Monday, April 23, 2012

Closure of Traditional Mail Necessary?

Since I was a kid and even until now, PH mail is very slow in delivering the mails to the respective receivers. I've been a victim of this kind of service in several occasions.

Traditional mails vs. emails
Traditional Mails vs. Emails
Besides its slow pace mode of delivering the mails, there were reported anomalies like opening the mail packages, registered mails, and intruding the privacy of the senders by opening their mails craftily couldn't be avoided for there were Filipino working abroad sending letters to their family enclosing money inside.

Anyway some of those were already prosecuted for they're caught flatfooted, and were dismissed from their jobs.

PH Postal System has been soiled by those notoriously undesirable mail sorters and mail carriers.

Closing those PH Postal Service outlets or branches are too remote for there are communities or far-flung barangay that have to be reached.And also the advent of electronic mail doesn't warrant in making this traditional mail service to be stopped though it is inutil so to speak.

Traditional Mail Obsolete

But in a modernized country like America, this could be possibly an option. This is what I have in mind when I received an email from WebProNews on an article, "Postal Service Closings: Snail Can't Compete With Internet" by Amanda Cum, which I believe for her claim that "snail-mail has become all but obsolete."

Obsolete in the sense that people preferred the web in communicating with their family members, relatives especially this social media like Facebook and Twitter.

With the closure of postal service, postal workers are at a loss. They will be losing their jobs. Not only that government revenue will also be affected.

But some places like the urban areas don't have internet connection. The people living there are relying so much from the post office of their mails.

Closure Not Feasible

She mentioned Iowa Governor Terry Branstad goes against with the closing of the postal service in his state, quoting: "The Postal Service is supposed to be a universal service available to people wherever they live in America. What they're doing is going against that premise."

She also pointed out that there are consumers which are still dependent on mail service for their online ordering of goods. She wrote that the Postal Service isn't going anywhere anytime soon, according to a representative for the Pensacola Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union.

To be or not to be?

Now, what is your stand on closure of traditional postal service:

Two Facebook followers have the following observation:

"If you go and visit the Philippine Postal Service office you will find out a few letters to be mailed, empty post office (P.O.) boxes, some parcels and packages, and postage stamps for collectors. Most messages and mails are not there to be found. They are in Facebook or somewhere in the internet. The Philippine Postal Service is now a losing business, that is why it has diverged into banking--- the Philippine Postal Bank!" observed Edgar Siscar of Facebook's ETCETERA

"yes its very true. I myself havent visit the place for a long time now.I used to collect stamps and im fond of writing letters. but with the onset of internet, email.etc i lose interest in doing so. its more easier using email and more efficient, " added Ruth Soldevilla, another Facebook  user..

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  1. For me, I am not in favor of the closure of traditional postal service. Firstly, not all people have access to computers or as tech savvy. Second, postal workers and staff would lose their jobs. Last but not the least, traditional mail for me is more special than email. It feels great that at this time of digital technology, you will still receive traditional mail. I hope that traditional mail will not end soon. :(


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