Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Teachers League Officers: Tapestry of Leaders

The new set of District II Teachers' League Officers for school year 2012-2013 were figuratively described by their inducting officer as "tapestry of leaders" for they're expected to be a "good weaver" in their recent induction rites.

"Why are you here?" "Why are you inducted (to office)?" asked OIC-SDS Portia M. Mallorca who is a "resume' of a true leader" as the emcee, Frances Marie P. Servicio addressed her.

Mallorca giving her talk
Mallorca inspired this new set of elected officers in her message. She regarded them as a "tapestry" of leaders for they're "good weaver" to achieve their common goal for their organization.

Thus, everyone as a "good weaver" must be working together harmoniously and collaboratively for  one mission, one vision, though they've different strategy.

"It is an opportunity for being the officer to show your best," said Mallorca.

"Be the best of a person. There's a time that you can't be awarded, but you can be a good leader," she urged.

On Service

On their job related task, she told that as teachers, they're serving the children entrusted to them. When they serve them and thinking otherwise, their service is not total.

"Grab the opportunity. DepEd is here!" she urged.

In working, she stressed that they're all challenged to improve their performance. All of them belong to DepEd La Carlota, they should increase their performance indicator, decrease their drop-out rate.

She cited a very tragic story about a boy and a father who bought a brand new car. This was about a moral lesson between "loving and choosing."

The story runs this way: The 4-year-old kid got a blunt object and wrote something in one of the doors of his father's new brand car. His father saw him, got angry. He struck his son's head with a wrench. The boy fell down on the ground with a bloody head, unconscious. The father rushed him to the hospital. Luckily the boy recovered from unconsciousness. The father got back home and checked his car. He read the writing on the car's door: "I love you, Dad." The father was shocked upon reading it. He blamed himself of what he did to his son. Then he committed suicide...

She pointed this out in relation to teaching, that it is for the love of children that they choose to become a teacher.

She further illustrated what impressed her when she's visiting every school in the division is when the (school) children are inside the classroom and they're happy because teachers are there for the love of children.

District II Teachers League Officers inducted by Mallorca
District II Teachers League Officers
Newly-Inducted Officers for SY 2012-2013

Mrs. Ma. Fe F. Gonzales, President; Mr. Glen F. Quingco, vice president; Ms. Frances Marie P. Servicio, secretary; Mr. Richard C. Pacheco, treasurer; Mr. Mark C. Tompong, Auditor; Mrs. Melanie C. Reyes, P.I.O.; Mrs. Carlota V. Frias, Business Manager; and Mr. Benjie S. Pillar, Sgt. at Arms.

Board of Directors

1. Ana Liezl V. Columnas (Esperanza Elem. School), 2. Febbie S. Gareza (Nagasi Elem. School), 3. Loida V. Nillama (RSB Elem School), 4. Ephraim G. Almeda (Salamanca Elem. School), 5. Monica N. De la Cruz (La Carlota City Special Integrated School), 6. Mary Grace C. Valdevieso (La Carlota North Elem. School), 7. George Sendico (La Carlota Sugar Central Elem. School), and 8. Mario A. Malacaman (Cubay Elem. School).

The induction program held at the conference hall of La Carlota North Elem. School was simple. LCNES principal Sonia S. Oplas delivered her welcome remarks. District II supervisor Rosario R. Arranguez challenged the inducted officers. Mrs. Ma. Fe F. Gonzales, the new president accepted the challenge and gave her commitment. The out-going league president Teofilo M. Villanueva gave his brief closing remarks.

The emcee, Ms. Servicio sang her own version of "Wind Beneath Your Wings" for an intermission number.

A hearty snacks ensued.


  1. Kuya, got curious of the tragic story of a boy and the father who bought a brand new car...

    1. You reread the blog. I already updated it and included the synopsis of the story. Thanks for reading... :)


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