Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long Live PH Independence!

Mallorca Giving Her Speech
Freedom is not hindered by imperfection. This is true. This line of thought has set the tone of the national historical commemoration of the 114th PH Independence in the particular small city of La Carlota this morning.

"I'm not perfect. No one is. But I will not my imperfection hinders of what is good and what is right." served as the guiding maxim to everyone who is attending the separate 114th Philippine Independence celebration in La Carlota city.

This is the proverbial section of the last part of the introduction of Portia M. Mallorca, OIC-schools division superintendent of La Carlota as the speaker as read by Lady Florence B. Poblete who introduced her.

"Mabuhay Kalayaan!" (Long live Independence!)

With reservation Madam Mallorca relayed to the different personnel of government agencies, education, veterans, and retirees, and students the importance of celebrating the 114th Independence of the country, Philippines that most of us have memorized the names of all the PH heroes, but we haven't learned from them (by application).

For us we must learn the values that they have planted, emulated, and displayed to have this independence we have today.

What is independence to you" Weird? Simple? This is everyone's talking about. And that's June 12. They talk about the heroes. We're free from the bondage of oppression. Our country is free. Our heroes wanted us to do, to show to them how do we value this freedom.

Mallorca receiving a Plaque of Appreciation
Mallorca Receiving Plaque of Appreciation
Doing What's Right. Doing What's Good

Along this year's theme: "Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan Tungo sa Tuwid na Daan" she pointed out that if you're a Filipino you won't let others dare you to stop you from doing what is right and what is good.

She counseled since we pass this life once especially in treading this "tuwid na daan" why not grab that opportunity of doing what's right, what is good!

Opportunity was there, referring to the heroes. They did this (freedom/independence) for us. What about us? When are we going to do our part? Let's do it either in formal or informal way. Bad practices which you believe are not right, stop it.

Good Governance

On the other hand, she praised the good example by La Carlota Mayor Juliet Ferrer in leading the city of La Carlota to the right path of good governance. She had noticed that La Carlota now has improved because of good practices of the mayor. She stressed that right in the midst of them are opportunities.

"What we do for today determines the future. Go to the straight path," she urged.

However, she relayed some dismal situations wherein PH national hero Jose Rizal is seemingly forgotten by the youth of today. Rizal believes that the youth of today is the hope of our fatherland. But today's youth is different.

Path for the Youth

Anyway, Mallorca urged, "We won't put off those that had been started by our heroes 114 years ago. Instead, why don't we follow them? We should appreciate the love of our heroes. In education, we prepare the straight path for the youth."

"Today, we're blessed of this 114th Philippine Independence. Had it not been the competence of our national heroes, we've not been here today. Let's celebrate the freedom as what we've now. Get rid of those bad practices and onward to "matuwid na daan."

"Let's enjoy our freedom which started 114 years ago!"

The teacher-retirees in their intermission number
The retirees in their intermission number led by Lydia Ferrer,
mother of Congressman Jeffrey Ferrer
The Program

The program are in two parts. The first part is simultaneous wreath laying on the monuments of Jose P. Rizal and Andres C. Bonifacio, and the World War II Veterans' Marker done by the school administrators of the Department of Education, Division of La Carlota City, Sangguniang Panlungsod members; Lady Maximina V. Jimenez and Lady Fe G. Pedreso, wives of WWII veterans and Lady Lydia P. Ferrer, president of the Retired Teachers Association of La Carlota, respectively.

The 2nd part is consist of opening prayer and closing prayer led by Rev.Amsil P. Alubog, Senior Pastor, La Carlota Evangelical Church. Lady Marilou G. Aguirre, KRIKP President and CInsp Eduardo B. Corpuz, chief of police of La Carlota did the flag raising. While Rex Jalando-on, M.D., member of Sangguniang Panlungsod led the Panunumpa sa Watawat.

Karen L. Aguirre, SP member gives her welcome address. The members of Retired Teachers Association of La Carlota sing an old songs for the intermission number. Lady Floroence B. Poblete introduces the speaker. Followed the speech of the speaker are cultural numbers presented by Grade VI pupils of La Carlota South I Elementary School, JirehJethro Salbatona of La Carlota South II Elem. School, and Jera Marie L. Maquirang of La Carlota City College.

Community Singing

The Kababaihang Rizalista led the community singing of "Heaven Watch the Philippines"

Heaven watch the Philippines,
Keep her safe from harm.
Guard her sons and her precious ones 
in the city and on the farm.
Friendly with all nations,
Let her always be --
Heaven watch the Philippines,
and keep her forever free
and keep her forever free.

The program is jointly sponsored by the City Government of La Carlota and Kababaihang Rizalista - La Carlota. The master of ceremonies are Lady Floss Carmelli D. Aries and Lady Nenita P. Avanceña.


  1. "What we do for today determines the future. Go for the straight path." AMEN to that! :D Happy Independence Day!

  2. Happy Independence Day to us all. Sometimes we don't need these kind of lengthy speeches to remind us about patriotism. These are better translated into actions to be more effective.


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