Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thomas Leslie Goodwin III | The Poet and The Musician

I remember my poet and musician friend, Thomas Leslie Goodwin III whom I came across here in the Net while I was searching for my family tree sometime in April 2007, and I stumbled upon his genealogy.

Thomas Leslie Goodwin III
I was impressed of his well-being especially the way he was brought up, his poems and his music.

Thomas was born on November 5, 1947, in Norfolk, Virginia. His family moved from Norfolk to Princess Anne County in 1959 (later Virginia Beach) Virginia. He attended Aragona Elementary School (Princess Anne County), Kellam High School (Virginia Beach) ) and graduated from Maury High School (Norfolk). He have managed to gain a "little" more education since.

In March 1965, he enlisted in the Navy with his Dad, while his grandfather looked on. His Dad and grandfather had enlisted together during WWII. He was very proud and happy on that day. He retired in June 1998. He was married three times. The first didn't stick. His second marriage was in 1973 and then again in 1988. Those marriages ended in divorce.

He was a prolific poet. "The International Library of Poetry" has awarded him the "Editor's Choice Award" for "outstanding achievement in poetry" for SEVEN separate times for the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. He was appointed as a "United States Poetry Ambassador"' in April 2006 by the "International Library of Poetry." Several of his works have been published, both poetry and art. His works are posted in his website, The World of Poetry and Art. While he is active in both fields, he is currently trying his hand in composing music in MIDI format which may be heard from his musical site, Music for the 21st Century.

He owed his interest in poetry and art to four women who had a great influence in his life. The first is his mother, Ardis G. Goodwin, who thought anything he did was pure genius. The second was his third grade teacher, Mrs. Olga Curling, who taught him rhymes and verses, and the art and finger painting. She also encouraged him to write poetry and do painting, since "she" believed I was ‘creative’ and had a ‘knack for it.’ The third was his aunt, Carolyn Susan Goodwin, a writer in her own right, who taught him that writing is good therapy and putting thoughts to paper is "almost" as good as having a friend to confide in. And the fourth was his aunt, Elizabeth Virginia Lamm, who laughed at his jokes, was his first Sunday Schoolteacher, whom was his first baby sitter. He loved and respected them, and was grateful for them. Those who already had passed away, he will always remember and miss them.

His site is dedicated to the memory of his mother, Ardis G. Goodwin, and to his beloved "Aunt Susie," Carolyn Susan Goodwin. All of these women, according to him, are Christians, and have in some way, served to strengthen his faith and love for the Lord. He also acknowledges his cousin, Leslie Jane Harder, who never fails in giving him a "spiritual shot in the arm," just when he needed it most.

I miss you my friend!

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