Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'I Want to be a Police Officer'

Shanley Jane Jaud, one of our 6 grandchildren, celebrates her 8th birthday today. Shanley Jane or "Bulaklak" as we fondly call her is the eldest daughter of Gynrey Camporazo-Jaud, our 4th daughter.

Yesterday, while she was busy distributing her handwritten birthday invitation card to her cousins, Bryan and Adgel, I called her up and asked her what is her birthday wish.

"I want my family to be safe, protected from any harm. And I want them to be happy," replied Bulaklak.

I never expected that was her answer to me. I tapped her shoulder and said, "What a very thoughtful, loving and caring daughter! You're very good!"

Bulaklak and her Family
I asked her a follow-up question. "What about for yourself? What is your birthday wish?"

"When I grow up, I want to be a police officer," replied Shanley Jane without any so much ado.


"I want to arrest the criminals for they're bad," reasoned out Shanley Jane.

No wonder why she answered me that way. She wanted to follow her father's ambition to be a policeman. Her father is a Criminology graduate, underboard, presently working as government casual employee.

Bulaklak, a nickname given by her late grandfather, Pacit from her father side, who is a former barangay captain and an operator of a sound system. "Bulaklak" is a pop song, popularized by the Sex Bomb Singers.

Laklak cake
She's a slow learner, thus she's very  diligent to study her lesson. She's a good dancer, following the talent of her mother. She's good in delivering a monologue. She's good in impromptu declamation. She could mimic other human voices.She could create any situation to play on.

As I listened to her while she's hosting a sham program among her cousins, she has a very good quality tonal voice. She has the talent to be a good master of ceremony. She knows how to make an ad lib while their program is going on.

Here's our birthday greetings to her:

"Bulaklak, palangga ka gid namon ni Lola mo. Gusto namon nga mangin mabuot ka nga bata. Masinulondon sa imo mga ginikanan kag matutum sa imo pagtuon. (Bulaklak, your grandmother Rebing and I do love you. We want you to be a good girl, obedient to your parents, and diligent to your studies.)

Many faces of Bulaklak
"Indi ka gid magkalipat sa pagpangamuyo, sa pagbasa pierme sang mga balaan nga pulong sang aton Ginoo sa Libro ni Mormon kag sa Bibliya man. (Don't always forget to pray, to read the Book of Mormon ang the Bible.)

"Kabalo ka nga si Jesus palangga gid nya ang mga maayo nga mga bata. Ginabugayan nya sang kaalam kag kabaskog para makaalagad sa Iya sang labing maayo." (We want you to know that Jesus loves children who are good. He blesses them with wisdom and strength in order to serve Him best.)

"Palangga ka namon," Lola Rebing kag Tatay Gilbor" ("We love you," grandmother Rebing and grandfather Gilbor.)

Her parents greetings: (Papa Tipoy and Mama An An):

"Anak, pasensya lang ka. Wala gid kami sang regalo sa imo kaadlawan subong. Ang amon lang ang pagpalangga sa imo. Nalipay kami nga walo ka na katuig mangin katapo ka na sang Mormon nga Simbahan. Mangamantin-ad ikaw nga anak kag sumulunod ni Jesus. Ang Diyos indi gid magpatumbaya sa pagbantay sa imo. Palangga ka namon, anak." (Bulaklak, hope you understand us. We've nothing to give you as your birthday presents. It's only love and care. We're happy that you're now 8 years old, qualified to be baptized as member of The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints. You'll be effective follower of Jesus Christ. We know the Lord God will not fail to guide you always. We love you, Bulaklak.)


  1. I understand the Ilonggo greetings for the most part as I'm Cebuano. How thoughtful you as grandparents, and what a pretty apo you got.

  2. nice post... thanks for sharing this....

  3. wow. she's so cute! my boyfriend is also a police officer, and I made him read this post.
    this made him smile a lot "I want to arrest the criminals when they're bad" :)

  4. Wow! Tapang Girl! Go Girl! Hehehe.. Mana kay Lolo eh!

  5. Her heart's in the right place. Sweet kid :)

  6. This is such a sweet birthday gift to her - letting the whole world know how proud lolo you are, Sir. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl.

  7. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter, Sir Gil.
    She has a very beautiful nickname, Bulaklak. :)
    This is a heartwarming post.

    Take care.

  8. Hahahahaha!!!
    Ka CUTE na bata.
    The LOLO will truly adore such sweetness.
    She's lucky to have a grandfather like you Sir Gil.


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