Friday, May 11, 2012

Protecting a Child a Priority?

Protecting the child is still a priority in the PH for child abuse in various incidences still exists.

Department of Education (DepEd) Undersecretary Alberto T. Muyot for legal and legislative affairs presented the following statistics on the status of child abuse and related complaints on child protection in 13 regions of the country:

DepEd Statistics on Child Abuse

Along this situation, in our 2nd management committee (MANCOM) meeting, La Carlota Portia M. Mallorca, officer-in-charge, assistant schools division superintendent informed us, all the school heads, both the elementary and the high school of the Division that DepEd Armin Luistro signed the pledge of commitment on the child protection policy.

Child Protection Policy

The DepEd launches this CPP in order to properly address the child abuse incidences in school. With this measure, those bullying, discrimination, exploitation, among others could be remedied.

Guidelines will be issued to hasten the implementation of this policy. Teachers and other school stakeholders are enjoined to cooperate so that zero incidence of abuse and other forms of maltreatment of the child in school may be preventive. Thus, the child is protected.

Those who will be involved or manifested their support will undergo a training through a modules.

Pledge of Commitment

DepEd Secretary Luistro has led other advocates in a "Pledge of Commitment" in a launching ceremony of CPP called for.

"I hereby pledge to protect children from all forms of violence.

"To this end, I pledge to support the Department of Education's Child Protection Policy and fulfill 
my duties therein with integrity, collegiality and care.

"I will promote a non-tolerance policy against all forms of abuse,  exploitation and 
discrimination to safeguard children's welfare.

"I pledge to discipline children only in positive and non-violent means to better self-discipline 
and to improve their self-esteem.

"I pledge to advocate, will all my heart, the rights of children to serve their best interest.

I make these commitments solemnly, freely and upon my honor." (source: Deped Website)

Child Protection Committee

In our own division, we agree to organize our own school child protection committee which will be composed of a school guidance counselor, and some external stakeholders to properly address the issue on protecting the rights of the children.

Word of Inspiration

Mallorca cited the parable of the "lost sheep" in the different working place of assignment or supervision. In the point of view of the school principal, the lost sheep is the teachers. In supervisor's, it is the school principal. In administrative officer's, it is the personnel.

She retold a story of a boy with a temper tantrum. It is about a boy, a hammer, a nail, a father and a post. It correlates on how a boy successfully controls his temper as he follows the instructions of his father to hammer a nail to a post every time he gets angry and pulls out a nail every time he controls himself not to get angry. Later he realizes that the post gets marred every time he nails it and pulls out the nail. The lesson is when you get angry you hurt yourself and others too. When you cool off, damage has already done.

"In everything, if you're not used to do, practice," urged Mallorca.

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  1. The story of the boy with a temper tantrum is a great analogy to being abused.

  2. I am with child protection policy .May kids are being abused physically and mentally.Disciplining a kid don't need to be violent or physical ,we can talk to them in the nice way,explain why and what and show them afterwards how much we love them.

  3. Yea it's about time the government strengthen programs for the protection of the child from several different abuses and exploitation. It pains me to see hapless cases involving these innocent children of God. Glad you are a part of the effort and you are off to a good start with this Pledge of Commitment which I personally share!

  4. i am also with Child protection..DSWD is doing their best but a lot of things needs to be done

  5. It is sad to note that looking at those statistics, it is in urban areas where child abuse usually happens. I think, a definite study should likewise be conducted for us to know the possible reason. Does it also mean, this is the areas/region wherein children are less protected?

  6. I am all for this. Its high time the government gives high priority on protecting the rights of children.

  7. It is good to know that the government is doing their best to protect and save children from people who hurt and abuse them. I hope that civilians will help in saving the kids, too. Everyone should do our part.

  8. School should really be a safe refuge for children, not a place where abuse can occur. Educators should be more sensitive to incidences of bullying within the school grounds.

  9. Heard about the story of the boy and the father before.. This is soo true! :) im all for this child protection policy too :)

  10. eventhough that we had a law protecting our child, violence and abusing still exist dapat magkapangil na ang batas

  11. Naiinis talaga ako sa mga parents/guardians na inaabuso ang kanilang anak/alaga, be physically or psychologically. :(

  12. i totally support anti-child abuse campaigns. When I saw the malaysian mother beating up her child like that, I want to kill her! omg!

  13. Thanks for sharing this. I agree with you that child protection must be a priority. I just hope that local officials, up to barangay, take an active role on this one.

  14. Oh cool. This is a great breakthrough. We should give a priority for the protection of the children. And I believe na it should be started sa loob ng bahay at sa sunod sa school.

  15. A child may experience nightmare
    through out his/her life if nobody cares to
    protect. Good to know that our society
    and the government go hand in hand in this
    noble commitment.

  16. I am all for Protecting our Children 100% of the time. No parent should ever raise a finger (or hand) to his child. Not even raising his voice.

  17. Innocent children shouldn't suffer from violence :(

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