Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Receiving The Versatile Blogger Award

Anne Lei of My so-called experimented blog has left a comment in one of my posts here in this blog, RandomThoughts! by informing me that I am one of those bloggers who received this The Versatile Blogger Award. In short, I've been nominated to receive this award.

The Versatile Blogge Award
My First Versatile Blogger Award
Of course, my first reaction was to wonder why I have to receive this award.

Later I learned that it's a way of promoting one's blog and extend camaraderie with among fellow bloggers. Not bad at all!

Actually for some practical reasons I may agree that I'm one of those versatile writers in the sense that I could write various topics under the sun for I love writing. It is my philosophy in writing that as I write: I'm sharing what I've have in mind. For I know that it is in sharing that blog writers do care. It is in caring that they do love. And it is love that they're united.

Anyway, I have to be grateful for Anne's effort of sharing this unique award to me. And I have to follow rules she mentioned. And one of them is telling about myself. As for me I would rather list down 7 important things that strengthen myself and making my life worth living. They are as follows:

1. I know that there is a living God who cares for us, answers our prayer of faith, and He has sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to redeem us as sinners.

2. I know that we have a mother in heaven who also takes care for us, who consoles us in time of sorrow, and who strengthens us when we are undecided.

3. I know that we have brothers and sisters especially those who are least among us, who need our generous help for them to survive and to be spiritually uplifted.

4. I know that we need to prepare every needful things for the unexpected. It is in self-reliance that we may able to survive any calamities; be man-made or natural.

5. I know that it is in forgiving that we are forgiven Or else our salvation will be endangered if we are unforgiving.

6. I know that family could be forever. It is our stewardship to look for the welfare of every member of our family. We should do our best to achieve an eternal family wherein father, mother and the children live for time and eternity in a temple ordinance.

7. I know that it is in prayer that we could communicate to God. We should pray uncessantly from day in to day out, from sunrise to sunset. God never fails to answer prayer of faith.

Selected Blog Roll

In no particular order, this award goes to the following 15 bloggers of my own choice:

1. My so-called experimental blog
2. teresay
3. Franc Ramon | My thoughts... My travels... My runs...
4. Smart Mommy Online
5. Dems Angeles
6. Cooking Like A Pro (Not really...)
8. Solitary Wanderer
9. Exlinks Events
10. Teachers Pen
11. Mum Writes
12. MagWrite 
14. Nikki Tanchueco
15. Blanc Notes

Rules in Sharing The Versatile Blogger Award

Here are some rules to follow after receiving this award, please check them below:

Thank the person/s who gave you this award. Don't forget to add their blog links.

Post 7 things about yourself.

Pass this award on to 15 bloggers with links to their blogs. Don't forget to tell them.

Now it's your time to tell them of this award.


  1. Congratulations po Sir! Versatility is simply as you!

  2. Wow, thanks for the honor Sir Gil! You deserve the title, you're indeed a very versatile writer!

  3. Thanks for the Nomination. I'll start doing my list now.

  4. Wow! Congratulations for the recognition, Sir Gil. I would strongly agree that you're really a versatile blogger, who writes various of helpful topics. Thanks and God bless...

  5. You deserve the award as you are indeed a versatile writer/blogger. congratulations!

  6. COngrats for being nominated for this award! Versatile blogger indeed..

  7. Congratulations! Award well-deserved. And congratulations to those you handpicked to receive the award as well!

  8. Congratulations Sir Gil! You deserve such recognition because not only you're a versatile blogger but a versatile family man as well.

  9. congratulations for receiving it, also to those you gave it to!

  10. Thank you for the nomination Sir Gil. I am honored. If I may mention, your blog has been a source of wisdom and inspiration for me. I love how you write about your spirituality, your hometown, your work, your family--you are indeed one of the best versatile blogger around.:)

  11. Nice.. sir, actually, I also gave you a Liebster award last March! I hope you've seen the link..

    THanks for accepting! :))

  12. it feels good to be appreciated and acknowledged...Congratulations!


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