Saturday, October 13, 2012

And They Greet Each Other, Happy Birthday

61st birthday cake
Today marks our 61st synchronous birthday and the endurance in our life's ups and downs and as we live and even as husband and wife.

Rebing, my ever caring, loving wife, never fails of loving me, of providing my healthy emotional needs or whatever. She's able to survive of all the heartaches, troubles of any kind I caused her.

If I'm going to remarry her, I would absolutely willing without reservation to do it. For I know I need her in my life as what our theme so expressed: "I need you in my life. I need your love and care. Yes, I love you so much. I want you, I need you in my life. There's no one in this world, who can love you the way that I do. Please believe me, believe me, my love. I need you in my life."

'Those Were The Days'

The day we met, the day we became lovers and sweethearts, the day we got married, the day we entered the Temple of the Lord to be sealed for time and eternity were those days that were memorable, momentous and unforgettable.

As we charted our lives to what we are now, especially of having our own family to raise, to rear up our children and to let them grow up, be educated and be in the true Church of God.

My wife, Rebing and me value so much those events and happenings in our life as we celebrate our 61st birthday today, October 13.

We've nurtured, maintained our married life for 40 years since we got married on April 24, 1972.

We've nothing to ask from the Lord, except that we'll be living together forever according to the Lord's plan that family could be together forever.

Early this morning as we wake up, we greet each other of happy birthday, hug and kiss each other.


Our Memories

Thank you for our early thoughtful birthday greeters who expressed their greetings through Facebook. They are:

  • Robi Marapao: 
    "Happy birthday Sir Gil Camporazo. Cheers for the many returns! :D"
  • E Gonzaga Lumajen Azuelo:
                             "Happy Birthday and may God bless you the whole year through!"
  1. Robi Marapao
  2. E. Gonzaga Lumajen Azuelo
  3. Franc Ramon
  4. ChrisAir Martinez Abenes
  5. Ray Alan T. Drilon
  6. Mel Avila Alarilla
  7. Ako Bata Lito
  8. Ric Santotome
  9. Ramarha Rose Lopez
  10. Mavic Cantes 
  11. Naarah Michelle Poblete Medina
  12. Jose Norman Lo
  13. Gagay Dinampo
  14. Julie Ann Abonado
  15. Nemia Tanghal Lachica
  16. Rey Rusty Mendoza Gayuma
  17. Renee Baradas Alfaro
  18. Ma. Carissa Trenuela
  19. Charlie Montemayor
  20. Jennifer Muyco
  21. Marlon Mosuela Camporazo
  22. Tahnee Baradas
  23. Janet Thessman
  24. Dianne Salonga
  25. Nidabel Baran Guinto
  26. Michaela Abelarde Magallona
  27. Julius Mariveles
  28. Leny Alojado Nillos
  29.  Leira Bhagwani Pagaspas
  30. Rem Ibrado Bayog
  31. Lizares Marissa
  32. Donesa Rance
  33. Venard Tejada
  34. Mi Cai
  35. Rossana Colmenares
  36. Zhel C. Paniego
  37. Renaly Joy Leonidas
  38. Gemma Ardeza Mojado-Soriano
  39. Vix Parungao
  40. Lenie Samson Palec
  41. Jeffrey Rilles
  42. Agnes Fegarido Camporaso
  43. Cheska Cruz
  44. Luna Lim Tingson
  45. Daphne Sicangco
  46. Mayleen Gantala Legita
  47. Rodelyn Moya Pun-an
  48. Janice Ann Heria Hachero
  49. Noeme Moro Esclamado-Reyes
  50. Narcisa Torrefranca Trayfalgar
  51. Shelleen Rosario
  52. Atty. Caesar Distrito
  53. Prudencia Destajo
  54. Marben Kudemus
  55. Lainedyl Magturo Edeso
  56. Sino Ako
  57. Lejneb Ozaropmac
  58. Balero Rowela
(The above list of greeters are as of this posting time. I know there are more coming. Anyway thank you for them and to those who will be sharing their greetings soon.)

From our youngest daughter, Geeree Demabildo Camporazo:
"Happy Birthday sa pinalangga ko nga tatay Gil Camporazo kg nanay Rebecca Demabildo Camporazo... We always love you both !!! mwuaahhh... : )"


  1. Twin Souls made in heaven! Happy birthday Sir and your wife! More blessings and abundance! :))

  2. Happy Birthday to both of you. May the good Lord pours more blessings upon your married life. Keep the faith bro and live by the scriptures. May your life be a channel of God's grace.

  3. Again Happy Birthday and I hope you have a lot more fruitful and fun years together to come. More power.

  4. Happy Birthday. more blessings and opportunities to come in your way. God Bless!

  5. Happy Birthday to both of you. God's best be yours as individuals, and couple :)

  6. Happy birthday! More fruitful, healthy years to come. God bless and best wishes!

  7. Happy birthday to both of you. Wow! Match made from heaven!

  8. Happiest birthday to you and your wife. That would have to be one of the best joys a married couple could ever be blessed with. God bless Sir!

  9. This post is really very romantic. Praying that you both spend more years celebrating your birthdays and romantic life together. Happy birthday Sir Gil and Ma'am Rebing. God bless you both always =)

  10. This is so sweet Sir Gil! Ayyyy, perfect couple! Happy birthday to the two of you!

  11. Happy Birthday Sir Gil and Ma'am Rebing, 40 years staying together and still greeting each other is already a feat. Wish you both more blessings and good health.

  12. For real, more years to come sir. All the best!

    Mind if I share something? haha! so funny! I have someone here in cyberspace to whom I feel an undefined feeling, we met thru the same event of different time.. been to a place in different perspectives, haha one sided kind of.. you know I always seeing him here w/ a heavy heart!

  13. Happy birthday to both of you, it is always an inspiration to see happy couples staying for decades. For more years of happiness together, cheers!

  14. Basta ako ang president ng Labteam nyo sir Gil! Happy Birthday to lovely couple Mr. and Mrs. Camporazo. Idol ko po kayo Sir!

    1. Walang problema... ikaw ang president ng aming Labteam... with immunity for impeachment... salamat sa pagsubaybay of my blog ideas... God bless TM! :)

  15. Happy Birthday and here's to more blessings in life as well from the Chef. :)

  16. Love is in the air, love is in the air... :) Belated happy birthday and all the best! More blessings to you guys.

  17. wow! you share your birthdays as well. it makes the date even more memorable and 'tipid' :) happy birthday po to you and your wife... :)

  18. Happy birthday to both of you! I like your theme, it's very sweet and inspiring.

  19. Maligayang bati po sa inyong kaarawan... all the best, it must be so romantic and endearing for your wife to read this blog post... very affirming...

  20. happy birthday, and many more...

  21. uy namention pa ako thanks sir, magkabirthday pala kayu, for sure that day is very special

  22. Good to know that you got the same bday with your wife. So nice. Happy birthday to you Sir Gil and your Wifey!

  23. OMGG! This is sooo sweet! Happy Birthday po to the both of you! :)

  24. Belated Happy to you Sir Gil and to your wife. Its really rare that a husband-wife share the same day. ^_^

  25. Happy birthday po to both of you. So sorry for the very late greeting :) Wishing you more blessings to come your way. :)

  26. Amazing! Happy Birthday to both of you. God bless you and stay young and healthy! :)

  27. awwww, I missed your birthday! I hope you had a blessed and fun one.

  28. Belated greetings to you and your wife Sir Gil. I know you will keep the LOVE, RESPECT and TRUST with each other even stronger through the years.

  29. Oops sorry for the late greeting, belated happy birthday sir to you and your lovely wife! More bdays to come! God bless you sir. ;)


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