Thursday, October 25, 2012

CES INSET Enhancing Teachers' Competence

The Cubay Elementary School teachers in the Division of La Carlota City satisfactorily completed their 3-day in-service training while the rest of their pupils were having a semester break or school vacation in this 4th week of October.

Sir Malacaman Turns Over His Group Output
A teacher group leader handed their output
These 13 teachers of CES tackled their priority needs as shown in their individual plan for professional development (IPPD) in the domain of Diversity of Learners, Curriculum, and Personal Growth and Development, that's is to develop their skills in the use of ICT in teaching and learning, to enhance their mastery of the subjects, to develop and use a variety of appropriate assessment strategies to monitor and enhance learning, and to determine, understand and accept learners' diverse knowledge and experience.

The In-Service Training

Ms. Asin discusses RA 9470
Ms. Asin discussing R.A. 9470
Most of them pointed out their inadequacy in dealing with the diversity of learners.

As they were grouped in doing their activity, they were in consensus in coming up with the contributing or underlying factors for the existence of different types of learners.

They generally classified them according to the level of intelligence or comprehension which their pupils manifested such as the fast, slow and average level.

They also cited others influential factors that adversely affected their pupils' academic and extra-curricular performance. They enumerated them as follows hereditary, economic status, upbringing, company or peer group, technology, among others.

The principal lecturing
The principal lecturing
Their school principal informed them of the 8 types of multiple intelligences as introduced by Dr. Howard Gardner sometime in 1983. These intelligences led to diverse learners. They were colloquially referred to as "word smart", "people smart", "self smart", "music smart", "picture smart", "number/reasoning smart", "body smart", and "nature smart". Along this line, the  teachers are made aware of he learners' diverse knowledge and experiences.

Instructional Planning

To effectively handle these kind of learners, a lecture was given to the teachers on the variety or differentiated instruction taken from the "Elements of Effective Teaching Practice" (2005). The teachers should be well-versed enough to apply these various approaches, techniques, activities suited to the interest of the learners. They should be aware in considering the following factors which greatly affect the intellectual development of their learner, such as learning environment, learning activity, lesson presentation, resources and materials, and assignments and assessment as adapted from the said "differentiated instruction." Therefore, they may know on how to effectively budget or allot necessary time for each task or skill for the pupils to acquire or learn.

Administrative Concerns

Ms. Tionsay evaluates previous session
Ms. Tionsay evaluating previous session
They were updated on the latest orders of the Department of Education, particularly on the guidelines on the preparation of their daily lesson plans (DLPs) according to DepEd Order No. 70, series of 2012. Also emphasized were the latest guidelines on learners registered numbers (LRN). This is considered as a part of their professional growth and development in the recent education developments.

As one of the resource speakers and being the records officer of the Division of La Carlota City, Dr. Emelyn A. Asin comprehensively unfolded before the teachers the importance and legal aspects of school records handling, issuance, keeping, and disposal according to Republic Act 9470, otherwise known as National Archives of the Philippines Act 2007.

The school Education Program supervisor, Miss Gloria G. Tionsay, assigned to Cubay Elementary School as its foster parent monitored the second session of the INSET. She took a round of refreshing the teachers on the salient and importance features of the topic they took up in the first day of the INSET. She counseled them on the very rudiments or root the pupils' low academic performance, which should be the focus of enhancing or improving their teaching skills.

Teachers receiving instructions on ICT-aided teaching
Receiving instructions on ICT-aided teaching
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The use of media and other modern technology in classroom instructions was also given part in the in-service training.

Gilbor D. Camporazo, Jr., a computer programmer 2nd year student of LaSalTech, La Carlota City conducted the 2 and a half-hour session in tutoring the teachers on how to use PowerPoint Presentation in their lesson presentation to their pupils.

The teachers cracked their heads for the first time in a step-by-step hands-on instructions on how to do simple 4-slide powerpoint presentation.

Methods and Techniques Use in Seminar

The Group activity, 4A's of adult learning (Activity, Analysis, Abstraction, and Application), Handouts, Visual Aids, Projector, PowerPoint Presentation, Discussions, Reporting, Demonstration, and lecture were the mode of holding this INSET for 3 days.

This 3-day CES INSET had particularly achieved the teachers' desire to improve the quality of their teaching, update themselves of the latest development in education, apply ICT resources for planning and designing teaching-learning activities.

The seminar and the resource speaker/trainer were rated by the teachers as above-average. The convenience of the seminar venue/facilities was excellent. The quality of materials/visual aids and handouts were excellent.

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  1. mahirap talagang maging guro kasi guro ka na pero kailangan mo pa ring mag-aral ng mag-aral at magsanay ng magsanay...

  2. This seminars would really be helpful as they get to be updated with new methods and at the same time share their experiences in teaching.

  3. good to know that they have this teacher program :) they should have this every year to enhance their teaching

  4. I always wanted to teach and I love teaching but only on short courses though. I used to teach Basic Life Support before.

  5. there is always new ways to improve teaching methods... by sharing these to others, we are also improving the quality of teachers our country have. kudos. Yahweh bless.

  6. Learning is a continuous process and being teachers doesn't mean they know everything. They still need to be trained on a regular basis to learn more strategies and modern techniques. They educate students but they themselves should develop their skills to become more effective and competent.

  7. This is really helpful to the teachers. Good that they are given this training.


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