Sunday, May 13, 2012

13 Words in Mother Worthy of Praise

Lexicographer compiles, writes and edits dictionary and semanticist studies the meaning and relationship of words, phrases, among others. In this case, I would like to play with words especially in this Mother's Day celebration. This is my own unique way of honoring a mother. I do extract or form 13 trivial but significant words from the word "mother" and give their important relationship to a mother does, the place she used to be, and the things she used to frequent with.

Rebing with her three Granddaughter
Rebing with her Grandchildren
1. Home

Home is a place where the mother rears up her children in the way they should go and when they grow up they will not depart from it. It is where love abounds. It is also a place nobody could miss it. Thus, there's a saying: "There's no place like home."

2. Theo (God)

Mother brings up her children according to the "nurture and admonition of the Lord." God is the main source of her strength and the center of her faith which she inculcate it to the minds of her children.

3. Tome

Character building is the usual chore of a mother. She wants her kids to be obedient, diligent, religious, and other good character traits as she told them from a story book or a tome of good manners and right conduct.

Rebing showing her gift
Rebing Receiving a Gift during the
Church Service Sunday
4. Moth

Mother is used to tell or retell stories from the Bible or from Aesop's fables. Story of a moth which the mother of Jose Rizal, the PH national hero depicts a moral lesson of being punished for disobedient.

5. Hero

Mother usually stresses heroic acts and deeds in her counsel to her family. The making of a hero is well emphasized to the children so that they will emulate that kind of attitude of helping others.

6. Rome

The grandeur of Rome is typical cited by mother for letting her children appreciate the beauty and the finest engineering works of world's architecture. Emphasis is on beauty.

7. Rote

Mother never gets tired of introducing values to her children for making them responsible, law-abiding citizen of a country. She employs a rote method of educating them. The more her children become familiar, the more they are influenced by it.

8. Ore

Values are never taught, but they are caught. Mother is so resourceful enough turning an ore into a precious metal. She knows what is best for her children. And she's very versatile in doing it.

9. Mote

Do you think, mother's jobs are non-essential? They're not "mote and academic". They're workable, doable, enforceable. Nothing stops mother's works.

10. More

Mother's works is astronomical and countless as the grain of sand. Her job has no limit. It is infinite for time and eternity. While she is living, she takes care of her children here on earth. When she dies, she does her work  there in heaven too.

11. Tore

Mother is a human being. She could be bruised by her children's misgivings and misdeeds. Her children tore her heart into two, but she has the patience to bear all those afflictions.

12. Her

Spiritually speaking the role of a mother couldn't be delegated to others except her. Her responsibilities to rear up the spirit children of the Lord fall into her shoulder. They work together with her husband.

13. Them

Mother and father are working together for their children's welfare. In them, this is a stewardship given them as husband and wife to their children by the Lord. They are pro-creator with our Heavenly Father.

Have I given the perspective of a role of a mother? Though these 13 words are trivial but they're significant enough to constitute an ideal mother's role.


  1. It's not easy to become a mother. That's why I love my mom so much.

  2. agree, Its not easy to be a mother :))

  3. wow!! this is a very witty post sir Gil. I have never thought there would be that many words that can be formed from the word mother that actually tell of her roles!!! super like!!

    1. This is the prompting of my imagination; that's why I'm inspired to pick out those words and put them to describe a mother.

  4. Number 11 is somehow overlooked by children, and I am guilty of this sometimes too. I can be very insensitive towards my mother's feelings sometimes...

    1. That's very, very true. I even did that to my late mother. I even shouted her back, belittled her; In any case it shouldn't be done!

  5. Witty post indeed. I'm not a mother yet but I know it can be a difficult job at times.

  6. such a wonderful tribute. truly, mothers are the greatest.

  7. such a nice meaningful posts for moms! I am a mom of a 4yr old daughter as well.. and indeed its not easy to be a mom. xx

  8. Happy Mother's Day Madam Rebing! Kudos too sir Gil for a very witty post. I bet Madam Rebing is so touched and must have cried when she read what you have written about mothers.

  9. She is one GREAT mother and I salute her.
    The duties and responsibilities of being a mother
    may seem so difficult to accomplish but those are easy
    tasks for a dedicated and committed one.

  10. Those were 13 short words and yet all of them pack more than a punch. Number 11 has the most impact for them yet their love is unconditional and never-ending.



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