Saturday, May 12, 2012

Running Away From Home

This is my unforgettable experience why I defied my parents and ran away from home. And later I realized how I caused them worry and trouble. But they kept on finding me, that's why I was remorseful and blamed myself why I did that. Did I deserve to be reprimanded and punished?

"He's already asleep. Don't disturb him!"

My father Hilarion and me
My father Hilarion and Me
This is what I overheard from my mother before, telling my father not to bother me anymore.

This was the moment wherein nanay was so considerate about me after I attempted to run away from home when I was about 11 years then.

I remember late that night, my father scolded me for no apparent reason. I couldn't remember what misdeed I had. Without my parent's knowledge I went downstairs passing the kitchen's door and rested in one of the posts beneath our mixed nipa-wood house, eavesdropping what my parents were talking about me.

In a moment, my mother noticed that I wasn't in our bedroom sleeping.

"Hilarion, Gilbor isn't in our room. He's gone!"

I alerted myself for they're preparing to go downstairs to look for me. When they're opening our main door, I right away proceeded to the street for our house was along the street. I turned my back and noticed my father was carrying a flashlight and a long bamboo stick.

I hastened and headed straight to the plaza. While I approached the Independent Catholic Church (Aglipayan), I crossed the street and took shelter at the gas filling station, just across the said Church. As I saw my parents approaching the Church, I hid in one of the machines in the station. They didn't notice me. While they kept on walking, I overheard my mother blaming my father for scolding me without telling my fault. As I craned my neck, I saw them heading to Ampong place, where ambulant vendors stayed late in the evening for their business.

While they past me unnoticed, I tiptoed and hurriedly went back home. I went upstairs passing the back door in the kitchen, and directly went inside the bedroom, grabbed the pillow and the blanket, then covered myself, pretending to tightly fall asleep.

By and by, my parents got back. Still I overheard my mother, nagging my father by blaming him. Once they're inside the house, my mother right away peeped in our bedroom and found me there. Then she cautioned my father saying, "Gilbor is already inside. He's asleep. Don't bother him anymore."

Modern Independent Catholic Church
Modern Independent Catholic Church
Came early in the morning. I noticed that the breakfast was already ready prepared by my mother. And my father was outside the balcony, sitting a chair, watching passersby.

I was reluctant to get up for I was afraid that they would chide me for being defiance. But I was wrong. Nobody uttered a word of blaming me as if nothing bad had happened.

Still feeling nervous, I never dared to greet them. I just proceeded to the breakfast table and partook the food.

I now realize how they really loved me as their youngest son of 6 and I am the one staying with them. I realize how parents like them treat me fairly on how affected I am for the fault that I never did nor never have a knowledge about it.

Tatay Hilarion and nanay Loreng, please forgive me of my indifference, of my ungratefulness. I know I should haven't done it. I should haven't encumbered you. I should be meek and teachable for I'm under your care.

Is it my fault why I did that? Do they blame me for that? Do I deserve to be punished? Or Whatever befits?


  1. I got curious of the title and read it until the last question mark. Indeed, a good life story to tell.

  2. I was hooked from start to endi! It's a nice story, I remember doing something like this also before whenever my parents will get angry with me but I always walk home too I just need time to breath fresh air and get out of the house until my emotion calms down.

  3. I always got curious with personal stories and this story is worth reading til the end.

    1. Thank you too, Lonerzone that you've liked my life story... :)

  4. I think a lot of teens or even younger try to escape from their families because of punishment, bad treatment, studying or even offense. of course it`s abnormal but parents should try tounderstand their feelings. i remember myself running away from my house after punishment - I hated everything, so I thought it was a real wayout. When i returned they were in desperate condition and punished me once again) it`s not a good idea but i didn`t escape any more.

  5. As a children we don't understand our parents being nervous and telling us off. But as I grew older I understood that they were wishing only the best for me. Always.

  6. When I was young, I also thought of running away from home everytime my parents scold me. I was very sensitive when I was a child. Good thing I never did that. Yes, parents only want the best for their children.

  7. You are a good story teller Sir Gil. Akala ko mahuhuli po kayo, hehe. Anyway, now I understand where my parents are coming from before because I am a parent as well. Minsan due to stress hindi maiwasan magalit for no reason. But at the end of the day, parents love their kids so much.

  8. You have gift in story telling. I never experiece running away from home. My relationship with my parents is not perfect but they treat me well and most of the time we get along.

  9. I thought you really run away for few days, good thing you went back. I haven't thought about running away because I don't know where to go.

  10. Oh, good thing you decided to go back. I believe parents should explain why they're reprimanding their kids. When I was young, i used to think our yaya and one of my aunts didn't love me because they pinched me everytime i played outdoors. It was only when i was in college and had the chance to see yaya again and i asked her why she seemed to love pinching me when i was small. She said because i loved playing with dirt right after she has bathed me.

    We just laughed together as we talked more about my childhood under her care. It really would have helped if she just told me not to shower myself with sand (my grannies had a gravel and sand business which became my playground lol) - Around Pilipinas

  11. Wow, I would have been so scared to leave the house like that. I've never attempted to run away from home. Good thing you returned. Your parents obviously loves you.


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