Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012 - Disgusting?

Earth Hour 20120
It has been said that "earth hour" started with an idea, then a symbol and finally it was hatched into a movement to appeal to the inhabitants of the world to be united in protecting the earth.

"Earth Hour" is conceptualized to help the planet earth and a lot more benefits so to speak when conscientiously observed. So be it.

Anyway, we've observed it. At the strike of 8:30 p.m. our youngest son took hold right away of our electrical main switch and switches it off. Our two grandchildren, Bryan, 9 and Adgel, 8 were surprised why the light went off.

Their uncle Toto Jun (our son) explained to them about this "Earth Hour" How does it affect the planet, the people, and almost anything. And Toto Bryan reacted by relating what he has learned from their social studies class. He said this is like protecting our environment and in return, he said, we are also benefited.

La Carlota earth hour 2012 campaign
As we went outside our house, we noticed that our neighbors were not observing it. Also we saw the street lights were still on. At the plaza, the Saturday dance contest proceeded as usual without knowing about and even observing it.

What an irony! There was streamer hanged at the stage, campaigning for "switching off lights " to observe earth hour, but yet the director of the program didn't dare to stop it for an hour.

Just imagine to switch off lights, a big saving of energy is realized, the earth rests for an hour of cooling off. Many places, towns and cities, nations and country, and even the world are practically unburden of too much consumption of energy.

As I see the video on earth hour, I was emotional. I was touched by gradual switching off of the lights from the street lights, the well-lighted high building , and from the bridge's light.

The lighting of candles, the happy kids carrying the lighted candles has affected my well-being.

To observe this movement is not an obligatory nor mandatory. It requires the will to do it. But more importantly it takes discipline to implement it.

I realize now how important is 60-minute earth hour. I know some are already aware about this. Our city obviously knew about this. In fact, "switching off" announcement was conspicuously placed at the stage for the audience to be aware.

Yet, it is too disgusting.  It wasn't observed. The program director didn't mind it. The contest continued, uninterrupted. You know the show must go on!

For me, "Earth Hour" must go on and on "beyond" 60 minutes.


  1. Any great project should go on beyond the time frame allotted to it.

  2. The whole downtown Cebu did not participate. I know some events for Earth Hour was held in few places here but I think majority of the Filipinos are not really at all "all out" with all these eco thing. As always, we are lame and fake. When nature gives a backlash, we whine all day. Sucks!

  3. Going beyond is the next big thing. We can infect everybody to do this because at the end of the day we will benefit from it.


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