Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Spend More Than 14M Pesos in 90 Days?

Dionie C. Reyes, 47, a government employee, married with 11-year-old adopted son would like to tell the world how he squandered his P14-million win from PH Lotto draw for a period of 90 days, the national news reported.

How did he win that huge amount of money?

Sometime in 2008, he bought a 6/42 lotto ticket of Lucky 7 pick, system 7 bet worth P70, in a seven number combinations for April 22 draw.

It was Tuesday when he hit the jackpot. But he hadn't yet checked his ticket for that day. Not until Friday, at lunch time, while eating with an office mate, he took out his smelly wallet and got his 6/42 ticket with a number combinations, 09-15-18-23-28-40 which turned out to have a jackpot prize of P14,125,032.

He claimed his winning money from Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office together with his office boss. The PCSO machine validated his ticket but failed for it was smudged with urine. Then, it was manually validated and it was confirmed the genuineness of the ticket and he won the P14-million plus jackpot.

How did he spend it?

After claiming his winning prize, he right away bought a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) in that evening. Then a P4-million house and lot at BF Homes in Las Piñas in some other days.

He gave his six siblings of P50,000 each, P500,000 to his nephews for a 3-door apartment, P1,000 to P30,000 to some of his office mates, and P100,000 to his boss.

He gave his wife's nephew a car worth P850,000, a Mitsubishi Fuzion.

For a month, he didn't go home to his residence in Cavite, rather he stayed in his sister-in-law in Parañaque City for indulging some vices like womanizing, gambling, nightly drinking spree.

The time when he went home to Cavite, he gave away to some friends and neighbor some money of P5,000 to P50,000. He estimated that he had given away about P2 million or more for "balato" (goodwill money) to relatives, friends, neighbors and office mates.

Almost everyday, he spent a minimum of P100,000 in cockfighting by using his ATM card issued by the bank.

Did he feel remorseful?

He admitted that he spent his P14million in three months and later felt sorry about it. He had nothing to fear, he said. Every time he came home, his wife just cried and cried. His siblings told him to change his ways and have a new life, but he didn't listen to them. In fact, he said, "It was my money, anyway. I won it fairly not at the expense of others."

How's his present situation?

Dionie Reyes has undergone a heart surgery at the Philippine Heart Center (PHC) last September without any cash on hand. The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office management shouldered the cost of his operation of about P500,000 more or less.

In the national news the reporter mentioned Dionie Reyes' name in his interview for Dionie Reyes wanted that his account be credible. He would like the people to know his sad story for practical life lesson.

reference: Lotto Winner Spends P14M In Just 3 Months


  1. That's just the craziest thing to spend a money but again he has all the rights to spend it his way.

  2. if i will be given a chance to have this money, i will save it not just spend for 90 days.

  3. it is so sad that people pray for God to give them money. When the prayers are answered they have no back up plan they don't know what to do. As they say in Filipino asa huli ang pagsisisi

  4. Wow 14+ million in 3 months! It is really true that easy money are easier to spend. Hope his life story will be a lesson to many who still lives the way he did.

  5. Fast money so fast din mawala. I know of a lucky Lotto winner who shared a similar story. This one naman won a much bigger prize and naubos after only 5 months. Now, balik newspaper boy uli siya.

  6. Whoa grabe naman siya. Actually if I were him, I think I would just invest the money in time deposit accounts and wait until they mature interest - to grow more money - and also in real estate to rent out my properties and earn more money. :)

  7. Sometimes people forgot the value of money. They would just spend it until they broke and that'll be the only time that they'll be remorseful.

  8. Sad to hear this kind of story. If I'm the winner, I will spend my money wisely. Save money from the bank and future expenses.

  9. Tsk, tsk, people never learn. God does things in many amazing ways to teach us, test us and show us how much we are loved so gracefully, yet we never seize to realize. But the question is, are we ever ready for such a blessing? Sad to say that many still aren't.

  10. As always, nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Dionie's revelation is really an eye-opener not only to those who won or will win the lotto but even to those who receive minimum or meager income at all. We should all be money wise nowadays.

  11. that is a very nice and big money there! should've put that in the bank for future emergencies and for health as well. its not bad to give to someone or to everybody but just enough that there stil more for the future.

  12. Nakow. My dad always says not to be angry at money. What he means is that if we have money, we should keep it, save it, and not "hate" it that we let it slip our hands the next chance we get -- as if an enemy and getting rid of it immediately.

  13. This is why most lottery winners go bankrupt. They have so little "psychological wallet" that their subconscious minds aren't used to having tons of cash. We, people maybe academically educated, but most of us lack financial education. He should've invested in businesses to produce residual income. Just my two cents. =)

  14. i guess now he already learned his lesson, Hopefully people will also learn from His experience

  15. Spending P14 million in 90 days is a good kind of head ache. Time to bet on the Lotto.

  16. i honestly dont know if i should feel sorry for him or not. he really spent the money badly. This is really a good lesson for people who doesnt knw how to spend money wisely.

  17. Oh I've heard about this story before since my mom used to join lotto when she was still in the country. Easy money, most of the time, doesn't last. :)

  18. 14M could go a long long way if he had known how to properly use it. Tsk.tsk. Sayang. He had the chance to change his life and he just put it to waste.

  19. tsktsktsk.. He just wasted the money for useless things (I mean the things that should not be much spent on). He really deserved this! ang dami daming nagugutom at ang dami daming gustong yumaman! sinayang niya yung chance na magkaroon ng maganda at maayos na buhay :)

  20. Thats better to create a charitable foundation. Or like in article at this web site: Australian Lotto Results that a retired family wins $ 1 mln in Saturday Lotto Australia.


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