Saturday, May 19, 2012

La Carlota High School Alumni: 'This Is Our Day'

More than thousand of alumni of La Carlota High School/La Carlota City High School/Doña Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School gathered in their 65th general alumni homecoming this day.

This momentous homecoming dwells on its theme: "Lakas at Pagmamahal ng Alumni" (Strength and Love of the Alumni).

Alumni of Class 1970
Alumni of Class 1970
Sixty-seven members of Class 1970 led by their President Christine Layson-Guerra participated in the morning street parade and stayed in one of the rooms near the gate entrance of Doña Hortencia Salas Benedicto National High School, the recent name of La Carlota City High School.

Class 1951 was the earliest alumni participated in and the recent was class 2010 attended the whole day homecoming.

A motorcade started off the whole day affair and a short opening program formally commenced the said activity.

The Invocation

Reverend Father Vicente Calan of Class 1970, a parish priest of  Independent Catholic Church offered a separate prayer for the said gathering among the alumni.

He prayed that the Lord will continually shower His blessings to all the students who come after them, give more wisdom to the teachers and school administrators to shape the life of our young to become peaceful and God-fearing citizens of the community and in the world.

And Pastor Jalando-on also gave his own prayer. He said, "O Lord, our God, we declare today that you are indeed good, faithful and merciful throughout all generations. Our beloved Alma Mater can testify that you have been with us in the ups and downs of our lives. You are indeed true to your promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us because of this our hearts are full of thanksgiving."

He continued, "Today as we gather in this place to be reunited in fellowship with our classmates and friends, we ask for your presence to be with us. We also pray for your blessings to be upon our school. We ask that you will guide the administrators, teacher and staff as they continue to educate your people who will become good citizens o the world that will bring out change and transformation to our corrupt society.

"We entrust our reunion to you and our lives to you alone. This is our prayer..."

ASDS-OIC Portia Mallorca
ASDS-OIC Porita Mallorca
'Alumni, this day is for you!'

"Where are you now? Where are you going?" asked Portia Mallorca, officer-in-charge of the Division of La Carlota as she gave her opening remarks to the alumni of La Carlota in their 65th general alumni homecoming.

She developed her valuable message on the guise of La Carlota High School Alumni Association and presented it in its respective acronym: LCHSAA.

L stands for love, loyalty and legacy. C stand for commitment, competence, and champion. H stands for "hail to thee", humility. S stands for synergy and success. A   (first) stands for ambassador. And A (last) stand for action.

She finally shared a quantified lessons in life. She said 10% are the lessons acquired from the past. 50% for the present of what they are now. And 40% for the future. Thus, she said this general homecoming for every 5 years taps a challenge to what do you want to see in your Alma Mater. She closed her message by challenging every alumni to "have the desire of never getting tired of coming back."

Engineer Rodolfo Niere of class 1954 share his inspiring message on the importance and relationship of strength and love to one's existence.

Another Engineer John Tampo relayed his personal experience on how he became successful in his job in the Echofuel Philippines.

Class 1970

Meanwhile, only 67 alumni of our class 1970 attended. Christine Layson-Guerra, class president and Jose Tionsay, vice president managed our group. We stayed in the room at the left of the entrance of the school main gate.

Those who were loyal to their Alma Mater were as floows:

  1. Adela Historiador
  2. Nilda Figueroa
  3. Milagros Sitchon
  4. Gaudencio Lingamen, Jr.
  5. Susan Esmeralda-Ledesma
  6. Lida Gatucao
  7. Jessie Alojamiento-Mondia
  8. Lerma Abaygar
  9. Felisa Balsomo
  10. Edna Jallorina-Soratorio
  11. Nilo Soratorio
  12. Nenita Golez
  13. Natividad Ga
  14. Regina Tafalla
  15. Nida Gan-Malabanjot
  16. Rufino de Leon
  17. Virgina Sacudit
  18. Narcisa Torrefranca-Trayfalgar
  19. Mildred Politico-Camporazo
  20. Teresa Rojo
  21. Ninfa Bartolo
  22. Jemina Jaye-Raca
  23. Marina Detoyato-Samson
  24. Willy Heria
  25. Mercedita Sia
  26. Violeta Tejada
  27. Noeme Parcon-Javellana
  28. Estelita Guillem-Tan
  29. Ruben Orendain
  30. Eduardo Gan
  31. Darlyn Malacaman
  32. Joel Fornes
  33. Armando Famoso
  34. Remy Juain
  35. Romulo Cardiente
  36. Jesus Portillano
  37. Mario Ferrer
  38. Henry Sitchon
  39. Norberto Ostan
  40. Azuncion Ruquero
  41. Rolando Candelario
  42. Felizardo Jimenez
  43. Rufino de la Vega
  44. Ramon Torres
  45. Christine Layson-Guerra
  46. Ester Rabang
  47. Nestor Bedaure
  48. Jose Tionsay
  49. Vicente Calan
  50. Liny Ramos-Occillada
  51. Thelma Galimba
  52. Paulina Antipolo
  53. Corazon Ello
  54. Gilbor Camporazo
  55. Rebecca Camporazo
  56. Gloria Enebrad
  57. Flordeliza Pacardo-Corgos
  58. Ruth Iligan-Paloma
  59. Delilah de los Reues
  60. Joel Hofileña
  61. Ruben Guerra
  62. Prospero Rojo, Jr.
  63. Vicky Guinanao-Tadlan
  64. Esmeralda Bequilla-Ortega
  65. Danilo Gatucao
  66. Edgar Lacson
  67. Susan Concepcion-Delicana


  1. This reminds me of my boyfriend's reunion with his classmates. Unfortunately, it wasn't that official that I am not sure if it really pushed through.

  2. I love reunions! We just had our high school reunion 10 yrs after our graduation. It's really fun to see familiar faces again. ;)


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