Saturday, July 21, 2012

High School Journalism Hones ANHS Young Journalists

Nineteen high school budding writers sharpened their journalism skills in one-day workshop conducted by this blogger of RandomThoughts! recently.

ANHS Workshop Participants
ANHS Workshop Participants with the Blogger
In one of the classrooms of Antipolo National High School, Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, these ANHS Echo staff convened and updated their journalist skills from news writing to headline making. Individually they expressed on how they've been inspired by this workshop.

Mrs. Eurica Magbanua, Ms. Peache Nadenne Lopez, and Mr. Arlen Malacaman, the English teachers and ANHS Echo advisers invited me to be the resource person for these high school kids. I reviewed with them the very purpose of putting a school paper, the major sources of getting the news, the different essential parts of an ideal school paper.

They actively participated in sharing their ideas. Some of them, however, were quite reserved in contributing their thoughts or experiences when they're asked. Well, what can you really expect from these newbies?

In the afternoon session, everyone handed their own articles as a requirement from a workshop out from their random thoughts on various topics or subjects which they're comfortable to write about.

Before the session closed, a "genuine" feelings of most of the participants were written in a humble piece of paper and were personally given to me.

All of them were excited to write a good piece of essay. Well, essay writing needs a skill. Since most of them have an access to the Internet, they may avail of Australian high trusted essay writing service.

Young Writers' Impressions

Young Journalists Busy Writing
Young Journalists Busy Writing
"This workshop is our key that unlocks the gate that prevents us for entering the paradise of journalism... Mr. Camporazo, a son of God who uses the gift.. to share and entertain people. He impresses me of his achievement in the field of writing, of his quick mind to think, of sharing funny stories which are inspiring.

Sir, you add another star that I will strive to reach. A star containing my dream that one day I can achieve something like yours, that someday I can share also my talent to many people." - Suzanne Gitano, Feature Writing Editor.

"We are happy to have a very good speaker like Mr. Camporazo. He encourages us to publish our first [maiden] issue before the end of July. He is very good in explaining. Though his examples are funny, yet there are lessons that we can get." - Neil Jan G. Mana-ay, Editor-in-Chief

"I enjoy the workshop because Sir Camporazo is very enjoyable. He tells us about his experiences from his childhood days and elementary school days. He teaches us very well about techniques in writing. We never get bored. He has many jokes and punchlines to make us laugh. He helps us know more about journalism. Thank you, Sir!" - Olivia Genobis, Literary Writer

"Mr. Gilbor I. Camporazo
Today teaching ANHS Echo
On the things that we must do
To build a strong Echo.

While he is in our front speaking
We have no time for napping
Because we are enjoying
And everyone is smiling.

We are very happy
That he is here today
And question myself on how to pay
On the informative things he say." - Jeanyzl Dein G. Awacay, Literary

"I enjoy so much and I learn so many things from him. He is one of the persons who can be an inspiration." - Awacay

"Our workshop is memorable day for me. Singing, dancing, joking around, how fun it has to bring. I am really happy to join with Sir Gilbor Camporazo sing and dance with the song, "Do As I'm Doing." I know this day will remain in our hearts and memories forever." - Larra Janele G. Baclagon, Copy Reading

"The workshop was fun and worked very well. Mr. Gilbor Camporazo is a good speaker. I like how he shares his experiences when he was still a college student. He was the best grey-haired speaker I've listened to lately." - Kassele Llanes, Sports Writing

"Today's high school journalism workshop is enjoyable. Mr. Gilbor Camporazo is an enjoyable teacher. He makes us laugh even we'rer already hungry." Grace I. Francisco, Sports

"At the start, I feel nervous because I feel shy to our resource person, Mr. Camporazo. But I overcome it for he is a jolly person." - Hara Carlyn Agustin, Copy reading

"This workshop is unforgettable. We are very happy. We are happy to work with Sir Gilbor Camporazo." - Janelle L. Frayco, News

"Mr. Camporazo is a joyful and happy person. The workshop is well done." - Joshua D. Panes, News

"Ipinaliwanag ni G. Camporazo ang iba't ibang paraan ng pagsulat ng balita, pagsulat ng isports, pagsulat ng opinyon gamit ang PowerPoint presentation." - Rhitz Bardeloza, Sports

"Nakapaloob sa pagsasanay ang iba't ibang pananaw at kalooban upang maging isang mahusay na manunulat bilang isang estudyante. Hanga ako sa tagumpay na nakamit ng aming tagapagsalita na si G. Camporazo hindi lang sa larangan ng literatura kundi pati na rin sa pagtaguyod ng kanyang pamiya." - Ronel Pagunsan, Managing Editor

Anyway, I am thanking and appreciating the Antipolo National High School principal, Mrs. Ma. Paz R. Capunong, Ed. D. who is supporting this publication training. More power, Ma'm and all the rest of school paper advisers: Mrs. Eurica L. Magbanua, Miss Peache Nadenne B. Lopez, and Mr. Arlen G. Malacaman.

"Every child has opportunity", that's ECHO in the name of the school paper of Antipolo National High School..


  1. Journalism workshop really helps as I've been to a few when I was younger.

  2. Best of Luck,to one who are to the world of Writing :)

  3. I really admire teachers like you Sir. How do find time in writing on your blog? It's good to know that you are sharing this to the world. Im not into journalism but I bet your students will be great on their craft.

  4. My writing skills (if I do have one) needs to be sharpen and I wish I can attend one of this stuff.

  5. Even if those kids don't go into journalism-related careers later on, journalism classes in elementary and high school really help in improving kids' writing and English skills.

  6. I honestly didn't participate to any journalism in school although a lot of my teachers and friends recruited me. Well, that time, writing wasn't my priority yet because I was into different field of interest -- sports and dancing. Congratulations, Sir Gil for another success. Kudos too to those teachers who organized this even and a commendation also to students who have made it well.

  7. I also learned a lot from workshops.. I'd love to participate in this kind of activity as well. :)

  8. I remembered the song below when I was in the elementary level. I am a Lathalain writer (Feature writer in Filipino) and we sang this song to remember our mission as a journalist.

    Let's joined our hands together
    In the field of journalism
    in unity and strength
    understanding and friendship
    Investigate the current issues
    propagate our own culture

    Freedom! Freedom! Freedom of the press we shout!
    Freedom! Freedom! With dignity we use our pen!

  9. touching messages from the aspiring/young writers. this kind of activity crates great path and courage for aspiring writers to pursue their dreams and continue writing.kudos sir Gil!

  10. this is really inspiring, we should developed the youth and be able to compensate with the great thoughts they have within.

  11. Great workshop to attend to because it will greatly help aspiring writers. I would love to attend events like this one.

  12. It was good of you to share your knowledge to these budding writers.

  13. i used to attend journalism workshops back in my elementary and high school days, it actually sparked up my interest in mass communications, sadly i wasnt able to pursue the course and took up nursing instead. :(

  14. It's nice to see that you are still honing the future of tomorrow.

    Like others, I also have attended some seminars like these, as well as lessons in photography, as I am a member of our school publication by then.

    Screening results put me into news writing at first, but later on, I shifted to feature writing and literary. :D

    And we owe all of these knowledge to teachers like you, sir.

  15. i think this was a great workshop to inspire and encourage aspiring writers and journalist. They are lucky to have you as their speaker sir.

  16. wow.. hearing and seeing all those praises. nakakataba ng puso.. they definitely learn a lot in the workshop and enjoyed it at the same time.. kudos to you sir.. keep up the good work.. your an inspiration to all of them

  17. Good work, sir. I have never been into a journalism seminar but I was a feature writer for our school paper back in elementary. I don't really know how I survived it.

  18. I hope they become journalists with integrity and not those that can just be paid off.

  19. Looking forward to their success as journalists in the future. ^_^

  20. These students are very lucky. Way back in high school, I wanted to attend seminars like this too. Sadly, the number of attendees is always limited.

  21. oh, what a flattering comments. great to know that you have encouraged and taught young minds to strive for their goals

  22. I wish we had something like this in high school. Or maybe we did but I wasn't paying attention. LOL.

  23. "I received The 5 Year Journal as a Xmas present. I start each day's entries with Aura-Soma - Discovery Through Colour Tarot cards pulled that day and any significant messages and/or events from the day. The format helps me to simplify and get to the essence of the day. Thank you for this book." M.guarantor


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