Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reminiscing My Teacher, My Hero

Recollecting my elementary and high school teachers is my own unique way of honoring them as my hero as the World Teachers' Day is fast approaching. World Teachers' Day is usually celebrated every October 5. The Philippines by virtue of Proclamation 242 declares September 5 to October 5 as "National Teachers' Month".

My Teacher, My Hero
I couldn't forget my teachers who taught me the value of good manners and right conduct, the value of being diligent, industrious, humble, religious, among others.

Ma'm Dolores Acot, my grade one teacher, I consider her as one of the greatest teachers I ever idolized and endeared so much for she made a difference in my life.

Most of my influential teachers were already dead, but their attitude, their love, their concern on how I should be in the future are implanted in my mind, exemplified in the way I live. Those influences are never be left to oblivion. They're in my heart, in my mind and in my life forever.

My Teacher, My Hero

Ma'm D. Acot, 82
Ma'm Acot, 82
The following are my teachers from elementary to high school, who had molded me the way I should be as a man of dignity and honor and a well-respected man of authority in my field of profession:

My Elementary Teachers:

  • Miss Aurora Senador, my grade 3 teacher, who taught me the value of due consideration and respect to others
  • Mrs. Nedda V. Alano, my grade 2 teacher, who taught me the value of work and keeping work assignment
  • Mrs. Fortunata Jalandoni, my grade 4 teacher and became my sponsor in marriage, who taught me the value of humility and friendship
  • Mrs. Editha Gepilano, my grade 5 teacher, who taught me the value of study habits
  • Miss Lilia Garin, my grade 6 teacher, who taught me the value of good and effective communication
  • Mr. Eulogio Taleon, my Industrial Arts teacher, who taught me the value of being obedient, industrious, and diligent
  • Mr. Silverio Magbanua, my elementary Agriculture teacher, who taught me the value of work organization and its system
  • Miss Dolores Acot, my grade 1 teacher, who taught me the value of being optimistic, consistent, and using initiative
  • Mr. Rolando Cabrillos, Sr., my scoutmaster, who taught me the value of duty to God, duty to country, and duty to others

My High School Teachers:

  • Miss Blanquita Gencianeo, Modern Math 1 teacher, who taught me the value of making a good decision
  • Miss Adelina Jardinico, 3rd year economic teacher, who taught me the value of neatness and orderliness
  • Miss Mercy Parroco, 3rd year music teacher, who taught me the rudiments of music
  • Miss Glafera Jerezo, our high school librarian, who appreciated me so much for being diligent researcher and reader and taught me the value of consistency

My greatest teachers:

  • Lorenza Maray Iligan Camporazo, my beloved mother who reared me up and taught me the mathematics skills, the value of singing, the value of love, the value of sacrifice, and the value of patience
  • Hilarion Duran Camporazo, my beloved father who provided us our daily bread and subsistence and who taught me the value of being humble and diligent to work and being honest
  • Aurelia Maray Iligan, my beloved grandmother who exemplified the value or virtue of generous sharing.


  1. Wow. I am totally impressed with how you still remember their names (in fact, full names) despite the years having passed.

    Great post, sir Gil!


  2. It's great of you to honor your teachers and I'm sure a lot of students/professionals also include you in their list of heroes.

  3. I can still remember a few that really influence me as a person. And really admires those teachers who teaches me the great lessons of life not just the subject it self. :)

  4. You got great memory Sir. Me, sometimes, I forgot my elementary teachers. Not the face but their names.

  5. Wow! you're an honorable person one indeed as well.. for honoring those people who are very short of recognition in spite of how much they have contributed in developing responsible citizens of the society... i just felt now, how noble is the teaching profession...

  6. The foundation of all things as we continue in this journey called life really starts at home. Then develops as we enter the elementary and high school life. I only remember a few of my teachers, but I do honor them as they have guided me to where I am now...

  7. "If a seed of a lettuce will not grow, we do not blame the lettuce. Instead, the fault lies with us for not having nourished the seed properly." - Buddhist proverb
    We should continue to honor our teachers and mentors who mold and influenced us to become good "lettuce" of today.
    Galing Sir Gil- u still remembered ur teachers' names:)
    PS hapi teacher's month po pala!(september 5-October 5)

  8. Salute to all TEACHERS. My father is also my hero, he taught me the value of RESPECT and his INSTRUCTIONS became my ADVICE.

  9. I agree that our parents, mom, dad, aunts, uncles and relatives served as our informal teachers and they should be part of the celebration as well of the teacher's month...

  10. My Mom is a retired public school teacher. Before she retired from teaching, most often she feels very humble of her profession. One day, I was given a chance to speak on the stage when her former school had a program for retired teachers and I said

    "My dear teachers, you may feel so humble with your profession maybe because . . . . . but you should always remember that you produced many of the successful people in our municipality. You produced doctors, engineers, etc etc etc . . . and because of you I am where I am now . . . .

    my former teachers rush and embraced me tightly after the speech all teary eyed including me.

    Yes, we should remember our teachers because without them we will not be where we are now =)

  11. Nice tribute for teachers who have molded your character. Sir, mabuti ka pa, natatandaan mo pa ang names of your teachers. And yes, Mothers are great teachers.

  12. I remember this from the 'other side'; my mother is a teacher and we would always receive cards/gifts thanking her - from students who she taught more than a decade ago. That is, she says, the rewards of teaching. Changing lives and helping to create good people.

  13. Wow! Its good to know you still recall your heroes. I believe our parents should still be our greatest mentors.

  14. I think everyone should write posts like this! Teachers are heroes, yes and they deserve to remembered even with just a blog post. :-)

  15. Wow! You still know their names!! Nice. I always have high respect with my teachers.

  16. I would remember the names of some of my elementary and high school teachers but I'm amazed to know that you still care to keep them in mind along with the values you've learned from them. You are a HERO yourself, Sir Gil.

  17. Wow! You have really such retentive memory for you to memorize the complete names of your teacher. Grabe Sir Gil! It is you already! They are so noble indeed to be remembered!

  18. I can also remember a few of my teachers that greatly influence me. Great post as always and I am pretty sure that a lot of your students also included you on their list.

  19. So nice of you to remember and honor your teachers with this post Manong Gil. I hope I can be as memorable to my students too.

  20. You are such a person with great memory that I believe I admire so much since I am very poor of it especially the names of people that I met and with before unless I get the chance to see them more often.

  21. i do love teachers coz i came from a family of teachers

  22. Wow, you have a good memory, Sir Gil. I could only remember a few good teachers (can't even complete counting with my fingers) who have taught me well about our lessons and mold me to become a better person aside from my parents.

  23. I'm sure a lot of your former student also sees you as their hero.

  24. This is awesome! Well, as the saying goes, there is no success without a teacher, be it an experience or a person. :)

  25. Wow, I admire how you still remember all of them. I even forgot the name of my favorite professor. I remember the terror ones :D So nice of you to pay tribute to them :)


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