Friday, April 27, 2012

Writing in 5 Practical Ways

My passion of writing was developed in 1964. That was 48 years ago when I was a grade 4 pupil. My first writing piece was in the form of poetry for I was inspired by a lady who was our neighbor. I used to this form of writing exposition for I loved reading poem vocally and as I was reading it I loved hearing myself  as if it was a music to my ear.

My Handy Friend
My Handy Friend
My second writing piece was about fiction. What I've read or heard from the radio I composed a short story for it and mailed to Hiligaynon, a local dialect comic magazine, which was common among the household in our place. This was the magazine that had developed my reading skill till I used to reading English books and our school textbooks too.

When I mailed my write-ups to this magazine and, they're published. I was surprised when I received a mail with money order inside as payment of my published article for I thought it was free. I didn't bother publishing more of my articles for some reasons.

However, I may consider my formal writing in 1991 in the local newspaper here in our place as stringer and later as a regular columnist.

Well, discounting my 4 years experience in college as the editor-in-chief of our official school publication, The College Voice, and also disregarding my 5 years of writing love letters to my high school  sweetheart, now my wife, twenty-one years of writing experience are very long for me to have a good grasp of the rudiments of writing.

Anyway with this talent which I received from the Lord free, I should relay it to others too for free.


In this manner, I come up with the five practical ways of writing for you to read, to understand, to criticize or to praise. It's up to you.


Write ideas that may come into your mind. Ideas may be based in what you've read. They may be a recollection of the past. They may be a result of your dream. They may be unexpected encounter of anything which is bizarre. They may be an assignment or job related idea.


Rewrite what you've written down. Take a second look of what you've composed for grammar mechanics, spelling, coherence, words redundancy, misplacement of adjectives, wrong choice of words or words efficacy, proper paragraphing based on the oneness of idea presented.


Integrate necessary facts or evidences to substantiate what you've written to make it reliable and authentic, realistic for news items, thesis and researches.


Tell it from from first hand experience or from others. Make it functional by directly quoting sources, giving the appropriate references. Always acknowledge primary sources. Plagiarism is a crime of copying others works as yours. To avoid this paraphrase the statement and give due credit to the source.


Express what you've written for others to know, to read, to benefit by publishing them through print media, or via internet through blogging.

These ways are easy to remember. Just take note of the acrostic: W. R. I. T. E.  Enjoy your writing activity.

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  1. love this sir Gil! I'm a newbie in writing and just practicing this craft in my blog. Will remember this W.R.I.T.E everytime I'm holding pen and paper or laptop.=)

  2. This is a very good mnemonic, Sir. Its is easy to remember because you use 'WRITE' to share your ideas on how to write.

    Honestly, this is my first time to encounter this technique. I mean the points are common but mnemonic device is unique, very relevant and worth remembering.

  3. The line about you writing love letters for 5 years made me smile. But why only 5 years? I think continuing to write love letters to the wifey will improve your writing skills as well as make the missus very happy :)

  4. Bravo on a beautiful write up! Thanks for the tips too. I'll be taking this as a new guideline whenever I write as it came from the expert. Thanks sir for sharing!

  5. Thank God for blessing you with the gift of writing! We thank God more for He has allowed us at FBW to cross paths and share insights with each other!

    W. witness how
    R. relationships
    I. ignite
    T. through
    E. endless blogging!

    Kudos to writing! :))

  6. This is so helpful! =) I will keep this in mind. For one, I do not rewrite my pieces. I'm so lazy at copyreading. =)

  7. I love hearing stories about highschool sweethearts ending up married. They literally grew up together.
    Thank you so much for sharing your tips to those who just found their love in writing.

  8. Writing was the very thing I hated most when I was a student 'coz I don't know and not interested to do it. I prefer to talk. Only lately, I became amused with writing and still in the process of developing this habit. I am sure there's a lot of things I need to learn to be a good writer.

  9. Thank you for sharing, this is really helpful especially for us bloggers!
    God bless!

  10. this is really helpful tip, i do the W.R.T.E, i guess i need more integration of facts and thoughts...


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