Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sotomil: 2012 WV 6 Outstanding Police Officer

A Pavia, Iloilo resident, working mother who is an exemplar in doing her job as a police officer, has recently been declared as the COPS awardee in Region VI, Western Visayas, PH, the news said .

A woman? How did she qualify it?

How about those men police officers? What are they doing? Just asking. Malice towards none.

SPO3 Sotomil,
COPS Awardee 2012
Well, there are rules to follow. There are qualifications to meet. And there are many protocol to observe. The awarding agency has all the reasons to select the deserving and qualified police officer in the country. So be it.

Anyway the Metrobank Foundation in their search for the County's Outstanding Policemen in Service (COPS) named SPO3 Rhia B. Sotomil of the Municipal Police Station of Pavia, Iloilo, PH as the Most Outstanding Police Officer in Western Visayas.

SPO3 Sotomil is in charge of the Women and Children’s Protection Office of the Pavia Municipal Police Station.

Sotomil's Deserving Deeds

The following are other potential factors have given credence to the deserving recognition received by Sotomil:
  • Outstanding accomplishments in crime prevention and case resolution
  • Actively promotioning good police-community relationship
  • Raising public awareness on the rights of women and children
  • Putting up charitable projects for the indigent families
  • Dedicated working mother
  • Giving an extra mile for helping other families
  • Grateful police officer who recognizes the support of Pavia Mayor Arcadio Gorriceta not only to her office, but to the police station of Pavia as a whole.

Sotomil will represent Western Visayas in the annual national search.

Let's hope that Sotomil could make it in the final screening on July 9 and 10 at the Metrobank Foundation office in Makati City.

S/Supt Liben, Jr. Pins SPO3 Sotomil of her rank insignia
Sotomil's Promotion

By the way, sometime in January 2012, Sotomil was promoted to SPO3 and received the rank insignia which pinned by S/Supt Gil B. Lebin Jr., Iloilo provincial police (IPP) director in the flag-raising ceremony at the IPPO grounds in Sta. Barbara, Iloilo.

Senior Supt. Lebin, Jr. also honored other 225 police personnel.

“Your promotion is an accomplishment you owed to the public and to the service. Think not of the compensation you will earn but the responsibility that this promotion carries with you,” Lebin told the newly-promoted officers.

Things to Ponder

What's the difference? A woman and a man police officer? Does a woman is superior than man? Or other way around?

with some reports from Edgard Siscar in ILOILO UPDATE (FB page)
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  1. WOw.. kahanga hanga po siya... bihira na po ang kagaya nya.. :)

  2. Sana lahat ng pulis ay tulad nya:)

  3. It's an fair world and it's good that they do give awards to woman cops too. I guess men cops and women cops have different attributes and strengths but essentially are both capable of making an impact in the police force.

  4. all should be rewarded and be recognized, to inspired all citizen to do the same :)

  5. Congratulations SPO3 Sotomil... My prayer is with you... Regardless of genders, I believe she won't be promoted if she doesn't deserve it.
    Love what Senior Supt. Lebin, Jr said... Hope all authorities will have that in their heart and soul...:D

  6. It's nice to know that there are still some people like her in the profession

  7. Wow! She's so admirable and indeed deserving to receive this award.
    Kudos to all officers who are really touched by their duties and responsibilities. Congratulations SPO3 Sotomil!

  8. wow a lady! I love watching those ladies in action and so proud to know that ladies excel also in the men's world. Kudos to SPO3 Sotomil! Great job! ;)

  9. Kudos to her! And to her promotion, there's only one thing I can say, Great power comes with great responsibility.

  10. man or woman, it doesnt matter. Her accomplishments are worthy of the promotion and the distinction. She is good at what she does and do it with much dedication... she's truly an inspiration.



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