search for his happiness. God has provided him everything. As free agent, he has everything to do as he wishes. but he has to bear the consequences of his wrong choices. And he has to enjoy the happiness of his good wisdom.

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The Creation
He has to enjoy life. God provides everything like grains, fruits, herbs, flowers, streams, fountain and river for man to partake her joyousness, beauty, and innocence, and to worship God.

He has to enjoy in social activity like dancing and amusements like theaters. His object is to get and cleave to everything that is good and to reject everything that is bad.

He has to be united in the gospel for there's joy. There's peace, joy and confidence in eternal truth. In unity, there's light, life, intelligence, spirit of the living God - oneness of feelings and faith.

He has to understand the principles of truth for there's happiness and joy. He has to honor his calling, priesthood and God. God has promised him: "Enter into the joy of thy Lord; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things." (Matthew 25:21).

In so doing, man finds joy in making right choices for he has given everything to do what is right.


  1. Findfing joy in life is finding God.Trust in Him and everything else will follow.My husband always tells me ,worry not,leave everything to God.

  2. I live my life in a way that will give my true happiness and joy. That's what I've always been taught of since I was a child, and there's no greater feeling in the world peacefully, and with God's grace :)

  3. man is given the capacity to decide for himself but he should be ready for the consequences of his decision.

    freewill is actually one of those topics that i never understood when i was younger. when i was just a kid, i thought that there is really no freewill because of the consequences man has to face if he does something bad.

  4. I actually believe that it is always up to us to find our joy in life. It's a choice. You can decide to find the good part of the bad thing that happened to you or not.

  5. How do you see a cup? Half-empty or Half-full?
    It takes a good choice to find joy every day, every minute of our lives.. to always be grateful and to always choose life!
    Thanks for the take-outs!

  6. It really is up to us to find what makes us happy. We make our own happiness. :)

  7. God is really good all the time, this is really timely as I need also some inspiration and guidance

  8. thanks for the post Gil. the object of our existence is to find happiness and true happiness exist only with God and his perfect plans for us!

  9. your know what Sir, i really love reading your blog posts, especially on the inspirational really inspires me.. ;) you write or blog really with passion.. ;)

  10. This inspired me! Indeed we find our own happiness and we can enjoy for life to the fullest with our own choice! :)

  11. Positive emotions, curiosity, love, joy, contentment, wonder, excitement — expand your focus of attention.


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