Saturday, April 14, 2012

How Genevieve Aura Got Her Name?

Genevieve Aura
At the dawn of April 14, my wife Rebecca gave birth to a baby girl in the health center of La Carlota City in 1979.

The attending midwife inquired from my wife what will be the  name of our daughter. She didn't right away give her a name, instead she waited for me for I was in the plaza, which is just a stone-throw away from the center, taking my round of brisk walking exercise which I used to do it every early in the morning.

When I got back, my wife told me about it. I didn't have to think on what name to give our 3rd child. I told her right away that the name should be Genevieve Aura. My wife just grinned, didn't bother to ask why.

But earlier when I saw our child in one of the cribs at the nursery room, I was amused of her stature and look for she's a cute, lovely child. Since we already have our two kids, a boy and a girl, my wife and I were expecting that we would have another boy whom we are desirous to have. That's our expectation, but we were wrong.

Well, a child with a girl's gene, I thought. So I would rather call her  Genevieve, combination of Gene and Eve as her first name.

Immediately after she was born, I went outside the center and headed to the plaza to exercise. As I looked at the sky, I saw the orange hue of the sky and the sun was gradually emerging from the back of Mt. Canlaon. Then as I looked at the sky again, I saw the morning star, Cabuguason (Aurora which believed to be the Goddess of dawn). I shortened it as Aura and assigned it as the second name of our newly born child. I couldn't forget that very memorable day that it was Saturday for it's a"Sabado de Gloria" the 6th of the Holy Lent week as observed by the Catholics.

In like manner, there are also memorable events did happen this day. For example, US President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth in Ford's Theatre in 1865.

In 1912, this day, the British passenger liner RMS Titanic hits an iceberg in the North Atlantic late evening. As the ship sinks 1,517 passengers were dead.

April 14, 1956 – In Chicago, Illinois, videotape is first demonstrated.

April 14, 1981 – Genius Christopher Michael Bonacci was born to Louis Paul Bonacci, Jr. and Barbara Jean Bonacci in Lawrence Hospital in the small village of Bronxville, New York.

Moreover, what also a coincidence, in April 14, 1979, Rebecca DiPietro, American model was born. Rebecca is the same name of Genevieve Aura's mother, my wife.

Genevieve Aura or Gingging as we fondly call her is now a woman, 33 years old, a spinster.

Happy birthday, Ging! We love you from Nanay and Tatay!


  1. thank you for for the brief story of my life birth,i do thank you for the love you given me.i may not that perfect daughter...hope someday i can help you in my simple way....i love you nay & tay.

  2. Happy Birthday to you dear lady :) and thank you sir for April 14 Related Birthdays!

  3. You're welcome, UnnamedPsalmist... :)

  4. Happy birthday po sa kanya! Love the name!

  5. Happy birthday Genevieve Aura!I enjoyed reading the shortstory of your birth.You gave so much joy to your parents when you were born.

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter..

  7. Happy Bday Gingging! It is heartwarming to read how you come up with her name. Mine is a short name from my mother, people always thought my full name is violeta coz that is normally given a nickname of violy, I told them no, because my mom's name is violeta and she named me violy after her... ;)

  8. Wow sir, that was just a well-explained etiology of her name, well-presented sir :)

  9. What a loving father you are Sir Gil. Happy Birthday to Ging gING.

  10. The best thing that may ever
    happen to a married couple is to
    bring a LIFE to the world.
    It's more rewarding to bear more than one
    fruit and Gingging as your third child
    made you and your wife even
    more complete.

    BELATED Birthday greetings to her!

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to her

    Really nice to hear how she got her name

  12. Happy bday Genevieve! Your lucky to have such loving parents.



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