Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bradley's Winning Over Pacquiao, 'Kagaguhan'?

Bradley defeated Pacquiao
Bradley defeated Pacquiao in split decision
Boxing enthusiasts all over the world reacted differently in the recent concluded Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley WBO Welterweight Boxing bout, for which the split decisions of the three judges turned out to be controversial in favor of WBO Welterweight Champion Bradley.

They monitored through satellite the round-by-round bout of the fight especially of that of Pacquiao who according to their own observation had "obviously controlled" the fight.

However it had turned out to be the other way around. Thus, everyone had been stirred to confusion to which the real winner is. Especially the Filipino, they won't vehemently welcome the outcome of the fight because of the contested judges' decisions which seem biased. For them, Manny is the winner.

Anyway, here's the official score card results of the three judges:

  1. Jerry Roth: 115-113 in favor of Pacquiao
  2. CJ Ross: 113-115 in favor of Bradley
  3. Duane Ford: 113-115 in favor of Bradley

It is clear that Timothy Bradley won by split decision based on the score card.

With these unwanted score results, tons of criticisms of dissatisfied, discontented Pacquiao fans especially Filipinos flooded the net and other social media platforms. They profusely aired their discontentment of the decisions handed down by the judges.

 Judges 'Don't Know How to Score'

To quote Bob Arum's reaction to the judges in press conference after the fight: "don't know how to score."

Winning this latest fighting bout with Manny Pacquiao, Timothy 'Desert Storm' Bradley is still the undefeated WBO World Welterweight title holder. But for the Filipino, they believe that Manny Pacquiao has won the fight.

If not for the injured left foot of Bradley, Manny had won the fight. Manny fights well when his opponent is aggressively exchanging punches. And Bradley would have been knocked down! What Bradley did was kept on hugging Manny 5 times.

Who's Right?

It is, you know a natural reactions for those who's expectations have not met to display their negative dispositions.

But what had happened in this fight of the day is a clear-cut misjudgment according to boxing expert analysts and commentators.

Punches Record

Others have their monitoring device to track the punches released by every boxer. Take a look with this record of Top Rank Boxing:
                                  Pacquiao    Bradley
     Total Punches Thrown:          751         839
     Total Punches Connected:       253         159
     Jabs Thrown:                   258         449
     Jabs Connected:                 63          51
     Power Punches Thrown:          493         390
     Power Punches Connected:       190         108

Out of these results, it could be determined that Pacquiao has won. But the decision of the judges should be respected for they have their own official score card to support.

Clever Answer

How did Bradley feel after the fight? Timothy Bradley Jr. is quoted in a press conference saying: "I'm still shocked. I still don't know what to say. My left foot is injured." It's a very clever answer.

What had happened was "kagaguhan" (foolishness)! Is that so?

Anyway, let's follow up the rematch! And there's one for sure!

The Lord's Plan

In the lighter side, I know, since Manny has become a religious devotee or minister, the Lord wants him to devote his time in preaching the gospel of salvation to the lost sheep and bring them back to Heavenly Father's fold. His boxing defeat is paving the spiritual way for him to go on missionary work and to straighten the perverted ways and manners of those sisters and brothers in Christ and be converted to the truthfulness of Christ's doctrine. So be it!

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