Tuesday, July 3, 2012

APPES: 'Who's Going to Bell the Cat?'

(This is a SYNTHESIS I delivered as my impression of 2-day Seminar on Accreditation Program for Public Elementary Schools (APPES) conducted by the Division of La Carlota Training Team headed by Miss Gloria Tionsay, ES 1, Dec.15-16,2008 at the Division Conference Hall)

We are no longer innocent of our specific job as a school head as far as accreditation is concerned. For this 2-day APPES seminar, much has been given and much has been done. And there is no turning back as a matter of commitment.

We have been guided at the right path where to tread in improving school effectiveness. And this is the common denominator of school-based management and accreditation for public elementary school.

APPES, the Process and Its Components

The 7 components of this program are the school head, the learner, the teacher, curriculum and instruction, school assessment program; school plant, facilities and services; and community stakeholders. Though partake a separate role; they work hand in hand towards a common goal - attaining a "quality basic education" as an ideal school.

APPES is a process per se. There are requirements to meet or comply with from various level. And once they are all satisfied, incentives and benefits at stake. They may be in the form of monetary incentives, plaque of participation for principal and certificate for teachers, scholarship grants for principal and teachers, and provision of instructional materials and equipment.

We have realized that working for an accreditation is not an easy task. It is rather an enormous and challenging job for us, the principal and the teacher as well. And it is a continuing process for everyone who does not stop from growing educationally, more practically in attaining quality education. It could only be done by a collaborative efforts of the mentioned 7 components of accreditation process.

Now the way to improving school effectiveness has been paved for us school heads through a comprehensive checklist of "What to do" and "What to include" in our administration and supervision of our school as a bases of standard of excellence.

What's next? And this is the million-dollar question: "Who is going to bell the cat?"

Extent of Attitude Needed

Let's reflect for a moment on Mr. Anthony Liobet's statement from the opening of this seminar. He said, "The higher the position we have, the more we will aware of the responsibilities and the accountability. We have everything like the capacities, the skill to muster. But our attitude determines the kind of leader we are". And he is absolutely right.

We should display a 100% attitude of getting things right as far as a school effectiveness is concerned. We cannot do away with this for it is mandated by the Constitution, for it is a continuing quest of the Department of Education. Therefore, we are now fully equipped with a relevant resource material for continuous improvement among our schools through conscious and purposeful self-evaluation. What are we waiting for?

The resource speaker have informed us about the APPES's aims, expected outcomes, framework, organizational structure, activity flow, ratings and scoring system, among others. What about if there is no PROGRAM like this? What will be come of us? We become APES! Primitives, unharnessed, "ignoramous" But it is not the case, we have been empowered. And now we are fully trained, educated and harnessed to be the primary mover of this program. Though it is quite late for it was initiated sometimes in 2001.

Work Actualization

The most intriguing and challenging part is the actualization of our work: the conduct of survey, the interview and reporting. All are adept and highly confident in doing their hands-on work. It is job well done so to speak.

No more Why's, wherefores, buts and ifs for we are now the skills, the expertise' the know how to be an effective school head. Thus, much has been given, and much is required; and much is the incentives at stake. Whatever we like it or not, this is our work. No excuses! Let's do it!

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