Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Penny, When I Get Married

Manila Philippines Temple
Manila Philippines Temple
I remember 40 years ago today when I was married with my high school sweetheart even a single centavo in my pocket I didn't have. I was 21 years old then, and still studying in college taking course in commerce. I was still dependent from my parents for I was the youngest.

With such teenage marriage, I never realized how could I able to support my own family soon when I've one. What I was thinking that I've loved my sweetheart. We were meant for each other. "I Need You In My Life" , our theme song, was appropriate for our undying love story.

Rebing and Gil
The late Acting City Judge Francisco S. Mate of La Carlota City officiated our civil marriage in his office at City Hall. I remember he solemnized two marriages at that time and one was ours.

Present in our nuptial rites were our sponsors like late City Councilor Renato Sofio, school teachers Ephraim Espartero and late Fortunata F. Jalandoni, together with my late father-in-law Marciano S. Demabildo, and my late father Hilarion D. Camporazo. No one had attended from my wfie's family as well as in mine.

I finished my commerce course and was unable to march in our graduation ceremonies for I was officially sent by the Rural Bank of La Carlota, Inc. where I had my banking apprentice as a requirement for my course completion, to Manila to undergo a training in the Central Bank of the Philippines in connection with my job. This was my first job. I worked there for 5 years and I was able to raise my own family of four: my two kids, my wife and me.

Then I got a new job when I left the bank. For 10 years, I was the custodian of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Then we've six children. I brought them up and sent them to school.

While I was working as a Church custodian, I continued my studies in elementary education. With a scholarship, I finished it, took the teacher's board and passed it.

I left my Church job and started teaching in a barrio school for 7 years and later transferred to central school for 2 years, then I was promoted as a head teacher, then an elementary school principal to the present.

I never regretted that I got married earlier. I loved my wife. I love my lovely children. I'm proud to be their father who provided them for their needs and everything.

If my parents are living today, I'm sure they'll be happy for me.

I do believe that my family could be together forever. My wife and I are working on this by nurturing our membership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-ay Saints. We keep our faith, making it stronger for my wife and I, together with our children have already been sealed for time and eternity in Manila Philippines temple of the Lord.

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  1. Sir Gil...what you got here is such an inspiring story.

    1. Thanks enzo. At least with this kind of our life story, you've been inspired. :)

  2. I hope you inspire more people Sir Gil! You are someone to emulate - very responsible, and all the positives na ata! katuwa! Cheers to you and your wife!

    1. Thank you Gemma. Hoping others would follow and be inspired by our unique love story. Be of good cheer too, Gemma! :)


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